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Don’t Laugh! It’s “Anti-Semitic”! - International Zionism’s Crusade Against Dieudonné and The Global Jewish Assault On Freedom of Speech

Dieudonné M’bala M’bala:
The anti-Zionist comedic
genius that Organized Jewish
Interests love to hate.  
by Jonathan Azaziah

Is it not astounding, nay, the very apogee of mind-boggling, that “democracy”, the globe’s dominant political model, in which “freedom of speech” is a central if not foundational tenet, is vehemently and vitriolically doing all that it can, wherever its outposts are throughout the world, to silence, nay, eradicate, one particular criticism and ipso facto anyone who has the nobleness to promulgate the aforesaid criticism?

“Imperialism”? Fire away! “White supremacy”? Have at it! “Capitalism”? Sky is the limit! “Dictatorship”? Here’s an appearance on “Democracy Now”! Malevolent social injustices like police brutality, political corruption, patriarchy, gentrification, environmental abuses, etcetera? By all means, preach and don’t stop preaching! But the moment an individual takes a deep breath, performs a swift trip around the earth in his or her mind, and sees with his or her mind’s eye that there is a common insidiousness, a parent evil if you will, that permeates every ill and injustice from north to south and east to west, and he or she then calls it out by name and slams it with a thunderous condemnation, that is when the rubicon is crossed.

Mention Zionism, “Israel”, Judaism and the supremacy inherent to the religion-culture under the doctrine of “chosen-ness”, Jewish power or Jewishness in any “activist” circle, let alone any mainstream avenue, and you will be hexed and cast out quicker than you can even blink. The “Z”, “I” and “J” words are tantamount to career suicide at best and a terribly real threat to one’s life at worst.

Indeed, it was the 18th century French philosopher Voltaire who famously said, “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” Not only have the words never rang as true as they do in this current point in history, it is not without irony that Voltaire himself was considered to be a staunch critic of the Organized Jewish community of his time.

And on that note, we find ourselves in the thick of the case of Dieudonné M’bala M’bala, better known as Dieudonné or simply Dieudo to those who support him, the controversial, brilliant, wildly popular French-Cameroonian comedian who over the last decade or so has taken France by storm with his anti-Zionist, anti-establishment, pro-Palestine, pro-Resistance sketches and routines, much to the ire of International Jewry. Fined, ridiculed and banned on numerous occasions throughout the years, Dieudonné has trucked on steadfastly. It is integral to understand what has befallen him, as his ongoing struggle against his detractors is a microcosm of the global Jewish-Zionist assault on genuine, unmitigated freedom of speech.

Nicolas Anelka performing the quenelle
in solidarity with Dieudonné, and upsetting
a whole lot of Zionists in the process.
Nicolas Anelka and The Quenelle: Jewish Hysteria Reaches A Fever Pitch

On December 28th, 2013, the legendary international football star and current West Bromwich Albion striker Nicolas Anelka, who won the World Cup with France in 2006 and has played with top clubs across Europe for almost two decades, set off a chain of events that he could not have possibly imagined would ever come to fruition. After scoring his first of two goals during that Saturday match, Anelka performed the “quenelle”, an anti-establishment gesture popularized by Dieudonné which essentially means “up yours”. Alarm bells began ringing across Jewish-Zionist power centers across the globe and before the grueling match which ended in a 3-3 draw was even in the books, Anelka was being deemed an “anti-Semite” in the international press. West Bromwich Albion coach Keith Downing blasted the accusations as “absolute rubbish” (1).

Utter ridiculousness aside, an investigation was immediately initiated by the FA (Football Association), and after a little more than 3 weeks, Anelka was charged with “making a gesture that was abusive and/or indecent and/or insulting and/or improper”, as well as “an aggravated breach in that it included a reference to ethnic origin and/or race and/or religion or belief”. He was punished with a 5-match ban (2). Additionally, Zoopla, a British property website owned by Jewish businessman Alex Chesterman and a main sponsor of West Bromwich Albion, cut its sponsorship of the club because it wouldn’t drop Anelka (3). Chesterman’s pressure is only the tip of the iceberg however, as the entire campaign against Nicolas Anelka was driven by the organized Jewish community, notably the Board of Deputies of British Jews and the Community Security Trust (4), a dangerous organization with connections to the international Zionist terrorist organization known as the Mossad (5).

David Bernstein:
the Jewish supremacist
high roller that is "zionizing"
British football.
It is by no means coincidental but rather part and parcel of the horror that has been inflicted upon Nicolas Anelka that the chairman of the FA is David Bernstein, a devout Jew who has repugnantly used his position to spread “Holocaust” propaganda wrapped in the garb of football to the UK’s youth (6), and an ardent Zionist who gleefully turned the “Football For All” platform into a whitewashing festival of the usurping “Israeli” regime’s genocidal existence (7). Equally critical to note is the fact that while are very few Jewish players in British football, Jews run the vast majority of the Premier League. Among these owners is Roman Abramovich (8), an obscenely wealthy Zionist gangster involved in “Israeli” blood diamond dealing and the ethnic cleansing of occupied Al-Quds (9). Point being? Nicolas Anelka adamantly denying that he is racist or “anti-Semitic” (10) is ultimately irrelevant due to the undeniable truth that the Jewish persons controlling British football have a Zionist agenda that is global in scope.

To add further insult to injury, Nicolas Anelka endured another dose of heavy embarrassment after Roger Cukierman, the president of CRIF (Representative Council of Jewish Institutions in France), initially stated that Anelka’s performing of the quenelle in that particular context was not “anti-Semitic” but then backtracked once it was clear that the football star would be charged, going as far to say that the usage of the quenelle was being “dangerously spread among our citizens and especially youth.” Zionist fanatic Cukierman continued on in a rabid tirade against Dieudonné (11), proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that “free speech”, “democratic ideals” and the truth above all else are of no concern to Jewish supremacists when their agenda is hanging on by a thread; all of those attributes aren’t merely denied but trampled upon with malice.

