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The Tribal Nexus: Zionists And “Anti-Zionists” Unite To Ensure The Survival Of “Israel”

The tribal nexus is
comprised of Jewish persons 
from the Zionist and
"anti-Zionist" persuasions
who seek nothing but 
the survival of "Israel."
(Graphic by Skulz Fontaine)
by Jonathan Azaziah

Jesus Christ (A.S.), revered by Christians and Muslims alike as the Messiah, and cherished by Muslims as the most important prophet in Islam after the Holy Prophet Muhammad himself (S.A.W.W.), famously declared in the 24th verse of the Book of Matthew’s 6th chapter that, “No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other.”

Once it is understood that Messiah Jesus (A.S.) did not declare war on “Roman imperialism” as so many deceptive Jewish “historians” would like us to believe, and that his revolution was a spiritual one waged to end the Jewish supremacism of the deranged ethnocentric-nationalistic Zealots and the twisted, vastly-powerful rabbinical cabal of the Pharisees (1), an ideology still very much alive and well in modern day (2), the “Two Masters” principle becomes all the more prevalent to current geopolitical happenings, specifically in regards to occupied Palestine.

In the January/February 2012 issue of Moment Magazine, a Zionist rag founded by none other than Elie Wiesel (3), arguably the world’s most famous “Holocaust® survivor,” liar of gargantuan proportions and notorious propagator of some of the cruelest, crudest Holocaust® myths ever concocted (4), six of its writers put together a disturbing, shocking and revealing symposium entitled, “What Does It Mean To Be Pro Israel Today (5)?”

With such a title, in such a magazine, one would think that the adjectives “disturbing, shocking and revealing” would be wholly inapplicable and that “typical, unsurprising and boring” would be enormously more appropriate instead. But what makes this piece so bothersome (and loathsome) is that the persons who partook in the “pro-Israel” exercise of what the criminal usurping entity means to their Zionist hearts were not simply a group of hardline Netanyahuites and Liebermanists; no, not at all. It was also comprised of several  Jews who are considered to be prominent “Solidarity activists” and “critics of Israel.”

Jewish tribalism is the
800-pound gorilla in the
room that nobody wants
to deal with, despite its
importance to protecting
the Solidarity Movement
from infiltration.
While there is indeed much offensive and racist Zionist propaganda present in the explanations of many of the participants which certainly deserves examination and subsequent deconstruction, that is not the purpose of this essay. The 800-pound gorilla in the room is the following question: why are “critics of Israel” and “Solidarity activists” taking part in a confab with rabid Zionist fanatics and unifying with them on the matter of being “pro-Israel?” Is it not frighteningly telling that Rabbi Michael Lerner, Cecilie Surasky of Jewish Voices For Peace and “Crisis of Zionism” author Peter Beinart all happily identify themselves as “pro-Israel” despite the fact that their reputations precede them as something contradictory to this self-admitted truth?

And isn’t even more demonstrative that this view, no matter how well-masked it may be, is shared by Caroline Glick, editor of Zionist entity mouthpiece newspaper The Jerusalem Post, advisor with the neoconservative “Center For Security Policy” think tank and head of the brutally racist “Israeli” Internet-based show “LatmaTV (6)?” And Martin Peretz, one of America’s most influential, maniacal Zionists and who sincerely thinks that “Muslim life is cheap (7).” And Morton Klein, Nakba denier, devoted Zionist racist, ethnic-cleansing-advocate and longtime head of the powerful  Zionist Organization of America (8).

And Benny Morris, the ruthlessly racist Jewish supremacist “historian” who is quite proud of “Israel” for perpetrating the Nakba, who legitimately believes that Islam doesn’t value human life, who views Arabs as a whole as “barbarians” and Palestinians in particular as “wild animals who must be caged (9).” And maybe the most stunning of all, Kenneth J. Bialkin, a member of the Zionist criminal network that planned, executed and covered up the September 11th terror attacks, a Jewish supremacist who rejects the idea of Jews abandoning their “chosen-ness” and assimilating into the Gentile World and a Zionist stalwart who has headed (or currently heads) some of the most powerful Jewish organizations in the world, including the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith, the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations and the “Israeli”-military-intelligence-tied America-“Israel” Friendship League (10).

Is something not vastly askew when persons such as this, some of whom are amongst the highest-ranking movers and shakers in the global Jewish-Zionist lobbying network, are working side by side with “friends of Palestine” to establish a certified definition for “pro-Israel” and at the very core of this effort is the solidification of the foreign Jewish invader-presence in Palestine which the sorely-missed revolutionary giant Malcolm X once rightfully observed “has no intelligent or legal basis in history?” Indeed it is. This is the very embodiment of the Jewish tribal nexus; Jews of different political persuasions, including those perceivably “hostile” to the Zionist entity, working in unison for the furtherance of Jewish interests at the expense of non-Jews who, in this case, are the occupied, colonized, besieged, ethnically cleansed and terrorized Palestinian people.

