Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Accusation Of “Anti-Semitism” I: Zionism, “Jewish Israelis” And Revisionism

Anyone who demands the
full liberation of Palestine
and nothing less, and who has no
fear of criticizing "Jewish voices 
for peace" that are really just Zionist 
shields, will immediately be stamped 
with the "anti-Semitism" label.
by Jonathan Azaziah

Prelude: In the wake of my two-part deconstruction of “mask of Zion” wearer Uri Avnery and the grave intellectual and ideological  problems within the International Palestine Solidarity Movement, I was accused of “anti-Semitism” by a well-known voice within the blogosphere who rushed to Avnery’s defense. While this person’s reply to my vastly-documented work did not warrant such a response, I diligently composed this series to demolish and banish any similar accusations that are sure to arise in the future. In this first part, we delve into the true nature and wider historical context of Zionism, what it means to be a “Jewish Israeli” and the always-controversial realm of Holocaust® revisionism....

Like the moon rising upon the completion of sunset, it can be described as nothing other than inevitable that as soon as one raises one’s voice above a whisper in regards to the twisted, cancerous and supremacist ideology that guides the usurping Zionist entity occupying Palestine and the far-reaching global Jewish-Zionist Lobby that protects it from even the slightest criticism, one will be hysterically demonized, slandered, libeled, smeared and browbeaten with the label of “anti-Semitism.” If one criticizes any person of Jewish origin who expresses ‘support’ for Palestine but who also harbors blatant Zionist sympathies and actively attempts to impose this Zionism on others to delay, deflect and outright silence discussion on key matters relevant to full Palestinian liberation, one will once again face the same hysteria reignited like a supremacist conflagration and receive the chastisement of “anti-Semitism.” This inevitable calumny has now found its way to my person.

On February 2nd, 2012, I completed and published a two-part series deconstructing and exposing the ‘Israeli’ activist for ‘peace,’ Uri Avnery (real name: Helmut Ostermann), a highly-regarded figure in the Palestine Solidarity Movement. The first part secondarily dealt with Avnery’s expertly-masked supremacism and chiefly, his elephantine lies against Islamic Resistance movements, which were smashed to pieces as perversions of history (1). The second, more controversial part of the series examined and documented Avnery’s support for the Zionist entity’s current top stooge in the United States, President Barack Obama, as well as his glowing approval for NATO’s genocidal aggression against Libya and his obscene call for more genocide in Syria. It also delved deeply into the reasons behind the degeneration of the Solidarity Movement and the relation of persons like Avnery to this deterioration (2). For this, I was vitriolically accused of “anti-Semitism” by one Steve Amsel, operator of the website ‘Desert Peace,’ in a short, slanderous op-ed that he penned entitled, “In Defense Of Uri Avnery (3).”

Zionists do not work well with
facts; they are much more
comfortable with ad hominem
In his piece, Amsel did not refute a single point of either part of the series, showing that his allegiance is not to the truth of the matter but to the protection of tribal interests. Throwing scholarship and academic debate to the wayside, he instead chose to engage in an irrational, distorted and ad hominem tirade against my character due to him being rather perturbed with the fact that Uri Avnery’s murderous past and overt adherence to Zionism were brutally and unforgivingly exposed in my series. Amsel writes, “The lies, the quotes out of context by Avnery found throughout the essay do the same {“discredit the entire pro Palestinian Movement”},” and also, “I am afraid that Azaziah falls into the trap set by the Zionists themselves in attempting to discredit Avnery simply because he is a Jewish Israeli.” How woeful and obscene. The luminously obvious reason as to why Amsel couldn’t display examples of lies or misquotes is because such examples don’t exist; except maybe in Amsel’s dreams. There wasn’t a single “lie” uttered about Avnery throughout the piece, nor was there a single quote taken out of context; every Avnery quote and every Avnery position were taken directly from his own writings.

The idea of falling “into the trap set by the Zionists themselves” by unveiling the true face of a Zionist only could have originated in a purgatorial, Orwellian realm located between the laughable and the demented. I would sincerely like someone to explain to me, preferably in the most vivid way possible, how exposing Zionists... benefits Zionists. This asininity will be revisited in the conclusion. The title “Jewish Israeli” is one that deserves a brief but thorough examination; what does it mean, really, to be a “Jewish Israeli?”

Since “Israeli” is a fabricated identity, one based on the theft of Palestinian food like falafel, hummus, olive oil and maftoul as well as Palestinian folklore and culture (4), and “Israel” is a fabricated entity, one based on 131 years of illegal, immoral Jewish colonization of Palestine and the destruction of more than 500 Palestinian villages during the (still-ongoing) Nakba (5), to be a “Jewish Israeli” is to be a colonizer and a destroyer of Palestine. To be a “Jewish Israeli” is to have racial and colonial privileges over the indigenous Palestinian people; at least 30 racist, supremacist laws within “Israel” solidify and uphold these privileges (6). Several of these laws represent a system in which all persons of Jewish heritage on the planet have the “right” to become “Israeli” while all Palestinians, refugees and current inhabitants of Palestine, are systematically denied the most basic human rights (7). To be a “Jewish Israeli” is to serve in the Zionist occupation army and massacre Palestinians, Syrians, Lebanese, Egyptians, et al. The essence of the “Jewish Israeli” identity is the identity of an oppressor, of a murderer, and irregardless of whatever ‘mask of Zion’ that Zionists attempt to place on it, this is all that it is.