Dieudonné's quenelle:
feared by Zionists everywhere;
embraced by the oppressed
everywhere else.
Onslaught On Dieudonné: World Zionism Mobilizes To Muzzle Him

Verily, Nicolas Anelka and his career are just collateral damage in this ongoing debacle. As the author of a recent venomous, hysterical editorial in the staunchly Zionist Jewish Daily Forward opined, “it is Dieudonné who is the true villain in this saga.” The piece, titled “‘Zoopla’ Joins Gibberish Feud Over ‘Quenelle’”, goes on to take jabs at Anelka, label the quenelle as “neo-fascist” and viciously attack Dieudo for the “crime” of bringing Jewish-Zionist power to light and not making any bones about it in the process (12). And this is only the tip of the anti-Dieudonné iceberg. In the wake of the madness sparked by Anelka’s quenelle, an avalanche of hasbara was generated by Organized Jewry against the comedic phenom.

To name a minute few: The “Israeli” daily Ynet insanely labeled Dieudo a “modern day brown shirt” and lambasted the quenelle as a symbol of “modern day violent anti-Semitism” (13); the Jewish Daily Forward, in one of many attacks, notes that “the real danger is that Dieudonné is also pulling down the government’s shorts (14).” It isn’t the French regime that the Forward is worried about though, but the “Israeli”-blue-and-white-drenched hands behind it; Haaretz assailed Dieudonné for having “malignant influence (15)”; the Algemeiner gleefully carried the statements of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) which repeatedly condemned Dieudo (16), and along with the European Jewish Congress (EJC) and the umbrella group of Belgian Jewish organizations, CCOJB, played a key role in pressuring the French regime into cracking down on the French-Cameroonian star (17). Tablet Magazine, a most obnoxious Zionist rag owned by a brat of the immensely wealthy and powerful Newhouse family, published several hit pieces but one in particular glaringly stood out as it admitted that the quenelle is “hard to explain and harder to resist (18)”, thus exposing the intellectual bankruptcy of International Jewry and its agents.

Leading the campaign against Dieudonné have been the aforementioned CRIF, France’s AIPAC, and LICRA (The International League Against Racism and Anti-Semitism), the French version of the ADL. LICRA, which has been agitating against him for over a decade now since he first criticized Zionism, has special privileges under French law, and, in blatantly similar fashion to a powerful mafia, has been using one nonsensical pretext after another to justify lawsuits that would lead to his blacklisting (19).

Roger Cukierman:
Head of the CRIF
(the French AIPAC),
and leading Zionist
operator against
The CRIF-LICRA campaign paid dividends as the mayors of Marseille, Tours, and Bordeaux banned Dieudonné from performing in their cities on January 7th, 2014 (20). Two days later on January 9th, 2014, a French court threw out the bans, much to the delight of Dieudonné and his fans. Unfortunately, victory was declared too soon however as CRIF revved up the pressure (21), and with Zionist lapdogs President Hollande and Interior Minister Valls leading the charge, the overturn of the bans was unprecedentedly flipped at the last minute by Conseil d’Etat, France’s highest court, just before a Dieudonné show in Nantes (22), hence removing him from as many public forums as possible under the banner of “anti-racism”, arguably the most legendary and deceptive mask of Zion in existence today.

Worse still, one of the hit pieces that targeted the anti-Zionist comic, penned by an IOF commander and fanatical settler for Zionist colony mouthpiece Arutz Sheva, blatantly attempted to link Dieudonné and his quenelle to the March 2012 attack on a Jewish school in Toulouse (23), which, ironically or maybe even deliberately enough, bore all the likenesses of a false flag attack (24).

It is of no coincidence that following this disgraceful accusation, along with the continuing siege led by the Jewish-Zionist Lobby in France, Dieudo was targeted by les Huissiers de Justice, the collection arm of the French Justice Ministry, which showed up at his door demanding that he pay some 100,000 euros that he allegedly owed for several thought crime convictions he had amassed through the years. A verbal altercation ensued between Dieudo and the bailiffs, and then shots were fired. Dieudo was called in for questioning the following day and a warrant was subsequently issued to comb his home. A “projectile device”, whatever that is, was discovered in the search. Extraordinarily dubious does not do justice to the description of this event, and this is confirmed by the bailiffs themselves who don’t know who fired at them (25).

Taking the supreme questionableness of this happening into consideration, and then coupling it with the genocidal Zionist entity being responsible for the horrors of 9/11 (26), the calamity of 7/7 (27) and the catastrophe of 26/11 (28), as well as the fact that there are numerous occurrences of Jews faking “anti-Semitic” crimes (29), it is not beyond the limits  of Organized Jewry and its acolytes by any means to stage such an event to put the proverbial nail in Dieudo’s coffin.

When Dieudonné is on stage,
International Jewry begins
to shake in its very bones.
Nevertheless, Dieudonné, a dedicated anti-Zionist and a man of faith who identifies himself as an “Islamic Christian”, has stood his ground and refused to go quietly into the night as his “chosenite” tormenters bombard him from every angle. He has decided to do what he has done since awakening to the evils of Zionism so many years ago (30): fight back. His supporters, in an operation they wittily titled “Triple Quenelle”, hacked three French pro-“Israel” websites, including the French Jewish Defense League, and replaced the hateful Zionist content with Dieudonné support messages (31); Dieudo himself confronted the allegations against Nicolas Anelka, rejecting the accusations of “racism” and “anti-Semitism” and calling the football legend his “brother in humanity”, “noble”, “hope” and “a prince (32)”; and in the best response of all, Dieudo returned to the stage in defiance of the Zionist-run French establishment, smashing a howling crowd of more than 5,000 in Bordeaux (33).

What makes this latest show so uniquely significant is that the crowd was not comprised of the usual downtrodden Black and Brown (especially Muslim) youth which have been Dieudo’s most loyal fans through the years, but White and working class (33). This terrifies the French establishment and its Zionist overlords. In their minds, the thought that not only the peoples of the lands they once colonized but their own European citizenry could become part of the masses supporting Dieudo is a dangerous development indeed. Not to be outflanked, Paris responded by intensifying its measures against the humorist, launching raids on his home, production company and other premises (34). Resistant still, Dieudonné fired back yet again by declaring that he will go to the UK to prove he is anything but “racist’, as well as to display his solidarity with Nicolas Anelka, but these plans aren't happening either, as the UK regime has banned him from entering after declaring him "persona non grata (35)." Considering the Jewish origins of Prime Minister David Cameron himself, as well as the powerful Jewish-Zionist moneymen who secured his rise to power (35a), it isn't even the tiniest bit surprising that this Orwellian action was taken.