Zionism can morph into
different ideologies at will
to further its global agenda
but its supremacist core,
stained with the blood of
millions, never changes.
One of the core principles of this Jewish tribal nexus is a political doctrine called “Morphing Zionism,” first identified by Palestinian luminary Nahida Izzat (11). This concept is an amalgamation of “Cultural Zionism,” founded by “spiritual” Jewish supremacist Ahad Ha’am (real name: Asher Zvi Hirsch Ginsberg), and “Post-Zionism,” a common theme found in the discourse of the “Israeli left,” which, by the way, is in and of itself a blatant cover for Zionist crimes against humanity (12). Morphing Zionism seeks to impose Zionist (read: Jewish) culture on the aboriginal people of Palestine while “moving beyond” the history of Zionism, thus exonerating Zionist Jews from the heartless, vicious crimes that they have committed against Palestinians (and other regional Arab peoples) for more than a century. Morphing Zionism masks the injustice and sweeps the spilled blood under the rug. Morphing Zionism is the antithesis to the Right of Return and the full liberation of Palestine.

The long-term goal of the Jewish tribal nexus exposed (albeit inadvertently) by the Moment Magazine symposium is to internationalize Morphing Zionism, granting legitimacy to it and forever establishing Jewish supremacy over the land of Palestine. Whether this comes to fruition through the activism of hardline Jewish Zionists pushing for “two states” or dovish Jewish “anti-Zionists” pushing for “one state” does not matter to the Jewish Power Matrix; all that matters is that “Israel” remains sui generis on the international stage as a “Jewish homeland” that grants “citizenship” to every Jewish person on the planet even if they do not live on the stolen land.

"Greater Israel"
is the pinnacle state
of Morphing Zionism;
an "Israeli Empire" is
the ultimate goal of
the Zionist entity.
Assuredly, this perfidious plot will be resisted by the Palestinian people and their allies as they have resisted every Zionist plot before it; awareness however, must be raised as there is an additional stage, an apex, to Morphing Zionism. Once the Jewish-Zionist presence in Palestine is secured and internationally legitimized through whatever “solution” benefits World Jewry as a whole, therefore making it a conflict-free base for international Zionism to operate from, the plan to bring forth the real Zionist dream, “Greater Israel,” will kick into overdrive.

It must be unequivocally stated that the Jewish supremacists of “Israel” are not happy or satisfied with their current “land allotment.” They want more; they need more; they lust for more. Not until the oil-rich Arab lands encompassing an area that stretches from Nile of Egypt to the Euphrates of Iraq are conquered by Zionism, not until an “Israel Empire” spoken of by one-eyed war criminal and supremacist Moshe Dayan is erected in the name of “the Jewish people,” not until genocide befalls hundreds of millions of Arabs living on those aforementioned resource-lush lands at the Zionist entity’s hands and Judaic prophecy is fulfilled (13), will the Zionist leadership be content.

Morphing Zionism will first transmogrify “Israel” into a significantly larger “nation-state” that swallows nearly everything in the Middle East and then, according to the powerful Jewish supremacist group Chabad Lubavitch, an organization that has 4,000 centers across 70 countries and hundreds of CEO-like rabbis aggressively “marketing” their Jewish supremacism worldwide with hundreds of millions of shadowy dollars from the wealthiest members of the Jewish community (14), the Zionist entity will “miraculously expand and will be the size of the entire globe (15).” The Jewish tribal nexus is the herald of Morphing Zionism. It must be exposed then shattered so the cycle of deception comes to a screeching halt and the “anti-Zionist” Jews who are a major part of this nexus must be expelled from the ranks of the International Palestine Solidarity Movement for they are doing much more harm than good as it is clear where their loyalties rest. Nobody who identifies as “pro-Israel” has any right to speak on behalf of Palestine and they never, ever will.