Uri Avnery partook
in the (ongoing) ethnic
cleansing of Palestine
as a member of the terrorist
Givati Brigades.
Despite this irrefutableness and the undeniable fact that Uri Avnery embodies these oppressive qualities to the letter, I did not “attack” or “discredit” him “simply because he is a Jewish Israeli” and this suggestion is particularly intellectually infantile. I “attacked” and “discredited” Avnery because he scripted the most egregious fallacies against the Islamic Resistance movements of the region (1). I “attacked” and “discredited” Avnery because he jovially and fully supported the Zionist-engineered annihilation of Libya at the hands of NATO and wants to see the same carnage repeated in Syria (8). I “attacked” and “discredited” Avnery because he murdered Palestinian women and children during his admitted stint as an Irgun terrorist (9). I “attacked” and “discredited” Avnery because he admittedly partook in the ethnic cleansing of Palestine as an occupation terrorist of the Givati Brigades (10). Persons like Avnery, excuse me, terrorists like Avnery, have no business with the International Palestine Solidarity Movement; the only business that they truly have is with the four walls of the prison cell that they should be thrown in for violating humanity in the most malevolent manner imaginable.

Amsel also brazenly demands, “After a long lifetime in the struggle, both as an activist and a pro Palestinian voice in the Israeli Knesset, Avnery deserves honour, not discredit.” What “struggle” did Uri Avnery participate in? The Zionists’ “struggle” to butcher, rape, pillage, ethnically cleanse, murder and demolish their way to a “state” built upon the bodies of the aboriginals? What a monstrous insult to the Palestinian people who have been waging a real struggle against Zionism since the first criminal Jewish colonists arrived in their homeland in 1881 (5).

Palestinian hunger
striker and hero
Khader Adnan;
Uri Avnery and
other likeminded
Jewish supremacists
could never even 
dream of his courage. 
If one wants to see what the veritable definition of what struggle is, look no further than Palestinian activist and political prisoner Khader Adnan, who remarkably and courageously went on hunger strike for 66 days, beginning on December 18th, 2011, one day after Zionist occupation authorities kidnaped him from his Jenin home at 3:30 a.m. then locked him away in ‘administrative detention,’ the Orwellian “Israeli” phrase for illegal imprisonment without charge (11). There is no Zionist, including Avnery, that could ever walk a millisecond in Khader Adnan’s shoes; bravery is a characteristic that is incompatible with their way of thinking. Avnery is to struggle what Jewish pornography kingpin Al Goldstein is to decency or what twisted Zionist war criminal Henry Kissinger, developer of the National Security Study Memo (NSSM 2000) to weaponize food and depopulate the “Lesser Developed Countries {read: Arabs, Africans, Asians; read further: goyim} (12),” is to humanity.

And “pro Palestinian?” How does bombing and ethnically cleansing Palestinians make one “pro Palestinian?” How does recognizing the entity that usurped Palestinians of their land and giving them a demilitarized ghetto-prison “state” for a consolation prize make one “pro Palestinian?” More Zionist newspeak; more Zionist doublethink. It is astonishing that Amsel would suggest that a terrorist and killer of Palestinians deserves “honor.” Would he suggest that Sharon and Peres, Barak and Olmert also deserve “honor?” It is equally astonishing that he invokes the “Israeli” Knesset as if it were an institution of justice, human rights and dignity, and serving in this institution leads to one embodying these qualities. It is nothing of the sort. The Knesset represents the institutionalized racism of Zionism, it is the structural personification of the Zionist occupation. It is the entity that passed the Orwellian “Boycott Bill,” which punishes any ‘citizen’ of “Israel” who boycotts the Zionist regime (13). And it is the entity that passed the “Nakba Law,” which criminalizes the remembrance and exposé of the Zionist regime’s ethnic cleansing of Palestine (14).

The exceptionally limited number of Palestinians who serve in the Knesset are routinely incited against, illegally arrested, groundlessly prosecuted and subjected to the most degrading anti-Arab racism (15). But this is Zionism that we are discussing here, and with it inherently comes maniacal violence. MK Talab al-Sana, chief of the Arab Democratic Party in “Israel,” has been threatened with death by letter (16). MK Ahmed Tibi has been threatened with death via Facebook (17). Survivor of the Freedom Flotilla Massacre, the gallant and eloquent MK Haneen Zoabi, has been threatened with death so many times (well over 50) that she told her secretary to stop informing her of it (18). “Israel” is not a normal “state,” and thus, its “state” institutions should not be treated with normalcy. The Knesset is an organ of Zionist oppression and it has absolutely no authority, legitimacy or jurisdiction over any part of Palestine. It, like the “Israeli” entity and identity, is a projection of the psychosis known as Jewish supremacism and it, like the “Israeli” entity and identity, must be boycotted, dismantled and abolished. Permanently.

To close his slanderous invective, Amsel presents a piece of Avnery’s entitled, “Reluctant Prophet,” to, evidently, show “what type of man he {Avnery} is through his description of another great Jewish (Israeli) person.” But of course! One “Israeli” praising another “Israeli,” occupier patting occupier on the back, all in the name of solidarity with Palestine, yes? The “Jewish Israeli person” in question is none other than Yeshayahu Leibowitz, the famed “Israeli” scholar and thinker who former “Israeli” President, Air Force Commander, Defense Minister and Irgun terrorist Ezar Weizman described as, “one of the greatest figures in the life of the Jewish people and the State of Israel in recent generations,” and also, “a spiritual conscience for many in Israel.” Leibowitz was a devout Orthodox Jew and arch Zionist who repeated lies about Hamas quite similar to those repeated by Avnery in his now-disgraced “Shukran, Israel” piece. Leibowitz famously stated after al-Naksa that, “The occupation of the territories would turn Israel into an agent of repression, whose citizens would be employed in growing numbers to police the Palestinians (19).” This is typical of the delusion that is Zionist romanticism.