Embedded in the marrow of the matter is that the Zionists are not up in arms over an academic. They are not gnashing their teeth over a politician. They aren’t throwing the geopolitical equivalent of a temper tantrum over a judge, an attorney general or a businessperson with substantial wealth and influence. They’re going ballistic over a comedian. A funnyman. The sort of personality that is supposed to have at least a wee bit of leeway when criticizing the rich and powerful in an open, democratic society, for the sole, simple reason that it is just comedy.

The Zionists don’t share this view though. They are hysterical because any criticism of their might and societal sway, be it Dieudonné’s laugh-creation or any other individual in any other venue, has the potential to obliterate their illusory fortress. Why? Because the society ruled by Zionism is not open or democratic but totalitarian and despotic in pluralistic garb; if you tear off the garb, then you tear down the system. When their monstrously deranged farces, from the Zionist regime itself to the “Holocaust”, get exposed for the fraudulent, sickening manifestations of Jewish arrogance that they are, which is exactly what Dieudonné has done and is doing, it is only a small amount of time and this time alone that stands between them and their overthrow.

Men of honor, men of dignity:
Dieudonné with living legend
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad,
former President of the Islamic
Republic of Iran and champion
of all things truthful.
Haters Will Be Haters When Facts Are “Anti-Semitic”: Why Dieudonné’s Ideology Frightens His Detractors And How The Accusations Against Him Hold No Weight

Analyzing the seemingly never-ending controversy instigated against Dieudonné and his quenelle would be incomplete without a proper explanation of the ideology that drives the man firstly, and the past accusations against him secondly. Understanding both will prove, monosemously, that what is happening to Dieudo is politically motivated by Jewish-Zionist interests through and through, and not some sort of duty that the French regime is abiding by to “fight hatred”, “stop incitement” or “subdue racism”.

Just watching Dieudo’s most recent interview with Sky News confirms that his ideological weltanschauung extends much farther than the ill-defined, watered-down realm of “anti-racism” and positions itself firmly on the pedestal of liberationism (32). From his comedy routines and films to his politics and the quenelle, Dieudonné believes that shaking off the shackles of slavery and remaining steadfastly defiant to keep them off and eventually overthrow the system run by the slave-owners’ descendants is the only way to fight. Spiritually speaking, he mirrors the thoughts of Hizbullah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah and the Islamic Republic of Iran, and he, along with his friend and ally Alain Soral, a French anti-Zionist author and philosopher who has also been targeted by France’s Jewish Lobby, have ties to the Iranian-supported Centre Zahra (36).

Dieudonné with comrade Alain Soral
in Lebanon just after the demonic
Zionist aggression in the summer
of 2006.
Dieudo traveled to Lebanon in August 2006 to meet with officials and fighters from Hizbullah in solidarity with the Mouqawamah’s legendary, transformational triumph over the usurping Zionist entity in the 34-Day War (37). He’s also been to Iran on several occasions, including a November 2009 trip where he met with and was warmly greeted by the honorable former president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (38). He also worked side by side with Iran’s Haft Aseman Cinematic Company (HACC), Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance and Experimental and Documentary Film Center (EDFC) to produce several films (39). These meetings and projects only compounded Dieudo’s strong anti-Zionism and deepened his commitment to disseminating historical and political truths.

Based on this summary in isolation, it should be elucidative for all to see why Organized Jewish Interests fear the spread of Dieudo’s comedy to the Black, Brown and White youth of France: he is a proponent of the Iran-Hizbullah model for ideological liberation, and there is no greater obstacle to the Zionists’ quest for total control of the planet than the Resistance Axis, of which Iran and Hizbullah comprise 2/3. The very second that the Shah was toppled in 1979 by the Islamic Revolution led by Ayatollah Sayyed Ruhollah Khomeini, Iran became a target for International Zionism and its allies in the United States and the Gulf. To stop the Islamic Revolution from spreading, the Iran-Iraq War was initiated by Saddam Hussein on behalf of “Israel”, America, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, and since then, the onslaught on the Islamic Republic hasn’t stopped due to it being a beacon of hope, independence, sovereignty and resistance to the Empire and the hidden hands that pull the Empire’s strings (40).

Apart from Iran, nothing upsets International Zionism quite like Hizbullah. It is the only political movement on the face of the earth that is truly deserving of unequivocal backing, and one of the reasons why, if not the primary one, is because of its unwavering commitment to the Palestinian people and their sacred cause, which, for the record, is the dearest to the heart of Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah (41). The Mouqawamah was the only party of the Zionist-engineered Lebanese Civil War that defended the Palestinians. During the War of the Camps in particular, its moujahideen were martyred smuggling food to those under siege. In terms of Lebanese politics, it is the only organization that campaigns for Palestinian rights (42). All of Hizbullah’s actions have been in defense of Palestine, most especially its intervention in Syria (43).

The Lebanese Islamic
Resistance of Hizbullah
is what keeps the leaders
of the usurping Jewish
supremacist entity
awake at night.
Moreover, the Mouqawamah’s military capabilities and achievements continue to pile up by the day. Hizbullah’s strategic silence during the lead-up to what seemed like an imminent direct attack on Syria by NATO befuddled the intelligence services of both the West and the Zionist entity (44) and contributed to derailing the Empire’s war effort. The illegitimate “Israeli” regime has admitted that Hizbullah has power to bring the ports of occupied Haifa and Isdud, fraudulently called “Ashdod” by the Jewish occupiers, to an outright halt (45). Generals of the “Israeli” terrorist occupation army (IOF) have also revealed that Hizbullah’s rocketry is the 8th mightiest in the world (46), as well as the bitter truth that they cannot defeat the Resistance (47).