The true face of "Israel" is
one of genocide, ethnic cleansing,
land theft, terrorism, human trafficking,
racism, torture and supremacism.
Anyone who identifies themselves as
"pro-Israel" is praising these crimes.
“Pro-Israel” In Perspective: A Redefinition That Will Stand The Test Of Time

For far too long, “pro-Israel” has unacceptably been part and parcel of Solidarity discourse as a result of welcoming Jews into the movement who maintain their tribal allegiances to the enemy occupier. This has been tolerated due to the irrational fear of Jewish sensitivities that disgustingly but nevertheless clearly permeates all mainstream avenues of “activism.” The concept of persons who are “pro-Israel” and simultaneously “pro-Palestine” isn’t just nonsensical and categorically impossible on any sane, rational level, it is appalling and offensive to real activists who actually place Palestine and the other (equally-important) peoples oppressed by Zionism first on their agenda. The term “pro-Israel” is synonymous with vulgarity and its multi-faceted foundation of Zionist egregiousness should be defined as such from hereon out:

To be “pro-Israel” is to be pro-genocide, as evidenced by more than six decades of savage occupation and massacres, most famously the biblical-like slaughters of Arab men, women and children during the Zionist entity’s 2006 July War in Lebanon and its 2008-09 Operation Cast Lead in illegally besieged Gaza, as well as its ongoing criminal siege against the impoverished Strip (16).

To be “pro-Israel” is to be pro-racism, as evidenced by any of the tens of laws within the Zionist entity’s system which elevate Jews above non-Jews in racial, colonial, discriminatory fashion; the most recent of which being the “marriage laws” that separate Palestinian spouses from being together to preserve a “Jewish majority” in Palestine (17).

To be “pro-Israel” is to be pro-ethnic-cleansing, which has been an ongoing Nakba since illegal Jewish colonization of Palestine began in 1881; one of the most recent examples is the Zionist occupation army’s expulsion of 120 Palestinians (18 families), including 66 children, from the Jordan Valley village of Khirbet Ibzeeq (18).

To be “pro-Israel” is to be pro-land-theft, a practice intimately linked to the ongoing Nakba and just as old, as evidenced most recently by the Zionist entity’s decision to demolish a Palestinian community center (which included a children’s playground) in occupied Silwan, al-Quds, in order to make way for a new Jewish-only “visitors’ center” at the City of David National Park (19). 

To be “pro-Israel” is to be pro-human-trafficking, as the Zionist entity is not just a “prime destination” for this ungodly crime (20), but a global “haven (21),”  and it does nothing whatsoever to combat it (22). 

Every crime that the
Zionist entity commits
is based on the the deepest,
vilest racism: Jews reigning
supreme over non-Jews;
"God's Chosen People"
over the "goyim."
To be “pro-Israel” is to be pro-terrorism, with a record stretching back more than six decades, including false flag bombings, high-level assassinations, funding and arming proxy groups, subversion, theft, etcetera. The most recent example is the Zionist entity’s bombing of a diplomat’s car in the Indian capital of New Delhi, which “Israel” immediately blamed on the Islamic Republic of Iran in its ongoing propaganda war against the Persian nation (23).

To be “pro-Israel” is to be pro-torture, as most prominently evidenced by the gruesome, heinous and inhuman methods used by Zionist occupiers against the defenseless Palestinian people during the First Intifada (24) and the recent exposure of Shin Bet’s history of systematically subjecting Palestinian children to electrocution (25).

To be “pro-Israel” is to be pro-supremacism, as infamously evidenced by former chief Sephardi rabbi of the Zionist entity, Ovadia Yosef (real name: Abdullah Yusuf, thus classifying the ‘good Rebbe’ as a self-hating Arab), who in his deranged October 2010 sermon declared, “Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world – only to serve the People of Israel. In Israel, death has no dominion over them [the goyim]... With gentiles, it will be like any person – they need to die, but [God] will give them longevity. Why? Imagine that one’s donkey would die, they’d lose their money. This is his servant... That’s why he gets a long life, to work well for this Jew. Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap. We will sit like an effendi and eat. That is why gentiles were created (26).”

Descriptions of the Zionist entity’s criminality and the twisted ideology that guides it can not just take up mere books but literally engulf libraries. This short list should drive the point home glaringly and proficiently enough. To summarize, to be “pro-Israel” is to be pro-inhumanity; pro-evil. To stand against this monstrous Zionist behemoth is to be pro-humanity; pro-good. One cannot be good and evil at the same time; this is elementary. To be “pro-Israel” is to stand with the enemy Zionist occupier in its furtherance of perpetuating injustice against the Palestinian people. “Pro-Israel” persons are friends of international Zionism; not friends of the oppressed. Anyone who says otherwise is presenting a false dichotomy to benefit the Jewish supremacist agenda.

