Friday, January 17, 2014

Madd Cold - Rage Of The Caged

by Madd Cold (Jonathan Azaziah)

No, not again/Don’t pop it in/Even when you do it slow I feel my brain jolt go pop then spin/Not a tube for feeding, it’s a tool for demons, it’s the brutal reason my soul rots and slims/Soul’s gotten dim/All of my light has fried in Guantanamo and I am in a hole locked with jinn/Gangrene build up, I feel a roach squat within/No, not my limbs, I would rather just wither up and die/Feeling the tube as it jiggles in my eye/You forcefeed us like this was the circus and we're your creatures, isn’t this a crime?/Censored our names so your public never knows what this hunger’s like/Gitmo to Palestine, our hunger strike against the “war on terror’s” rabid lie is madd alive, we ain’t gonna run from this fight/

Locked away for life in this shameful bid/Animals assaulted my wife and they maimed my kids/Asked not to take their daddy away, that is all my angels did/Bulldozed our home and set ablaze our figs/It ain’t the first time though, I’m a ‘48 refugee that came from Lydd/ They told me to move, and I said no/They told me to move, then I yelled out “Zionist dogs, listen, over my dead soul!”/Carted off to one of their dungeons and then raped/Sack covered in urine and feces smothering my face/Tortured with electric shock, I screamed so loud/Ya ALLAH, I finally know the definition of evil now/The eagle’s down, clearly I’m boxed in/But the day I’m free I swear I’m invoking the Algeria option/I miss my 7abibty and when she cooked me couscous and lubia/One are the prisoners and we want deliverance, so from Falasteen I’ll boost truth for Mumia/

Being Black in America, I already knew justice didn’t exist/But imagine doing 30 years in prison, death row as a matter of precision for a crime that you didn’t commit/My conviction was overturned in ‘01, why didn’t it stick?/Did I kill Daniel Faulkner? Please, that’s a sickening myth/Am I a murderer? Please, you are crazy high/Do you really believe the Philly police? Same killers and creeps, who done bombed out MOVE in ‘85/Same death-dealers and freaks, who assassinated Kenneth Freeman in an execution/To keep me subjugated, in a tainted climate with the best confusion/I was framed/So my heart bleeds for my Gitmo and Palestine fam, but I assure you brothers, very soon we will rise in defiant rage/

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  1. I'm not big fan of rap (gangster, mainstream) BUT your powerful message of TRUTH put to rhyme is something special.


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