Most humiliating of all for the genocidal Jewish entity is what is now known as the “Labbouna Raid”, in which “Israeli” commandos attempted to carry out a reconnaissance operation in the Labbouna and Jall al-Alam areas of the South Lebanese village of Alma al-Shaab, only to be met by two expertly planted explosive devices which left them shocked, wounded and forced to retreat. The preemptive deterrence attack by the men of the Resistance showed the usurping Zionist enemy that even though they’re busy with its proxies on the Syrian front, their eyes are never, ever turned away from the primary aggressor (48). The foiling of the Zionists’ incursion affirmed that Hizbullah can handle, nay, triumphantly thrive on multiple fronts at once, no matter what is thrown its way. Dieudo, obviously, albeit from a different perspective, can relate.

Taking all of this in, it’s worth rehashing that the prospect of a talented, intellectually sound entertainer with familial ties to France’s indigenous and immigrant communities espousing the principles of victorious Hizbullah and indefatigable Iran alongside his own fiery as well as factual interpretation of Black liberationism is, for the Zionists, a recipe for total meltdown. Hence the repeated attempts by the French chapter of International Jewry to silence Dieudo with its favorite tool, its political meat-cleaver: “anti-Semitism”. Bottom line is though, none of the accusations put forth, in the legal arena or otherwise, hold any weight whatsoever. None.
On the 14th of June in 2006, Dieudo was charged with “defamation” and fined 4,500 Euros after stating that Arthur (real name: Jacques Essebag), a prominent French-Moroccan-Jewish television personality, “financed the ‘Israeli’ army which does not hesitate to murder Palestinian children (49)”. There is nothing even remotely inaccurate about Dieudo’s statement. Arthur is indeed a Zionist with family living in the usurping entity and had plans to tour there before the July War broke out (50). Thus, without exercising an exhausting amount of brain power, by the very definition of traveling to the occupying Jewish regime, to see family members who are land thieves, you are justifying its criminal existence with your money and supporting whatever it does.

Remember this photo of
Hala Abu Sabikha next time
someone says that the Zionist
regime's terrorist army doesn't
murder children.
If that wasn’t enough to damn Arthur for the pro-“Israel” scoundrel that he is, let it also be shown for the record that he is in business with the godfathers of the illegal Jewish regime, the Rothschild family, in some sort of a laughable “ethical” coffee venture (51). As for the IOF murdering Palestinian children, well, it does, along with other Arab children too. One only needs to look at Operation Pillar of Cloud, Operation Cast Lead or the July War for the blatancy of IOF’s mass kid killing. If something more recent is needed, look no further than the psychotic, ritualistic murder of 3-year old Palestinian Hala Abu Sabikha, who was just standing outside her home with her two brothers when “Israeli” warplanes bombed illegally besieged Gaza in late December 2013 (52).

The 15th of November in 2007 saw Dieudo getting slapped with a fine of 5,000 Euros for calling Jews “slave traders”. Harsh? Possibly. Crude? Maybe. Direct? Without a doubt. But inaccurate? Not even close. The Nation of Islam’s Historical Research Department obliterated the myth of a nonexistent Jewish role in the Transatlantic Slave Trade and pulled back the curtains on one of history’s most forgotten chapters with its three must-read volumes, all derived solely from Jewish sources: “The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews Volume 1” (53), “The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews Volume 2: How Jews Gained Control Of The Black American Economy” (54) and “Jews Selling Blacks: Slave Sale Advertising by American Jews” (55).

Dieudonné with a
copy of "The Secret
Relationship Between
Blacks and Jews Vol.
2: How Jews Gained
Control Of The Black
American Economy"; there
is no Jewish myth that this
brother isn't willing to confront.
These books proved, unquestionably, that Jews did not have a role of prominence but a role of dominance; of preeminence; they were the movers and the shakers of the Transatlantic Slave Trade, the makers and the takers, the wheelers and the dealers. To deny it would be equivalent to denying the blue hue of the sky on a day when clouds aren’t present. Additionally, a recent Jewish Telegraph Agency piece confirmed that large swathes of Dutch Jewry were actively involved in slave trading (56), and a Jewish Daily Forward story from July 2013 confirmed that “Most southern Jews defended slavery, and some went further, advocating its expansion (57).”

June 26th, 2008 brought the next ludicrous fine on top of Dieudonné’s head, this time in the amount of 7,000 Euros for dubbing slamming the “Holocaust” as “memorial pornography”. Now, besides from the philosophical weight the remark carries, in which it implies that Jewish suffering has been granted primacy over all other sufferings and it is habitually used by Organized Jewish Interests in a pornographic manner to subvert, usurp, exploit, influence and corrupt in the name of “preserving the Jewish people” or “protecting ‘Israel’s’ right to exist”, there is, again, that pesky matter of evidence. Is there evidence to back Dieudonné up? The answer is an emphatic “yes”.

For two years straight, the demented, depraved “Israelis” have held a “Miss Holocaust Survivor” pageant (58), parading alleged “survivors” of World War II persecution around on a stage in a celebration of “Holocaust” myths and Zionism in general. Even more excruciatingly perverse are the Stalags, pornographic pocket books based made up of “Nazism”, sex and violence created by Zionist Jews who pretended to have translated the books from English to Hebrew to hide the fact that this sexual deviancy was “distinctly Israeli”. Once thought to be one of the societal secrets of the usurping Jewish entity, the Stalags are making a comeback (59). If that doesn’t define “memorial pornography” to the letter, I truly do not know what will.

February 27th, 2009 saw Dieudonné slammed with a whopping $75,000.00 fine after he blasted popular French-Algerian-Jewish singer and actor Patrick Bruel, stating that he was “practically an Israeli soldier. So when they bomb southern Lebanon and they kill Palestinian children, for him, it’s normal.” Dieudo also called him out for being “a product of this ultra-Zionist political system, he’s a super-militant… He has the superiority complex of certain Israelis (60).” There is a broken record to be heard here. Bruel is indeed an ultra-Zionist, and as is the case with all other ultra-Zionists, he cares not one bit for the Arab children murdered by his beloved criminal Jewish entity. Bruel has a longstanding musical relationship with the illegal occupation regime, performing there on many, many occasions, including as recently as last year (61), and has recorded music with “Israeli” occupation “artists” going back to 1996 (62).