Zionism is a supremacist
force of destruction and
manifests itself as "rightist"
or "leftist" at will to further
its agenda.
Zionist romantics like Avnery and Leibowitz would like the world to believe that there is dichotomy between the right and left wings of Zionism, that there is a more benevolent, universalist, innocent Zionism on the “left” side of the aisle. They would like to dupe the world into thinking that the Zionist “left” transcends racism and militarism, that the Zionist “left” is intent on establishing “peace.” Most contemptibly, they would also like to fool the world into accepting the Zionist occupation of Palestine as an “obstacle” that has only existed since 1967. These are lies; grotesque, misleading and unconstructive. Zionism has no right wing and it has no left wing, this is a distraction birthed by the Zionist media to humanize it and hide the animalistic atrocities it has committed against the indigenous. Zionism was, is and always will be a project of supremacist terror and plunder. This project is now a global empire of criminality and it all began with the theft of Palestine. Whatever petty political squabbles may occur between Jewish usurpers in “Israel,” all Zionist parties are committed to the same goal: destruction of the Arab peoples for the sake of creating ‘Greater Israel.’

Lest we forget, just so there isn’t an ounce of discrepancy on this matter of the intrinsical evil of Zionism, al-Nakba, the Qibya massacre, the Kafr Qassim massacre, Mossad’s assassination of United States President John F. Kennedy, al-Naksa, the murderous assault on the USS Liberty, further Zionist expansion into the occupied West Bank, al-Quds and Syria’s al-Jaulan, the implementation of the Law of Return as a “come to Palestine and steal some aboriginal land because you’re chosen” card for World Jewry and lastly, genocidal Operation Cast Lead, were all carried out by “left-wing” Zionist entity leaders. Khalas with this insulting false dichotomy and khalas with the recognition of any person as a credible source who attempts to preserve it. Amsel wrote that we would uncover what kind of person Avnery is through his gleaming depiction of Leibowitz in “Reluctant Prophet,” and indeed we do: he is a Zionist, a hardcore, self-deluding Zionist, whose concern with “peace” only translates to the racist preservation of the usurping Zionist entity, just like Leibowitz before him.

Questioning "The Holocaust®" in any
capacity can get you 
imprisoned alongside
hardened convicts for
the criminal action of
"thought crime."   
On The Holocaust®: Countering and Shattering The “Jewish Suffering” Vertex

Prior to introducing the rubbish about Leibowitz, Amsel quoted a caption from the second part of my Avnery series dealing with the ‘Holocaust®’; the caption reads, “The Palestine Solidarity Movement is so busy paying its respects to the propaganda-ridden “chosen” holocaust, it is failing to adequately fight for Palestine.” Seemingly incapable of responding without hysteria, Amsel subsequently commented, “The above is a lie to discredit those Jews involved in the struggle. Nothing but pure, unadulterated anti-Semitism.” Odd. I did not mention “Jews” in the caption, but Amsel did, for the transparently perceptible reason of adding fuel to the “anti-Semitism” fire that he sought to burn me with.

No matter, a tidal wave of truth will douse the defamatory flames. Again, there was no examination of my remark, let alone a refutation. By no means was it a “lie” on any level and by no means was it an attempt to discredit anyone, Jewish or otherwise. It was an undoubtedly harsh but nevertheless accurate statement to wake up the Solidarity Movement from its Zionist-induced slumber. There are none so blind as those who choose their blindness, cherishing it as if it were a heavenly gift.

Thinker and activist Dr. Francis Clark-Lowes, along with esteemed activist and revisionist Paul Eisen before him, characterize the very essence of the caption. Both of these brilliant and fearless men have been expelled from a vital wing of the UK Palestine Solidarity Campaign for alleged ‘Holocaust® Denial’ and ‘anti-Semitism.’ Paul Eisen was ruthlessly targeted for having the spine to speak on Holocaust® revisionism and his beautiful, important website, Deir Yassin Remembered, a commemoration of the ungodly Zionist massacre of at least 112 Palestinian men, women and children on April 9th, 1948, is now defunct as a result of this cruel and dastardly character assault. This particular branch has been conquered by Jewish supremacists masquerading as “anti-Zionists” and it has become obsessed with ‘Holocaust® Denial’ and ‘anti-Semitism.’ It has even entered into a shadowy, unspoken alliance with toxic Zionist outlets like Engage, Harry’s Place and the Jewish Chronicle to fight its newfound obsessions (20).

Additionally, it has installed a precondition into its framework called “anti-racism,” an Orwellian phrase for “anything critical of Jewish-Zionist power will not be tolerated;” and it is doing everything that it can to deflect attention away from Zionism and Jewish supremacism, passing out leaflets and organizing forums that repeat the tiresome slogan of “Israel” being a settler-colonial apartheid state, insisting that “Israel” is an American client regime and even going as far as saying that Zionism has “non-Jewish origins (21),” one of the most astronomical assertions that I have ever come across. “Israel” is far worse and far more powerful than any “settler-colonial apartheid state” and this description at its root is deceptive and deflective (22). “Israel” absolutely is not another mere US client regime, as ‘American imperialism’ has no place in the Zionist entity (23) and its fifth column lobbying apparatus exercises immense power over the American government, as evidenced just recently with its coverup of the heavy, domineering Zionist hand in the butchering of Iraq and the push for more butchery in the Islamic Republic of Iran (24).

Rabbi Moses Hess:
the REAL godfather
of Zionism, the
little-known creator
of Communism and a 
hardcore Jewish
And as if this wasn’t painfully obvious enough already, the origins of Zionism are entirely Jewish, birthed in the mental womb of a hideous supremacist largely forgotten by history. Long before Herzl, there was Moses Hess, or more aptly, Rebbe Moses Hess, a fanatical Talmudist who placed the self-anointed racist rabbinical ‘sages’ on a higher station than prophets and who deemed the Jewish people possessors of a collective, legislative genius that will bring forth their resurgence in the land that they call “Israel.” Rabbi Hess went as far as deeming the Jewish people their own ‘God (25).’