Gilad Atzmon has become
a favorite target of the
Jewish tribal nexus and
its allies because he
is fearless enough to
take on the issue of
Jewish supremacism.
The Jewish Tribal Nexus And Its Orwellian Thought Police

A noteworthy occurrence that is quite central to the point of this essay and, verily, reinforces it to the letter, is the recent onslaught by the Jewish tribal nexus against brother Jihad (Gilad) Atzmon for the omnipresent Zionist accusation of “anti-Semitism.” Brother Jihad’s book, “The Wandering Who? A Study Of Jewish Identity Politics” and his overall philosophy has united Zionists and “anti-Zionists” against him because of his fearlessness in exposing Zionism as the latest manifestation of historical Jewish supremacism.

This constant saga of brother Jihad and his detractors has culminated in a group of Jewish Marxists, along with Professor As’ad AbuKhalil (better known as The Angry Arab), signing a petition which eternally damns him as a “racist” and an “anti-Semite” without any explanation for their claims (27), exactly like what the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith does when smearing or defaming an opponent of Zionism. The ADL agrees with these Jewish Marxists and Professor AbuKhalil on Atzmon (28), as does the rabid Zionist fanatic and professional liar Alan Dershowitz (29).

There is no academic merit to anything that the Jewish tribal nexus believes or says about brother Jihad; no academic merit at all. Because his words are indeed exceedingly critical of Jewish supremacism, this automatically, under the discourse approved by the Jewish-dominated academia of the West and America in particular, makes him (and anyone else for that matter who engages in such an exercise) a “racist.” This ridiculousness not only subverts true free speech but deflects discussion on the parent ideology that brought Zionism into being. These same persons have no issue at all criticizing generic monoliths like “white supremacy,” or “the white man,” or “Islamism,” despite the fact that the overwhelming majority of the Caucasian peoples are non-colonialist and non-imperialist and many of them have joined the fight against international Zionism. Moreover, the term “Islamism” is a deceptive, orientalist construct used by Zionism to demonize Islam and further the Zionist-manufactured crisis commonly known as the “clash of civilizations.”

The Spider of Zionism;
the web it weaves is
comprised of a tribal nexus
that transcends societal boundaries
and reaches the highest levels of
media, religion, finance and politics.
Why are these inherently bigoted and racist phrases acceptable to this Jewish Marxist enclave but the phrases “Jewish supremacism,” “the Jew,” “Judaism” and “Jewishness” aren’t? The phrases that they are comfortable with have no basis in any reality, political or otherwise, whereas the phrases that they deem “anti-Semitic,” or “racist,” are quite prolifically relevant and veracious when considering that the Jewish community at large is very much connected to a global, tribal lobbying network that suffuses media, religion, finance and politics (30).

For the Jewish Marxists of the Jewish tribal nexus, they are doing their job: embodying the “collective mechanism” embedded in cultural Jewishness to protect “the tribe” when it is under threat and control the Solidarity discourse so the misbehavior of the Jewish community outside of Palestine is kept under wraps. For their collaborators, including the intellectuals, an uncomfortableness is maintained out of fear of being pegged with “anti-Semitism.” Again, ADL-like tactics emerge with prominence. Again, the agenda of “kosher” supremacism, the concept that Jews are literally above criticism of any kind, rears its ugly Zionist head.

The matter at hand however is not accusatory pettiness; what is at the forefront, as always, is the truth. Is there truth in what Jihad (Gilad) Atzmon says about “Jewish ideology” being intimately linked with Zionism? The answer is an emphatic “YES!” and for those persons of Jewish extraction who disagree due to a tribalism installed in their psyche from birth by Jewish supremacist culture, or persons of Gentile background who disagree due to an unprecedented amount of brainwashing at the hands of the Zionist media, the following examples alone eradicate the lie that Zionism is devoid of Judaic beliefs and patterns.

The racist, supremacist Talmud
is integral to the foundations of
Zionism; this lays waste to the myth
that "Jewish ideology" plays no
role in the Zionist occupation
of Palestine.
Firstly, a copy of Talmudic banking law, which forbids Jews from taking interest from another Jew but requires to take as much interest from a non-Jew as possible, is displayed in all branches of Zionist entity banks (31). Secondly, “Israelis” themselves frankly admit that the Zionist entity is “a country dominated by Orthodox rabbis (32),” and the religious Shas Party of the aforementioned Rabbi Ovadia Yosef has been described as “the unchallenged kingmaker of Israeli politics (33).” And thirdly, “Israeli” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (real name: Benjamin Mileikowsky) just recently gave United States President Barack Obama the “Book of Esther” in scroll form to justify all-out aggression against the Islamic Republic of Iran (34). The Book of Esther is the foundation of “Purim,” the Jewish holiday of revenge and genocide against Persia, and the stories contained within it frighteningly embody subversion, the triumph of Jewry through lobbying and Jewish supremacism (35).