Solidifying Bruel’s ultra-Zionist credentials are his performance at the noxious, malevolent “Tel Aviv” University (63), a horrific institution that has played an abyssal role in Zionist expansionism since the Nakba and is built on top of the ethnically cleansed village of Sheikh Muwannis (64), as well as his role in the cringe-worthy hasbara flick “O Jerusalem”, which whitewashes the Jewish terrorism of the Nakba and replaces it with the age-old Zionist narrative of “independence and victimhood” (65). Bruel and his tribalist cohorts can wax lyrical about “anti-Semitism” as much as they want. Facts are facts and all Dieudo did was lay them on the line for all to see. 

Dieudonné and Dr.
Robert Faurisson:
truth-telling birds of
a feather flock together.
Rounding out the farcical actions against Dieudonné are the October 27th, 2009 case, in which he was hit with a fine of 10,000 Euros for “public insult of people of Jewish faith or origin” after doing a show which featured courageous “Holocaust” revisionist and truth teller Dr. Robert Faurisson, and the June 8th 2010, case in which the 47-year old activist-satirist was sentenced to another fine of 10,000 Euros for defamation after he criticized LICRA as a “mafia-like association that organizes censorship”. The Faurisson case is notably nitwitted as it does not vindicate International Jewry’s crusade against Dieudo and his remarks about Jewish-Zionist power but rather vociferously invalidates it, into oblivion even.

Faurisson’s views on World War II and even Zionism aside, Dieudo was charged, basically, for being in the company of someone not liked by Jews; someone that Jews find offensive because that person has an educated opinion different from theirs about a certain historical event. That’s all. There is nothing remotely “democratic” about this outrage. Flip the script now and imagine, just imagine, if Jewish-Zionist leaders and entertainers were charged for “public insult of people of Muslim faith or Arab origin” because they went palling around France with officials from the usurping Zionist regime? At least these charges would be rooted in validity as Arabs and Muslims indeed feel insulted by the existence of “Israel” and the genocide it has committed against the Ummah for more than six decades! Nonetheless, the undoubted response that would be unleashed by International Jewry over such a scenario is too astronomical to even theorize on what it may be.

The fatuity of the LICRA case is self-evident. It is really not in the realm, nay, the universe, nay, the very dimension of deniability that LICRA is not a “mafia-like association that organizes censorship”. If anything, Dieudo should be awarded for finding new synonyms for “mafia” and “censorship”, both of which are interchangeable with LICRA. It hasn’t just been Dieudonné who has had a target painted on his back by LICRA. The notorious Zionist pressure group also led a “free speech” assault on a dozen Palestine solidarity activists (66), and will certainly continue on its silencing spree in the name of “chosenite” interests whenever its latest violation of Dieudo’s most basic rights has ceased.

Considering the
brazen (and true)
nature of the language on
this cover, how demented is
it that Dieudonné can be
called "anti-Semitic"
for simply pointing out 
the obvious?
Perhaps even more debunkable than the accusations that led to legal proceedings against Dieudonné are those that didn’t. While one could fill up the pages of a book series in compiling such remarks from rabid Zionist Jews and their lobby organizations, there are two, just two specifically that are most relevant to this study and most worthy of analytical dismemberment. An Arutz Sheva report from December 2009 sought to yet again conflate Dieudonné with “Nazism” because he established a working relationship with Iran and threw shots at Hollywood for being the “long arm of Zionist culture (67)”. But when it is known that Hollywood is controlled by Jewish supremacists, that Hollywood is inextricably linked with the genocidal Zionist regime, that Hollywood spreads ungodly, racist propaganda against Arabs and Muslims, that Hollywood uses celebrities as hasbara mouthpieces and that Hollywood is integral to the Zionist balkanization stratagem in the Middle East, Syria and Sudan in particular (68), how can his comment be taken for anything other than truth?

More prevalent than his Hollywood observation is Dieudo’s remark in a pro-Dieudonné film entitled “Is it allowed to discuss with Dieudonne?”, made by a journalist and a fan of his. The film earned him heavy condemnation from the Union of Jewish Students in Belgium (UEJB) and the European Union of Jewish Students (EUJS), mainly due to him declaring that “the biggest swindlers of the planet are the Jews (69).” As coarse as the anti-Zionist humorist’s comment may have been, pleasantry isn’t the issue at here; truth is. And truthful is precisely the word needed to sum up Dieudo’s proclamation.

Have the UEJB and EUJS not heard of the Rothschild family? Are the UEJB and EUJS not in the know about this fiercely demonic gang of Talmudic, Zionist bankers who funded British and French colonialism and imperialism, easily the greatest “swindles” of the modern era, which ravaged the African continent especially (70)? Have these Zionists not heard of Bernie Madoff, whose historic, infamous financial $50 billion “swindle” was deeply connected to “Israeli” intrigue on 9/11 (71)? Have these concerned Jewish students not heard of Scott Rothstein, the South Floridian Jewish lawyer who orchestrated a $1.2 billion ponzi “swindle” and sailed off into the sunset of flamboyance and mass political influence (72)? What about Irving Rosenfeld and Jordan Belfort? Are the UEJB and EUJS not aware of these tremendously immoral Jewish con men whose “swindling” lives are now blazing across the silver screen in Oscar-nominated glorifications of their exploits (73)?

NY slumlord Menachem
Stark: one of many, and
many is indeed the word,
Jewish "swindlers" across
the globe.
Does the name Joseph Greenblatt ring any bells for the UEJP and EUJS? This Orthodox Jew ran a ponzi scheme worth tens of millions of dollars that “swindled” his own community before being caught and sentenced to fair amount of prison time (74). If they haven’t heard of Greenblatt, they must not have heard of Shervin Neman, a Persian Jew in Los Angeles who followed in Greenblatt’s footsteps by “swindling” members of his own “tribe” out of millions (75). Menachem Stark is another “swindler” of interest that the Zionist college-goers should be cognizant of. This Hasidic real estate developer was known to New York law enforcement as a “scammer” and a man who “f***ed over a few people”, and more than likely would have kept doing so if he didn’t wind up dead in a trash bin (76). And while we’re still in New York, let us not fail to mention the Jewish orchestration of a multimillion dollar “swindle” at the Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty (77).