Beyond his rabbinic hatred of goyim in general, Hess had a particular rabid, racist dislike for the German people and his landmark book, “Rome and Jerusalem: the Last National Question,” penned in 1862, is filled with venomous rhetoric against Europeans and serves as a call to Jews to recognize their inherent superiority over all other peoples on earth and thus, “the new Jewish state would be a light to the nations showing them how to live in socialist harmony.” This written pronunciamento of Talmudism is the godfather work of Zionism. Why do “leftists” ignore Rebbe Hess? Because he is also the true founder of Communism (and its manifesto), their ideology’s backbone. Hess was the mentor of none other than Karl Marx, who referred to Hess as the “communist rabbi (26).” Leftists, most specifically those of Jewish heritage who put their tribal interests before everything, would rather dwell in delusion because they don’t want their political dogma tainted. But facts are facts; their dogma is forever linked to Zionism, a byproduct of Jewish supremacism.

If the nature of the Zionist entity is skewed, the root of its power is downplayed and its origins are designedly lied about, how can it be combated? How can the Solidarity Movement triumph, how can full freedom for Palestine be attained, when something is rotten at the core? In light of the facts presented here, especially the persecutions of Dr. Francis Clark-Lowes and Paul Eisen, is the caption sited by Amsel not vindicated? Is it not validated? Is its representation of truth not etched in even bolder ink?

Eisen and Clark-Lowes care deeply about Palestine, why should their (correct) opinions about World War II’s history disqualify them in any way from showing solidarity with the suffering Palestinian people? Why is a Palestine Solidarity organization dedicating so much of its time to ‘fighting’ the slippery, vague and idolatrous constructs of ‘anti-Semitism’ and ‘Holocaust® Denial’ while the Zionist occupation of Palestine rages on without mercy? And more importantly, why is a Palestine Solidarity organization allying itself with and behaving like the very Zionist outfits that incessantly berate and slander the Palestinian people and cause on a daily basis? And the answer is, because Jewish sensitivities regarding what took place during World War II and the irreconcilable need to maintain the uniqueness of Jewish suffering (as well as victimhood) and the racist notion that Jewish persecution at the hands of non-Jews just because they are Jewish is an inevitable occurrence have utterly crippled any rational debate or discussion on these issues (2).

Nazism doesn't even come
close to the evil of Zionism.
Comparing the two only benefits
the Jewish supremacist agenda.
Even referring to Zionists or “Israelis” as “Nazis” or calling the usurping entity itself a “Nazi state” are exaltations of the supremacist idea that Jews have suffered more than anyone else on earth and they deserve more sympathy than all other people, even when Jews do awful things to other (non-chosen) peoples. Despite some Zionist shrieking here and there, these false comparisons are quietly encouraged because it takes the weight off of Zionism and the Jewish supremacists upholding it.

It is a subtle but very effective method of disseminating Zionist propaganda. By equating to Zionism to Nazism or “Israelis” to Nazis, you are unequivocally saying that “Israel” is like the Nazi regime but there is nothing worse than the Nazi regime and no matter who suffers at the ironfisted hands of “Israel,” nothing can or will ever compare to the suffering of those who lived under Nazism, especially Jews. You are upholding the Zionist myth that the Nazis were the most evil persons to ever walk the planet and nothing that “Israel” does, no matter how savage, no matter how bloody, will ever trump this “ultimate Nazi evil.” Zionists, because of their Jewishness, because of their victimhood, will always be given the benefit of the doubt when their crimes are judged. “Look at what was done to them during the Holocaust®,” how many times has this atrocious fantasy been repeated as indisputable fact?

How many times have we said “Al-Nakba,” and we have been countered with, “but what about the ‘death’ camps...” How many times have we said, “Al-Naksa,” and we have been countered with, “but what about the human soap...” How many times have we said, “Sabra and Shatila, Qana, Marwaheen, Jenin, al-Khisas, al-Aqsa, al-Ibrahimi Mosque, Dahmash Mosque, Dueima, Lebanon ‘06, Cast Lead, countless other massacres, the torture, the dungeons, the administrative detention, the ethnic cleansing, the home demolitions, 64 years of illegal occupation,” and we have been countered with, “all of ‘that’ is horrible, sure, but what about the gas chambers...”

By capitulating to this supremacism, in which Jewish suffering always has primacy, the Palestine Solidarity Movement is helping maintain the status quo; by establishing preconditions to join a group meant to display solidarity with Palestine, but these preconditions protect Zionists and water down their crimes in the name of “fighting anti-Semitism and Holocaust® Denial,” the Palestine Solidarity Movement is operating as yet another Zionist fifth column, just like the ADL, which has a long record of spying for the Zionist entity (27), the Zionist Organization of America or AIPAC. The only difference is, its ‘mask of Zion’ is a much better cover than the others. It must change the path it is on.

The Zionist Power
Configuration has turned
"The Holocaust®" into
an extortion racket that
generates money
for the global protection
of the Zionist entity.
Why would it be mandatory to pay one’s allegiance to the Holocaust® unless it was to pay homage to Jewish suffering, even if the one paying said allegiance is a Palestinian, Lebanese or Syrian whose life has been destroyed under the very guise of “Jewish suffering”? Why would such a ludicrous oath be needed unless it was to engrave in stone this narrative that has been eating at the world for more than six decades now, even in a place (the Solidarity Movement) where historical iconoclasm is so desperately needed? Does anyone not ask themselves why men have done hard time in prison for questioning a historical event? Or why do laws even exist to stop this event from being investigated or criticized?