Jewish ideology isn’t just “linked” with Zionism, it governs Zionism. And this is by no means a new phenomenon either; the founder of Zionism was the racist rabbi Moses Hess, a towering figure of Jewish history that has been forgotten (read: censored) by mainstream academics for obvious tribal reasons. The rabbi’s Jewish supremacism inspired him to create Zionism and make his dreams of returning to “Zion” a reality (36).

Professor As’ad AbuKhalil, who has tainted his name and credibility by joining the Jewish tribal nexus’ war against Gilad Atzmon, and tainted it even prior to that by doing the ADL’s dirty work in smearing the brilliant Lebanese-American activist, thinker and journalist Mark Glenn (37), recently declared that, “If you find yourself on the same side of any issue--foreign or domestic--with Sen. John McCain, reexamine your positions.  Something is really wrong with your position (38).” The professor now finds himself on the same side as the vile, treacherous ADL and the abhorrent Alan Dershowitz. He should take his own advice and reexamine his position because there is "something really wrong with it." For the sake of the truth, Palestine and humanity as a whole, he should abandon his post as the “token Arab” of the Jewish tribal nexus’ Orwellian Thought Police and encourage others, Jews and non-Jews alike, to follow in his footsteps. Alas, this seems quite unlikely.

For the "Jewish Question"
to be solved once and for all,
Jews must abandon their allegiance
to the usurping Zionist entity as well
as their deep-rooted supremacism.
Conclusion: Yes, World Jewry Is Very Much Complicit In Zionist Criminality

Just as Britons, Americans, Canadians, etcetera are responsible for the crimes that their imperial governments commit (whether for “Israel” or otherwise), Jews are responsible for the crimes of the Zionist entity because it proclaims itself to be “the Jewish state,” it carries out wars of expansionist aggression in the name of protecting “the Jewish people” and its military and intelligence apparatuses carry the symbols and markings of the Jewish religion. If the usurping Zionist regime does not speak for the totality of World Jewry, then, obviously, World Jewry should speak out as a collective against it. Never has such a collective ever even remotely came into being; not once. In fact, the polar opposite is true.

A popular phrase in Solidarity discourse is “Not every Zionist is a Jew and not every Jew is a Zionist.” While this indeed may be accurate, it deserves an addendum. No matter how unsettling it may be, no matter how offensive it may sound, facts are facts, truths are truths. And the facts and truths say, unequivocally, that most Jews, unfortunately, are Zionists; most Jews support “Israel,” a racist, exclusivist, chauvinist “state” built on lies, massacres and dispossession of the Palestinian people; a "state" which discriminates and carries out atrocities against non-Jews on a regular basis.

95% of American Jewry supports the “right” of “Israel” to be a “Jewish state (39), which, for the record, has no legal basis in any reading of international law whatsoever; this is an invented “right” to suit the dementedness and Jewish supremacism of Zionism (40). 90% of British Jewry sees Palestine as the “Jewish ancestral homeland,” 95% have visited the Zionist entity and 86% sees Jews as having a “special responsibility” of ensuring the “survival” of the Zionist entity (41). The “survival of the Jewish state” construct and the “Jewish wars of survival” idea are exclusively “Israeli” ideological developments that have been around since the Zionist perpetration of the Nakba and represent the foundational basis for the Zionist entity’s perverse falsehood-filled “war of independence” narrative (42). Does it not speak volumes beyond volumes that the overwhelming majority of these premier blocs of Western Jewry, which, is for all intents and purposes, the bulwark of World Jewry, is inextricably supportive of the Zionist entity?

And is it not worrisome that this kind of “moral” and financial sustenance goes to a supremacist society hellbent on destroying one Islamic country after another? More than 90% of “Israelis” supported the genocide that Zionist occupation forces carried out in Lebanon during the 2006 July War (43). 94% of “Israelis” supported the genocide that the Zionist occupation army carried out in illegally besieged Gaza during Operation Cast Lead (44). 71% of “Israelis” want to see America destroy the Islamic Republic of Iran on behalf of the Zionist entity (45). And 70% of “Israelis” view themselves as the superior race on planet earth, “God’s Chosen People (46).” It is typical for supremacism to go with supremacism like lions go with lions and bears go with bears; “Israeli” Jewry and Western Jewry are connected at the hip in unity.

No matter how miserable and glum this reality may be, it is reality nonetheless. World Jewry is astoundingly Zionist and this tribal symbiosis that spans the globe through lobbying networks and business interests is tearing humanity apart. The Jewish tribal nexus is just one cog in the “Chosenite” machine that seeks to grind all “goyim” into dust after waging multiple Zionist wars of aggression against the Islamic world, Russia and China then anointing “the tribe” as the masters of a Global Jewish Imperium known as “The Jewish Utopia (47).”