And the “swindle” doesn’t even come close to ending there. It has been uncovered, in a matter most humiliating to International Zionism, its arms the UEJP and the EUJS and like-minded Jews worldwide, that Gilad and Omri Sharon, the sons of now dead war criminal Ariel “Butcher of Beirut” Sharon, kept their Zionist maniac of a father on life support after he fell into a coma because they wanted to pocket his three pensions for a handful of “swindler’s” endeavors (78). Arguably the most profane and geopolitically reverberating Jewish “swindle” of the last decade was that of the bankrupting of Iceland, something little-known to many astute analysts. Dorrit Moussaieff, the First Lady of Iceland, the Tchenguiz brothers, Simon Halabi, Moises and Mendi Gertner, all “Israeli” Jews (79), along with Major General Danny Rothschild, a former head of Israeli military intelligence (80), brought down Iceland’s economy in a mega-scam as a means of showing the world that all independent nations, no matter how stable, can crumble if International Jewry sticks its destabilizing hands into their coffers.

Aside from the economic decapitation of Iceland, and, of course, the ongoing Rothschild-financing of imperialism, there is no Jewish “swindle” that has affected the world more negatively, devastatingly really, than the existence of the cancerous thing known as “Israel”. Built on the myths of “making the desert bloom” and “a land without a people for a people without a land”, fortified under the mask of “independence” through the ethnic cleansing of upwards of 800,000 aboriginal Palestinians in the Nakba, and upheld by a powerful influential network spanning the globe and supported by the vast majority of World Jewry (81), the usurping Zionist entity represents the very essence of what a “swindle” is.

International Jewry
is the name... And "swindle"
is the game.
Whether Dieudo’s detractors like it or not, Jews are indeed the world’s greatest swindlers, and even non-Jewish hyper-swindlers like Allen Stanford are intimately linked with the upper echelons of the Zionist Power Configuration (82), confirming that for one to “get in where he fits in”, to establish himself in the world of high finance, one must recognize and commit himself to serving the kingmakers, who, in this case, are Organized Jewish Interests. Truth be told, "swindling" is as Jewish as the Talmud itself. As evidenced by the aforementioned Jewish-made films about “chosenite” con men Rosenfeld and Belfort, or the phrase “memorial pornography”, which originated with “Israeli” historian Idith Zertal (83), Dieudo was fined, essentially, for saying what Jews have said and written themselves, simply reinforcing the fact that there is in place a global system of apartheid, or more aptly, “hafrada”, the Hebrew word for separation, which divides Jews from non-Jews.

It is not what Dieudonné said, or how he said it, but that he dared to even open his mouth in a challenging manner to begin with. The Zionist Power Configuration has no problem whatsoever with Gentiles, or “goyim” in Jewish eyes, speaking of Jewish wealth, power, influence and “achievement” in a positive light, offering up praises as if Zionism represented a “god” of sorts, but the moment a “goy” raises his voice in loud objection to the globe-spanning string-pulling of International Jewry, he will become a pariah faster than he can repeat the hideous myth of “6 million Jews died in the Holocaust and they are holier than the holiest of holies”.

Regarding Jews themselves, it is no issue for them to speak about their prowess as economic controllers, media barons and political subverters, as long as it follows a golden rule of being done “out of the earshot of the goyim” as Jewish-Zionist author JJ Goldberg so delightfully and bigotedly described it (84). Dieudonné defiantly broke this golden rule, and it is for this reason why International Zionism decided to drop the ax on his head. Not because its accusations against him hold any weight, but because his words do. 

Pushed by
Organized Jewish Interests
down the throat of the world,
"Jewish suffering" is meant to
have primacy over and above
all other sufferings on earth.
Conclusion: Football Jerseys, Holocaustianity and The Incoming Battle Between Silence and Defiance

Central to the war on Dieudonné is the always explosive topic of the “Holocaust”. In an interview with Iran’s Press TV in April 2010, Dieudo fired away, “In France, for example, we commemorate only one of the events that have caused suffering for people – the Holocaust. Other events where mankind has suffered injustice are completely overlooked. For example, slavery in French colonies, the Algerian war, and many other events are never mentioned. The Zionist lobby imposes an unequal competition, a hierarchy in the sufferings of different communities, which is completely obscene (85).” With that noted, another bang-on Dieudo barb comes to mind, this time in an interview quoted by the Zionist-owned New York Times in June 2012, “Our submission to the Shoah has come to such degree that it became a new religion (86).”

Taking it in an even more abyssal direction on this very point, while simultaneously noting the colossal hypocrisy of Organized Jewish Interests, the French-Cameroonian master of mockery and savant of sarcasm hit the game-winner at the buzzer in a 2013 interview with the Nation of Islam, “The Jewish Holocaust is like a trophy. In France one can caricature Prophet Muhammad, one can say the Pope of Rome is a pedophile, one can even say slavery did not exist. But you cannot contest the reality of the Jewish Holocaust. The Holocaust is a new god (87).”

The name of this new religion that brother Dieudonné speaks of is Holocaustianity and the “god” of it is the mythical, almost sentient collective that can simply be referred to as “The 6 Million”. Challenging Holocaustianity is blasphemy; demanding proof of “The 6 Million” or innocently questioning why the number can certainly be increased if need be, as a means of praising “The 6 Million”, but never lowered, is punishable by death, both literally and figuratively in the form of character assassination. The priest class of Holocaustianity is International Jewry, and it indeed takes a “tithe” from the world in the form of “reparations” for the “The 6 Million”, extracted chiefly from European regimes that are brutally beaten over the head again and again with the most dangerous as well as effective weapon of guilt; manufactured guilt at that, for an event that did not even occur in the manner in which we are told it occurred. The “church” from which the “gospel” of Holocaustianity is “preached” is none other than the airwaves of the media controlled by the priest class, and the congregation to whom it preaches to is none other than the “goyim”, who sop up every bit of it in an unknowing ode to their masters.