If anything, investigating all narratives used by international Zionism to deepen its stranglehold over Palestine should be the prerequisite for joining a solidarity campaign, especially the Holocaust®, which “Israel” and its worldwide Jewish-Zionist network of sayanim have used as a weapon since its criminal founding to extort and influence Western governments, stifle international debate on “Israel”, infect the historical record with falsities, corrupt Western educational discourse and build Zionist fortunes. Dr. Alfred Lilienthal, the invaluable Jewish anti-Zionist pioneer, called it “Holocaustomania (28).”

Let this next statement ring from pillar to post in the Solidarity Movement, from western hemisphere to eastern hemisphere, in the hearts of the religious and the non-religious and in the minds of all persons from all political persuasions: National Socialism is dead and has been so for nearly seven decades; it was decapitated at the behest of international Zionism by the crippling military might of the Allied Powers. Adolf Hitler is dead too and he is not coming back; ever. Nazism is not the beast devouring our world today and Hitler isn’t the figurehead of the beast.

These two things are apparitions; they are boogeymen kept alive and perpetually invoked by the real “powers that be” to deter investigation into their criminal intrigues; nothing more. Zionism and Jewish supremacism are the interlocked demons eating away at the heart of our earth at the present moment, they are the forces behind the vast majority of the world’s problems and they are certainly, without a doubt, the driving force behind every major war of the last century, as correctly noted by the eloquent President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (29).

With that said, no, Nazism wasn’t the most evil ideology to have ever been spawned and no, Hitler wasn’t the most evil man to have ever lived; not even close. Jewish supremacism on the other hand, which destroyed Nazism and Germany itself in the process, is the most evil ideology to have ever been spawned and the persons who adhere to this belief system of “chosen-ness” are the most insidious group that humanity has ever known. The blood of hundreds of millions of innocents as a result of the major wars they have engineered are the genocidal proof.

Citizens of the world are
afraid to criticize the crimes
of Zionist Jewry because they
don't want their name
blackened with "anti-Semitism."
Comparing this two-headed malevolent behemoth with Nazism is not only fallacious and an insult to the historical record, it is a service to the Zionist entity and its powerful worldwide lobbying networks. The Zionist Power Configuration appreciates nothing more than pathetic excuses for investigators, who have been so brainwashed beyond repair with Zionist propaganda regarding WWII that they look inside every nook and cranny for Nazi elites that don’t exist, while the very real Jewish supremacist elites (that do exist) own and thoroughly dominate the media with Zionist hasbara (30), nefariously police the Internet (31), despicably promote and distribute pornography (32), pump ecstasy pills and other narcotics into streets across the globe in a “virtual monopoly” (33), successfully lobby the US Congress to implement racist, Talmudic law in America (34), and, last but not least, vigorously work around the clock to eviscerate beyond recognition the Muslim nations of Egypt, Libya, Sudan, Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Palestine itself (35), Pakistan and Kashmir (36).

And what of National Socialist Germany? Ernst Zündel, the steadfast fighter for truth, hero of history and revisionist giant, who has been dragged through the mud over the years by the Jewish community and Zionist media, imprisoned for “thought crime,” had his home burnt to the ground, targeted for murder by Jewish zealots and had his reputation completely destroyed, opined that National Socialism should be judged for defending Germany as well as the crimes it committed, for its achievements and failures, but nothing more, nothing less and certainly not for fanciful exaggerations (37).

Zündel rightfully believes that the collective memory of the world regarding Nazi Germany is one replete with everybody’s perception of that time period except that of Germans, and this is because the Zionists have ensured that the global forum be this way to protect their tribal interests and international agenda. Aforementioned Jewish Holocaust® revisionist Paul Eisen succinctly notes that there are three distinct, foundational principles to revisionism. Firstly, there never was an official plan on the part of Hitler or any other part of the Nazi regime to systematically and physically eliminate every Jew in Europe. Secondly, homicidal gas-chambers never existed. And thirdly, the numbers of Jewish victims have been exaggerated (37).

Children of "the West"
are constantly bombarded
with "Holocaust®" stories
but none of them are rooted
in anything even resembling
Even Holocaust® “expert” Raul Hilberg, the world’s premier “authority” on the topic, admitted under oath in the kangaroo court of the first Zündel trial in 1985 that there was no planned genocide against the Jews of Germany, there was no Nazi blueprint for mass extermination, no central planning of systematic killing by any agency of National Socialism and no budget designated specifically for the destruction of European Jewry (37). Does this make Hilberg, a staunch Zionist, a self-described “defiantly strong Jew” and a Jewish supremacist who believed that, “The Jews are the conscience of the world. They are the father figures, stern, critical, and forbidding (38),” anti-Semitic and a ‘denier of the Holocaust®’?

For the sake of truth, it must be said: the “annihilation of the Jews” narrative that has been relentlessly pumped into the consciousness of humanity since the rise of National Socialism is a farce. A hardcore dose of wartime propaganda that began in the spring of 1942 with hasbara cooked up by Jewish and Zionist agencies and then disseminated throughout the Jewish press. These unconfirmed and uncorroborated sensationalist reports about Jews being steamed to death, suffocated to death, pressed to death, electrocuted to death and gassed to death were then picked up by Zionist media apparatuses in both Britain and America, including the BBC and the New York Times, and were repeated as factual happenings. Not a single one of these reports were rooted in factuality; not one. In reality, hundreds of thousands of people, many of them Jews, died in the Nazi work-prison camp system from exhaustion, malnutrition and the typhus epidemic because the Hitler government failed to provide them the proper food and medicine. But this wasn’t deliberate. It was due to the sadistic 6-year blockade and the barbaric, deranged and cruel saturation bombing campaign carried out against Germany by the Allies, chiefly the Zionist-occupied United States (37).
Nothing defines the holocaust quite like the “homicidal gas chambers,” and no place embodies the “homicidal gas chambers” quite like Auschwitz, National Socialism’s most infamous camp complex. According to popular opinion, 4 million victims, mostly Jews, died in the Auschwitz “extermination” camp. But this, like most other facets of the Holocaust® religion narrative, is false, so false that even preeminent “Israeli” holocaust ‘historian’ Yehuda Bauer has admitted that it is a “deliberate myth.” The Zionist entity’s Holocaust® center and Poland’s Auschwitz State Museum have both reduced the Auschwitz death toll down to 1 million Jewish and Gentile victims but several other prominent historians put the number lower, as low as 500,000 Jewish and Gentile victims (39).