From the river, to the sea,
Holy Palestine, will be free;
the opinions and aspirations
of Zionist Jewry are utterly
irrelevant to this inevitability. 
Beneath the struggle against Zionism is the struggle against its parent company, Jewish supremacism, and as esteemed Jewish Holocaust® revisionist Paul Eisen recently wrote in a plea to his brethren to examine their behavior over the last 2,000 years, behavior that has led to so many expulsions and millennial enmity between them and Gentiles (48), Jews must free themselves from this exclusivist way of thinking and join humanity in the struggle against all forms of oppression. Whether World Jewry wants to admit it or not, the Zionist entity will indeed disappear from the pages of history soon and the people oppressed by this demonic usurping creature in the heart of the Islamic world will have the freedom to once again live in peace, harmony and friendship, as they did prior to the advent of Zionism, insha’ALLAH khair; it would be foolish although typical of the ghettoized mindset of tribalism to remain part of the international Zionist network futilely attempting to ward off the inevitable.

And so we shall end where we began, with the words of Messiah Jesus (A.S.), “No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other.” With that said, which master will Jews serve? Humanity, in the name of the Creator? Or inhumanity, in the name of “the tribe?” Let there be hope that the aforementioned 2,000 years of history will not be an indicator of what choice will be made but if it is, let there be vigilance in the pursuit of justice against this supremacism and its imperialism which has tormented the Holy Land for far, far too long.

~ The End ~


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    "Anti-Zionist, Pro-"Israel"? It makes no sense at all. If you're Pro-"Israel" you're a Zionist, period. Great reasoning and article as usual, will get this out there for you.

  3. Peace and blessings brother Konrad,

    It is interesting that you bring up this particular issue as it is one that I will be dealing with in graphic detail for an ambitious project that I have in the works. Give the conclusion of this piece a read to understand where Hamas' mind is at this point: the

    To put it bluntly, and obviously leaving out a multitude of details, Hamas is selling out... not every individual member of Hamas of course, as overall, it remains a righteous organization, but the leadership, is gravitating towards GCC-puppetry. Hamas is still the Resistance and still the democratically-elected government of the Strip and under crippling Zionist siege, they have done their damnedest to give Palestinians some sort of a life... but there is simply no excuse for forging alliances with the Gulf pigs that do the Zionist entity's bidding. It is the wrong path. Only time will tell if they will return to their roots. Watch this space for in-depth analysis on this matter very, very soon.

    To Anonymous:

    I have no clue whatsoever why you would inject Ron Paul into this discussion as he has nothing to do with this piece, nor have I discussed him in any radio broadcast that I've done as of recent but nevertheless, "Israel" is not a typical "nation," in fact, it is an illegal entity that was forged in total criminality and that is why there is a call from Palestinian civil society to boycott for its egregious violations of international law and plethora of crimes against humanity: There can be no trade with this criminal entity; there will be no recognition of it.

    And lastly, to my dear brother Andre! Wa salaam akhi!

    Shukran kteer my dear brother! I'm happy you enjoyed it!

    ~ Ziah

  4. Yes Jonathan, that was my conclusion also. The only true friends the Palestinians ever had were Qaddafi and Assad. Now Hamas leaders have betrayed both. They are casting their lot with the Muslim Brotherhood, plus the Khaleeji dogs, because they think the MB / GCC / Western / Israeli nexus will destroy Assad. They are naïve, because if the MB takes total power in Egypt, then the MB will have no more use for Hamas. If the MB does not take total power, then the military junta will have no use for Hamas. If Assad falls, then Qatar will have no use for Hamas. Iran and Hezbollah already have no more use for Hamas leaders, since they betrayed Assad. Now, who will protect the 400,000 Palestinians in Lebanon? Jordan’s two million Palestinians cannot be happy about this. And if the Brotherhood takes power in Syria, this will not improve the condition of Palestinians in Palestine. There was no need for Hamas leaders to move out of Damascus at this time. They were under Assad’s protection, just like the Christians, Jews, and Shiites in Syria. But they suddenly became ambitious, aligning with Jews, the West, and the Gulf oil pigs, all of which despise them, and will get rid of them the moment Assad is gone. What fools!