As is the case with every religion, there are heretics and apostates. And quite frankly, to be heretical in the era of Holocaustianity is the most revolutionary, defiant, courageous, honorable, dignified and downright gutsy thing one can pride himself or herself on being. Furthermore, due to “The 6 Million” being invoked by Jewish neocons as the primary motivational factor that drove them to organize and implement imperial wars of aggression for Organized Jewish Interests (88), it is not only preferable or recommendable but obligatory to strip off your shackles of Zion and become a Holocaustianity Heretic. Humanity’s future depends on the categorical rejection of Holocaustianity’s self-proclaimed uniqueness and the overthrow of Holocaustianity’s “chosenite” priest class.

The French people have had it
with Zionist puppet Hollande
and the entire Jewish plutocratic
system. They want real change
and all it is going to take is a single
spark to set them off. Dieudonné just
may be it.
Geopolitical designs are resting at the center of the ongoing clash between Dieudonné and the Zionist powers that be. Holocaustianity is used in France to justify its increasing pro-“Israel” policy in the Arab and Islamic world, a policy which Dieudonné openly defies, especially regarding Libya. The “Israeli” regime itself, through its Jewish Agency, one of its many ethnic cleansing arms, is also employing Holocaustianity, and Dieudonné’s challenging of it, to push Jews into leaving France for occupied Palestine and starting a new life as illegal colonists (89). The Gayssot Law, one of Europe’s several thought crime laws, is in place to silence Holocaustianity Heretics and uphold International Zionism’s stranglehold over France. But the French people, indigenous and immigrant alike, aren’t falling for the trickery anymore. Sick of the Jewish-Zionist plutocracy and its shabbos goyim, they’re rising up. The support for Dieudo and his comrade Alain Soral is blasting through the roof and a growing resistance is demanding the dissolution of the entire corrupted system (90).

As it was stated in the beginning of this essay, Dieudo’s hardships are “a microcosm of the global Jewish-Zionist assault on genuine, unmitigated freedom of speech.” Amid his fight from the French front, a handful of significant events unfolded that only amplify this point.

Regardless of the ban slapped
on its old jerseys, Palestino defied
Organized Jewish Interests and
maintained the map of historic
Palestine on its new design.
In December, a football club in Chile called Palestino, founded by the large Chilean Palestinian community, unveiled jerseys in which the number one is shaped like the map of historic Palestine. After Jewish organizations within Chile went ballistic about it, the jerseys were banned by the Chilean football federation in a move that can only be described as “1984ish” (91). Leading the pressure internationally was, as one could expect, the ADL and its abhorrent head, Abraham Foxman (92). Palestino though, in the typically resistant fashion of the Palestinian spirit, has rebuked the ban, maintaining the map of historic Palestine, albeit in a different design, and defiantly declaring, “We are not at the mercy of what the Jewish community likes or dislikes (93).” How's that for a quenelle?!

The "anti-Semitic" cartoon
banned by the Economist
after pressure from the likes
of the ADL.
Following the bullying of Palestino came a bizarre incident with the Economist, a magazine partly owned by the ultra-Zionist Rothschild family (94). The Economist published a story about threats to the interim nuclear agreement with the Islamic Republic of Iran, and with it, a picture of the US Congress shackling President Obama and ostensibly keeping him from completing the deal. Featured on the symbol of the US was the six-pointed star also found on the usurping Zionist entity’s flag. Despite the fact that this is an accurate rendering of the congressional symbol, and that the six-pointed star can also be found on the back of the American one dollar bill, the Zionist Lobby, led yet again by the ADL, threw a monstrous fit, shrieking that the cartoon is “anti-Semitic”, and the Economist pulled the cartoon (95). Authenticity be damned.

Lastly, right on the heels of the Economist scandal, came the Orwellian ordeal of Mohamed Salah, a massively talented Egyptian football star signed by the British club Chelsea, owned by the aforementioned Jewish-Zionist gangster Roman Abramovich. Prior to the closing of the deal, Salah had to clarify why he didn’t shake hands with an “Israeli” team several months prior, and also repudiate all anti-Zionist statements attributed to him (96). What his political sentiments have to do with his outstanding gift on the field is anyone’s guess, but what certainly can be assumed is the condition placed on Salah was not about football. It was about control, something the Zionists have in abundance and something that they want to preserve wherever it is.

Zion has declared war
on your thoughts...
Will you obey?
Or will you resist?  
While Dieudonné, Palestino, a political cartoon in an elitist magazine like the Economist and Mohamed Salah may not seem like they have much in common, in all actuality, they are as interconnected as the sun, moon and stars. There is something happening in the world. Something horrifying. Something that threatens the very way that humanity functions. This is not some post-apocalyptic dystopian future flick pumped out by the filth factory known as Jewish Hollywood. This is not a science fiction novel. This is not a soothsayer feeding you an unhealthy dose of gloom and doom. This is real. This is true. This is now. Right now. International Zionism has declared war on your thoughts and there are only two choices before you: be silent or be defiant.

If Organized Jewish Interests can tell you what to laugh at, what to wear, what to draw and what to say, then the next logical demand that they will ask, nay, order you to abide by will be what to think. Already, the divisions are being ignited. The so-called “Palestine Solidarity Movement”, in a follow-up to their attack on anti-Zionist, anti-Jewish-supremacist thinker, writer and activist Gilad Atzmon (81), have already shown where they stand, condemning Dieudo as an “anti-Semite” (97), in perfect lockstep with the Zionists they claim to be fighting. As Dieudo himself brightly noted in the Press TV interview noted earlier in this essay, “What I’m trying to say is that Zionism is dividing humanity. It is trying to rule by making us fight one another. They have organized all the wars and organized all the disorders on this planet (85).” Clearly, this concept just soars over the heads of these “solidarity” activists. They are blind to the big picture.

understands that
liberationism is
the only way...
Are you with him?
Zionism is not just an enterprise that illegally and genocidally occupies the land between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea. Zionism is an enterprise that has illegally and genocidally colonized the globe. And if we do not recognize it as such, we will not go the victorious way of Iran and Hizbullah, but the tragic way of states and movements before them that no longer exist because they were trampled under the jackboot of imperialism and its parent company, International Jewish Finance.