Moreover, the world famous Auschwitz “gas chamber” is a fake, every part of it. It was constructed brick by brick after World War II for propaganda reasons. It is from this point that the “homicidal gas chambers” story falls to pieces. American gas chamber expert Fred A. Leuchter, research chemist Dr. William B. Lindsey and Walter Lüftl, a prominent Austrian expert engineer who ran a huge Vienna-based engineering firm, have all proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that the stories of Jews being exterminated by gassing en masse at Auschwitz, Birkenau, Majdanek and Mauthausen are untrue on every level. After thorough investigations of the camps, all three men, preeminent authorities in the field, concluded that the stories were “absurd” and “technically impossible.” To reiterate, there isn’t a lick of documentary evidence which suggests that the Nazis planned a “final solution” for Euro-Jewry or “extermination” of Euro-Jewry. This truth can be reconciled with the fact that the vast majority of Jewish inmates unable to work in the camps were left alive and cared for, contrary to the oft-repeated hasbara that those unable to work were executed by gassing. Another major Jewish ‘historian,’ History Professor of Princeton Arno Mayer, has admitted that most Jews who died in Auschwitz died of typhus (39).

Wealthy Zionist fanatic
Theodore Kaufman and
his book of genocide,
"Germany Must Perish."
While there was no German “final solution” for the Jews of Europe, there was a Jewish “final solution” in place for the people of Germany. The name of this “final solution” was “The Book That Hitler Fears: Germany Must Perish,” a small volume written by a Jewish businessman and rabid Zionist from New York City named Theodore N. Kaufman; the first edition was published sometime between late 1940 and early 1941 and the second edition was published later on in the latter year. In truly disturbing fashion, and in no uncertain terms for that matter, Kaufman blatantly advocates the mass genocidal sterilization of the German people and the subsequent territorial breakup of Germany as a nation-state, fractionalizing it into smaller, weaker entities. Kaufman put this frightening plot on paper because he genuinely believed (and wanted others, specifically Americans, to believe) that Germans were inherently barbaric as a people and therefore, the only way to stop their barbarism from spreading to the four corners of the earth, was to annihilate them (40). Sick does not even begin to delineate Kaufman or his book.

And yet, to note, yes, to simply note these critical historical facts long-suppressed by the Zionist media, to merely discuss this tiny, albeit devastating and refutative package of information, is to commit the ultimate sin, is to engage in the damnable-by-imprisonment thought crime of “Holocaust® denial.” To refuse to accept fabrications, inaccuracies, falsehoods, exaggerations and outright hasbara by Zionist propagandists is to be a “Holocaust® denier.” On the other hand, to accept these lies, these pernicious lies that have been used to justify the most berserk, inhuman aggressions against the people of Palestine and others, is to be a teller of truth, devoted “activist” and “humanist.” Is madness not what this Orwellian dichotomy represents? Is the very essence of “freedom of speech” not maimed beyond recognition by this eccentric duality?

The infamous, Zionist-engineered “312 incubator babies” story that led to the beginning of the decimation of Iraq more than 20 years ago has been exposed as a grisly hoax (41), should we still accept it as fact? The repugnant stories of the now-fallen Libyan leader Muammar al-Qadhdhafi giving his military forces Viagra and ordering them to rape civilians, which were used by NATO to increase its barbarous bombing of Libya, have also been exposed as totally baseless (42), should we still accept them as examples of truth? The story of Hamas causing the initiation of Operation Cast Lead by violating the ceasefire with the Zionist entity in late 2008 has been debunked as a Zionist lie; ‘Israel’ had not only been planning the Gaza massacre for quite some time, but it broke the ceasefire on November 4th, 2008 (43), should we still parrot the hasbara? And then there is the “WMDs in Iraq” story, which was another Zionist-birthed fallacy that caused more Iraqi blood to be spilled for the usurping ‘Israeli’ regime (44), should we still cite it as veracious? The emphatic answer to these four questions of course, is “NO!” Using this as the guideline, why then should the hasbara of the Holocaust® not be rejected any less resoundingly?

The Zionist entity
fills the collective mind
of the globe with lies
and it is a professional
obligation of mainstream
"journalists" to accept
these lies as truths.
It is not only socially (and professionally) recommendable but socially (and professionally) obligatory to swallow Holocaust® propaganda in both the mainstream and alternative spheres of media because of the “Jewish sensitivities” sacred cow. To reporters and journalists of both spheres, the ‘fragile feelings’ and emotional (delusional) attachments of Zionist Jews, are seemingly much more important than the truth of a very serious matter, with very serious geopolitical implications. To the same reporters and journalists, the feelings of other peoples who have been afflicted by genocide are of no consequence at all.

The Armenian Genocide of 1915-1923 is frequently belittled, downplayed and denied. The number of martyrs total more than 1.5 million but mainstream “authorities” routinely reduce this to around 300,000, without incident, without uproar. The ADL, Zionist spy nest and Mossad’s most powerful American front organization (45), leads the charge in suppressing the history of the Armenian Genocide (46). The Ukranian Genocide of 1932-1933, known as the Holodomor, is as badly ignored as the horrors experienced by the Armenian people. More than 10 million Ukranian men, women and children were mercilessly starved to death in a manmade famine, but this martyr count too is disgracefully reduced to numbers as low as 1 or 2 million. Once more, we find the ADL leading the charge to minimize and deny this crucial historical event, with ADL head and Jewish supremacist thug Abraham Foxman once telling reps of former Ukranian President Viktor Yushchenko that, “One thing that you need to be sensitive about is not to link it {the Holodomor} with ours {the Holocaust®}. Be careful. It cannot be played as your genocide, our genocide. Because that will be counterproductive on all sides (47).”