  5. One other thing, Jonathan. I am nauseated by all the “pro-Palestinian” people who cheered for the destruction of Qaddafi, and now cheer for the campaign against Assad, not grasping that the “Arab Spring” has been totally hijacked. For these clowns, being “pro-Palestine” is chic. They wear keffiyehs and Che Guevara tee-shirts as fetishes. They bless the Zionists that want them dead. Then there are Neo-Nazi nitwits who claim to support Palestinians, but are merely white supremacists. Then there are “anti-Zionists” who equate Zionists with Hitler, thereby upholding Zionist lies about the holo-hoax and National Socialism. “Anti-war” people cheered the war on Libya, and now on Syria. So do socialist blogs. The 75,000 Syrian Jews in New York support Assad, but they are Misrahis, hated by the Ashkenazis. So they are ignored. At least YOU have a clue as to what’s going on.

    1. Excellent essay Jonathan, as always. You really are a phenomenal writer my friend, I always enjoy reading your essays and learn a great deal. I just listened to your interview with Deanna earlier today. I was planning on calling in, but I didn't have the time today. It's so liberating hearing the truth, and you certainly have a way of communicating it. I can't thank you enough for all the work you do exposing and resisting this Jew World Order, keep it up.

      It's a terribly sad commentary on our society that we cannot openly and honestly discuss the one group we absolutely need to be openly and honestly discussing - of course I'm talking about the criminal Jewish supremacist network that controls the West and Israel. The conditioning the people in this country have been subjugated to, not to mention the daily barrage of Jewish propaganda, makes this a taboo subject. But I think that is changing, however slowly, as this group has been thoroughly exposed at this point thanks largely to the internet. Honest historians, writers, journalists, ect. throughout history have written about and exposed the criminal Jewish supremacist network, but their work has largely been suppressed. With the internet, millions of people have been able to educate themselves about this subject, and countless others are waking up and recognizing that something isn't quite right.

      Virtually all of the activist groups that I run into in California and on the web are totally missing the point and are afraid to get to the heart of the matter - criminal Jewish supremacism. There are very few anywhere that truly understand the nature of the beast we are up against. All the activist groups - 9/11, pro-Palestinian, anti-war, Occupy Wall Street (especially OWS), ect. - fall for at least some aspect of Jewish propaganda or conditioning, and are scared to death of anyone speaking about Jewish power and supremacism being the key to unifying oppressed people of all stripes. After all, it's "anti-Semitic" and "hateful" to speak the truth these days, right?

      Simply put - we can no longer let the Jews control the debate and control how we think about them. These murderous criminals are on the verge of destroying the planet, and we have people screaming it's "anti-Semitic" to even discuss their criminal behavior and history.

      I really began to understand this stuff after recognizing that 9/11 was done by this group. It's so obvious at this point. I've tried getting people to recognize this in the 9/11 Truth Community, and have been met with a lot of resistance because it's too "radical" and might "alienate" people in the movement. Give me a break... It's time for people to grow up.

  6. Oh, and these Muslim Brotherhood people and loose-knit “Al Qaeda” types? They care no more for Islam than Southern racist bible-thumping white Americans care about Christianity. They just want power over others. Meanwhile the Gulf oil pigs spout anti-Israel rhetoric in public, but sleep with Zionists in private. They are drunkards and perverts of boundless greed and arrogance. They are the anti-thesis of Islam. And please, someone tell Hassan Nasrallah to quit believing the Zionist corporate media. Qaddafi did NOT kill brother Imam Musa al-Sadr, the founder of the Amal movement. That was a Mossad / CIA hit to separate Qaddafi from Amal, so Nabih Berri could take over the Amal movement, and sell it out to the GCC / Western / Zionist alliance. Hence the Hezbollah split with Amal. Nasrallah should know better. I'm glad YOU, at least, are awake, Jonathan.

  7. Another meaningful and insightful writing, Brother Ziah. Of course I have just posted it!

    I am so looking forward to your piece on Hamas. The questions you answer have been bothering me for the past few weeks. In fact some of the turning of backs over the past months has me puzzled. It seems Hezbollah and Hamas are going through some changes that are rather unsettling.

    AND, it is good to have you back and active with Mark again as well. The airwaves get a tad dull without your enthused passion and clear insights.

    I missed the one in which you discussed your Mother. Recently I saw somewhere some criticism of you ... that you are Jewish. I remember your mentioning your heritage once or twice long ago but forget the details, however I knew the slur being cast was ludicrous.

  8. Hey Brother! Excellent article. Listening now to a show you did with Mark Glenn on youtube.
    I miss The and having you on air. God bless you brother. Looking forward to your next post. ~Tina

    ps: I have realized something on VT, things with 'g' not as they seemed. Sometimes someone can be so good at what they do, takes time to see them show their true colors.

  9. Peace and blessings once more brother Konrad,

    For the most part, I agree with all of what you have written, specifically regarding the hypocrisy amongst the ranks in "our movement." Nothing makes me angrier than the constant bombardment of anti-Hitler, anti-Nazi propaganda, hence the reason why I composed the piece before this one.