Decolonization is our aim. And it is achievable with every little act of resistance. But the question is: How can we liberate our lands if our minds aren’t liberated in totality first? Liberate your mind! Let go of your fear! Scream at the top of your lungs: “Down with Holocaustianity! Down with Zionism! Down with Jewish supremacy! Down with “Israel” and its imperialism! Down with the bankers led by the Rothschild clan and their capitalist disease! Down with slavery and oppression everywhere!” Once you’re done screaming, scream just a little more. Then a little bit more after that. Scream ‘till your voice is gone. But don’t you worry at that point, because there will be an army to your front, back, left and right, screaming just as loudly as you. If we all put our voices together, in a cacophony of resistance, there is nothing that humanity’s most terrible tyrants will be able to hold on to when the organic winds of change blow them away.

In unison with our ancestors, in honor of the martyrs who will undoubtedly fall on our chosen path of defiance over silence, and in solidarity with Dieudonné M’bala M’bala, let our screams shake the world.

~ The End ~


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  1. Haven`t read this yet Jonathan, just want to say, but I`m sure you`ve heard, Deudonne´ has been banned from entering the UK, and his concerts have been banned in France..

    1. Yes sister, and both of those pieces of information are included in the article.

  2. As narratives fall by the wayside, hoist on the petard of their own inconsistency and absence of logic and corroborative forensics, the real brownshirts of the mainstream media will continue to force this issue.
    The answer is simple: break up the banks, break up the media, allow freedom of speech and let justice be found by all.
    The louder and higher the shriek, the stronger and dangerous the truth.

  3. For my money (there's a Jewish phrase...), this is THE definitive article on Dieudonée, the anti-Jewish movement and the Jewish repression deployed to quash it. Let's a hope it is not the last definitive article: let's hope the movement grows and you'll have to continue chronicling it and perhaps, God willing, to write the obituary of JP.... one can hope, can't one?
    In the interest of balance and objectivity I will note two criticisms: first, that from the list of targets of Dieudo's satire you left out his attacks on the global banksters. It was not lost on the people who demonstrated and carried signs that said 'Bankers out!'
    Second, you appear excessively fond (rhetorically speaking) of the use of "nay." There! An unsparing critique! :-)

  4. Brother Jonathan, that was an absolute must-read essay, and I have shared it with everyone I know, and have encouraged THEM to share it as far-and-wide as possible, because it needs to be read, and the issues brought-up, discussed.

    Thank you for your excellent work, and know that it is much appreciated.


  5. Brother Deudonne´ is a true African prince who makes our ancestors proud; he is someone that all peoples should praise for his bravery against International Jewry.

    good job brother Johnathan.

    1. Yes,and I as a long time activist against the Jewish Power in all spheres,as a former member of the National Alliance;friend of the late Dr.William Pearce,and historain David Irving agree! Deudonne is a phenome,tha twe need. An artist,of high intellignence and charisma who UNITES everyone. The Jews hate all of humanity,and whoever you are:Are that menas you ! Unity of people is the key to liberatation.

    2. Deudonne ia an artist. Not since AH has a man of this type come forawrd to do battle against our Judaic Controllers. He is a uniter,and not a divider,and his connection to Farassuion proves this. The Judiac System is the enemy of all of humanity""The self Chosen Ones";are the children of chaos. They keep humanity under controlled divisons,and sub-divisions. Rich/Poor. Black/White,Muslim/Christain,Left/Right... If their enemy:All of humanity,and high culture unites against them:Discarding old memes,thier is hope for a world free of there Satanic Rule. See THE REBEL OF OZ.COM.

  6. Heck When it comes to Monsieur Dieudonne, Canada goes farther than the UK! We don't just BAN him, we FINE him for his freedom of speech! WE know how to obey our masters over here!

    Great article Jonathan, so good to have you writing again! Needless to say, shared with my own motley crew of readers.

  7. Thank for a good artickle about the jews banning free speech.
    This meens that you´re not only a good singer and a radiospeaker.
    You can write as well. If you in the near future thinking of writing a book on the same theem I can give you a selling title.
    The Gospel Of Azaziah.
    Yours friendly

  8. had to read in stages, now to send this round. Dieudonne´ is a treasure, as precious as the late Hugo Chavez, Hassan Nasrallah, and the former Iranian President, Ahmadi Nejad..
    We must all use the anti-zionist salute, and we women must wear the niquab, in solidarity with our muslim brothers, and sisters..

  9. There is something rather unique about not only Dieudonne himself but this situation in general.
    In France it is illegal to trivialize the Holocaust The official story as determined by Nuremberg is not merely an opinion but law. So clearly Dieudonne is committing a crime so the big question is “Why haven’t they charged him with “Denying the Holocaust”

    Remember there would need to be an investigation of what really happened there in light of all the new information which has surfaced since 89 which conflicts with Nuremberg.

    Are the PTB afraid to open a massive can of worms that they perhaps wouldn’t be able to control.
    If we think of Zundel and Sylvia Stolz Germar Rudolf etc they were hitting ill funded non media friendly peanuts with a sledge hammer. Can you imagine Dieudonne in a court room with top attorneys backing him and the court & street outside packed with supporters with widespread internet coverage.? It would be a Zionist nightmare!

    IMO Dieudonne probably has his case already prepared.

  10. Oops, wrong link for Wikispooks. Sorry.


  11. What the French people need has a name: Jean-Luc Mélenchon. Very much in the same line of extraordinary chief of state and giant Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías. He did not only rescued Venezuela but the entire world. Besides Zionism is in a crash course of self-destruction. Seven & a half centuries years of existence. Enough is enough. The Khazar Knights Templar founded it back then at the Abbey of our Lady of Mount Zion. Concerning the Ashkenazim branch: I don't give a rat's ass. Ugly sick people with a register of expulsions from every eastern European country for the past eight centuries and counting. That is a undeniable fact. But you get the idea as to why that is.

  12. Just watched your interview on Ken's ME Show, ABSOLUTELY vintage!!!!!!
    The most POWERFUL voice of TRUTH in alt media.
    Stay safe & humble.
    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Just watched your interview on Ken's ME Show, ABSOLUTELY vintage!!!!!!
    The most POWERFUL voice of TRUTH in alt media.
    Stay safe & humble.
    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!


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