The Iraq Genocide that began with UN Resolution 661 on August 6th, 1990 and continues to rage on to this very moment is assuredly the most denigrated of modern day atrocities. Not only is the vast scope and sheer brutality and evil of the American-British invasion excused and lessened by the previously-discussed “authorities,” so are the numbers of the martyrs and this incessant need to “decrease and downplay” is nothing short of shameful. How many different death tolls are there? 30,000? 100,000? “Tens of thousands” is a common expression. “Collateral damage in the thousands” is also typical.

Even “one million dead” has become a trivialized slogan for “leftists” who ramble on about an “imperialism” that is faceless, as if there aren’t persons behind it with an exceedingly particular ideology. In reality, according to Iraq’s Ministry of Women’s Affairs, more than 2,500,000 Iraqis have lost their lives as a result of the criminal invasion and this staggering figure only includes the martyrs of 2003-2010 (48). Moreover, according to the Iraq Ministry of Health, the crippling, unrelenting sanctions that preceded the invasion claimed well over 2,000,000 lives, including 700,000 children (49). 4.5 million Iraqis dead and the ADL refers to this crime against humanity as “democratization (50).”

And the question, as always, is “WHY?” Why are the Armenian, Ukranian and Iraqi Genocides, all of which are rooted in graphic, prolific historical fact and detail, denied, downplayed and minimized by the establishment media? Because the establishment media is the Zionist media and the Zionist media is an instrument of the Jewish supremacist agenda. The Armenian, Ukranian and Iraqi Genocides weren’t Jewish, and because of this obvious but very telling fact, they aren’t newsworthy in the eyes of the Zionist media and the stooges that it employs as “reporters.” But there is a more mischievous reason as why these specific ‘atrocity events’ are devalued, nay, covered up, by the Zionist media and it is because they are all the products of Jewish-Zionist intrigue.

The ungodly Armenian
Genocide was a crime
against humanity carried
out by the agents of
Jewish-Zionist intrigue.
The subversive and maniacal Young Turks, who perpetrated the Armenian Genocide, were Jewish in origin who strongly believed in the Talmudic-Kabbalistic ideology of the 17th century false Jewish Messiah Sabbatai Zevi and his followers, whom many of them descended from. The Young Turks, who were also deeply connected to Freemasonry, had extraterritorial ambitions and were not content with just eliminating the Ottoman Empire; they wanted to establish a “Jewish state” in the heart of Mesopotamia, after ethnically cleansing the indigenous peoples in a repeat of the Armenian Genocide (51). Their exploits were funded by the wealthy communities of Jews and Donmè (crypto-Jews) of Thessalonika (Salonika; Thessaloniki, then part of Turkey, now part of Greece), as well as powerful Jewish-Zionist banking interests in Vienna and Berlin (52).

Their flagship propaganda paper, “The Young Turk,” was managed by none other than Jewish supremacist Vladimir “Iron Wall” Jabotinsky, the genocidal spiritual godfather of the Irgun terror gang, and arms used in their massacres were provided by powerful Jewish financier of the Bolsheviks, Alexander Israel Helphand, better known as “Parvus.” Emmanuel Carasso, Jewish-Zionist founder of the Young Turks, maintained close links to and sought advice from B’nai B’rith, the institution of Jewish Freemasonry, throughout their campaign of bloodshed and militarism (53).

Without the Young Turks’ overthrow of the Ottoman Empire, there would not be a usurping Zionist entity in Palestine now; there would be no Zionist occupation. To understand that the perpetrators of the Armenian Genocide were one of the seemingly endless tentacles of international Zionism is to understand a major missing piece of the geopolitical puzzle. The Zionists were well-aware that the Ottoman Empire had to be liquidated if they were to turn Palestine into a “Jewish homeland,” hence why the Young Turks, a force almost exclusively comprised of Jews, were put into action. Today, the Zionist Power Matrix not only wants this hidden Jewish history ignored, but buried; it wants to maintain the idea that “Muslim Young Turks” massacred Armenian Christians to further the Zionist “divide and conquer” agenda.

The savage reign of the Bolsheviks
was a Jewish endeavor; this
devastating fact of history
has been forgotten by
the world thanks to the
Zionist propaganda machine.
The architect of the Holomodor was the Jewish-Bolshevik Lazar Kagonovich, an “artist” in savagery who is said to be the real power behind Josef Stalin. The founder and first commander of the All-Russian Extraordinary Commission for Combating Counter-Revolution and Sabotage, better known as the Cheka, the animalistic internal security apparatus of the Soviet regime, was Jewish-Bolshevik Genrikh Yagoda, who also founded the brutal Soviet Gulag system and is single-handedly responsible for the deaths of at least 10 million innocents. Jewish-Bolshevik Leonid Reichman was the head of the Cheka’s special operations department and served as its chief interrogation officer and is responsible for the torture of tens of millions of Russians. 39% of all Bolshevik-Stalinist security officials were Jewish, making the greatest mass murderers of the modern era Jews, not Germans; Bolsheviks, not Nazis (54). The Bolshevik Revolution itself, from the onset, was a Jewish endeavor, with close to all of the leading Bolsheviks, including Lenin and Trotsky, possessing Jewish origins and the murder of the imperial Romanov family being ordered and carried out by Jewish-Bolshevik agents (55).

The Zionist media has deliberately entombed these facts because the Holocaust® narrative of “perennial Jewish victimhood” wouldn’t hold as much as weight if the world knew that Jews were nothing even remotely close to victims in Bolshevik-Stalinist Russia; they were the rulers, oppressors and tormenters, just like they are in Palestine today. The only difference is the name of the ideology. Bolshevism and Zionism are simply two heads of the same Jewish supremacist dragon.

While several top academics have documented the domineering Zionist role in the planning and execution of the destruction of Iraq, most notably Professor John J. Mearsheimer and Professor Steven Walt in their landmark work, “The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy,” as well as Dr. Stephen J. Sniegoski in his masterpiece, “The Transparent Cabal: The Neoconservative Agenda, War in the Middle East, and the National Interest of Israel,” it has not been discussed (at all) that Mossad, the Zionist entity’s international intelligence directorate, has been the chief player in keeping the Iraqi nation in chaos by endlessly planting car bombs and attempting to foment ethno-sectarian war. Very few have spoken above a whisper that the annihilation of Iraq wasn’t just for the “protection” of the usurping ‘Israeli’ regime but for the expansion of it (56).

Speaking out
against the mighty
Zionist Lobby is not just
forbidden, it is "anti-Semitic."
Anyone who has spoken out against the power of the Zionist Lobby and its role in constructing the decimation of Iraq, including the aforementioned scholars, has been smeared as “anti-Semitic” by the Zionist media and any info on Mossad operations in Iraq has been totally blacked out. The Iraqi people were sacrificed on the altar of Zionism and this must never be revealed to the public because it may just prevent future wars of Zionist aggression from occurring.

And while the two said books also prominently featured the little-known truth that “neoconservativism,” the guiding ideology of the Zionist warmongers behind Iraq’s butchering, is a sole invention of Jewish intellectuals who desperately desire to preserve the existence of the Zionist entity at any cost, it did not focus on what drove these tribalists to found the ideology to begin with: “Holocaust® consciousness (57).” So these men, nearly all of whom are Jewish, just like the Bolsheviks before them, are pushing, bullying, influencing and lobbying Western governments to fight imperial wars for Jewish interests and the preservation of “Israel” in the name of the “6 million Jewish victims” of the Holocaust®.

Paul Wolfowitz, the author of the “Wolfowitz Doctrine” and the chief Zionist strategist behind Iraq’s dismemberment, stated, “That sense of what happened in Europe in World War II has shaped a lot of my views (58).” Wolfowitz’s ‘partner in crime,’ fellow arch Zionist, Iraq War planner and ‘Israeli’ spy Richard Perle, echoes this sentiment, “The defining moment of our history was certainly the Holocaust. It was destruction, a genocide of a whole people, and it was the failure to respond in a timely fashion to a threat that was clearly gathering. We don’t want that to happen again. When we have the ability to stop totalitarian regimes, we should do so, because when we fail to do so, the results are catastrophic (59).” Astounding.

When these revelations are presented in context with the earlier iconoclastic bombshells regarding the exaggerations and fabrications so intimately associated with the Holocaust®, you get the feeling that these persons are insane; not metaphorically, but literally insane. Jewish supremacist warmongers like Wolfowitz, Perle and the rest of their neoconservative tribal brethren are planning and ordering wars that are based on lies in the memory of the biggest historical lie of our time. I am legitimately asking here: does it get anymore psychotic than this? And please, allow me to ask another question... doesn’t researching the Holocaust® and debunking all of the gobbledygook that comes along with it become all that more important when the stability of our world is being threatened by madmen who believe in its manufactured uniqueness and righteousness? This is an especially important point when considering ‘Israeli’-American aggression against Iran is on the rise (60), and the “prevention of a second holocaust” is the pretext that is being invoked by the ‘left’ and ‘right’ wings of the Jewish spectrum to destroy thousands of years of Persian history. 

The Zionists
are invoking
"The Holocaust®"
as a pretext to
destroy the Islamic
Republic of Iran. 
Just recently, Chemi Shalev, in his “West of Eden” blog for the “liberal” Zionist entity newspaper Ha’aretz, wrote a piece entitled “The Holocaust is a good reason, not a bad excuse, for attacking Iran (61)” and neoconservative godfather and genocide-monger Charles Krauthammer, recipient of the “Guardian of Zion” award, an “honor” given out for supporting ‘Israel’ in print by the Zionist entity’s Bar-Ilan University’s Ingeborg Rennert Center for Jerusalem Studies (62), recently told ultra-Zionist Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News that, “I cannot imagine the Israelis are going to allow Iran to go nuclear and to hold the Damocles sword over 6 million Jews all over again. Israel was established to prevent a second Holocaust, not to invite one (63).”

Not only does this bloodthirsty trash reinforce the point made earlier that Zionism is chameleonic and it can manifest itself as “rightist” or “leftist” at will as a means of enforcing the Jewish supremacist agenda at its core, it illuminates a much more important matter: investigating the Holocaust® and exposing it for the psychological warfare that it truly represents isn’t only a must for the people of Palestine but for every truth-seeking, peace-seeking human on this planet.

In his groundbreaking book, “The Wandering Who? A Study Of Jewish Identity Politics,” brother Jihad (Gilad) Atzmon writes some monumentally important words on page 176 that encapsulate the vivid details of this section wholeheartedly, “We should also ask what purpose Holocaust denial laws serve? What is the Holocaust religion there to conceal? As long as we fail to ask questions, we will be subjected to Zionist lobbies and their plots. We will continue killing in the name of Jewish suffering. We will maintain our complicity in Western imperialist crimes (64).”

~ End Of Part I ~

Next: The revolutionary, fearless breakdown of international Zionism's linguistic weaponry, the examination and refutation of Jewish "chosen-ness" and the ever-stunning heights of Zionist arrogance...


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