    There are two things that I take issue with. Firstly: the Syrian Jews of New York. It is of course very true that the Mizrahim are hated by the Ashkenazi elites for their Arabness and it is also true that the Assad family offered the Syrian Jewish diaspora full right of return as long as they rebuke Zionism, the Assad family made it more than clear Syria is the home of the Syrian Jews, not abroad and definitely not occupied Palestine. With that said, the Syrian Jewish community is just as supremacist as any Ashkenazi community, just as Talmudic and just as criminally-inclined, as evidenced by the recent organ trafficking scandal involving several prominent Syrian Jewish rabbis:

    The reason for me bringing this up is that just because they support Bashar al-Assad, it doesn't necessarily make them good people. In fact, the opposite is true, as is the case for any person of Jewish background that continues embracing the supremacism deeply embedded in the Jewish culture.

    Secondly: the matter of Qadhdhafi and Sayyed Mousa al-Sadr. Do you have any evidence (links, books, etc.) to back up this claim that Mossad/CIA murdered the Sayyed? This is something that I've heard rumors about for years (and even wrote about it here: but have never managed to find a lick of evidence to back it up. Nabih Berri indeed was a war criminal and indeed participated in Zionist-American plots against Lebanon but "Hezbollah" didn't "split" with Amal brother... members of Amal abandoned the org as it was drifting away from Sayyed al-Sadr's teachings and they then founded their own group nearly 5 years after the Sayyed's disappearance.

    I find it very disrespectful for you to talk about Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah the way that you're talking about him brother Konrad, I don't think that it is a matter of debate that Sayyed Nasrallah would know more about Sayyed al-Sadr than anyone in the world, he's obviously not believing the Zionist media but his own gut feelings after a mentor of his vanished into thin air. He certainly knows more than you and more than I and he is 100% right when he says that the Sayyed's vanishing benefited nobody but the Zionist entity. Qadhdhafi's refusal to help Hezbollah find the Sayyed and his seeming nonchalance to the whole matter, his refusal even to engage in public discussion about it, is very telling to me. Its very clear to me (and most Arabs for that matter) that Qadhdhafi had a hand in the Sayyed's disappearance... his lack of speech about it is an admission of guilt... and if not total guilt, partial guilt then. This doesn't take away any of the remarkable things that he did for his country or his Resistance to the West and the usurping Zionist regime, it just means that this is a black mark on his record because sadly, he never tried to rectify it. Why? Why didn't he go to Lebanon to fix it? Why didn't he invite Hezbollah to Libya to fix it? At the time, Sayyed al-Sadr was the most important Arab leader in the world, his vanishing devastated Muslims and Christians like, Sunni and Shi'a alike as he was loved by all. Why wouldn't Qadhdhafi do everything in his power to help the Resistance find their spiritual guide??

    I would assume that both Qadhdhafi and Sayyed al-Sadr are sitting in Jannah (or close to it) and laughing about this whole thing. I hope that I am right and I hope that the truth, the horrible truth about this maddening mystery will come out one day.

    Thank you again akhi for a lively discussion.

    ~ Ziah

  10. Salaam sister Noor!

    As always, thank you for reading, your support is very much appreciated.

    I must say that I don't believe that Hezbollah can be placed into the same category as Hamas... there is no evidence at all that Hezbollah is abandoning its Resistance or capitulating to the West (read: Zionism) in any way, shape or form. Hamas on the other hand, is going down the wrong path and has been since the horrid "reconciliation deal" was signed last year. While Hezbollah is a righteous organization and known throughout the region as the only outfit that is devoid of corruption, it isn't a perfect organization and there are certainly valid criticisms of it, like its support for the fall of Qadhdhafi (because of the disappearance of Sayyed Mousa al-Sadr) and its recent failure in supporting Lebanese Labor Minister Charbel Nahas' plan to raise the minimum wage for all Lebanese (because of the fear of the country descending into civil war as most of the poor in Lebanon are Shi'a). I pray that Hezbollah doesn't go down the path that Hamas is on and I don't believe that it ever will.. the ideology and spiritual cohesion that holds it together is much deeper. And also, I pray that Hamas comes to its senses and abandons this current project of political pragmatism and treason; I pray it returns to its roots. Sheikh Ahmed Yassin (RA) must be rolling over in his grave...

    And lastly, thank you for your kind words and praise sister, you know that the radio is a platform in which I speak from my heart as much as I speak from my mind; it is the nexus of the two. Regarding my heritage... everyone knows that my mom is a Jewish woman, I've never hid this because I don't believe that it is an issue and everyone also knows that my mom hates the Zionist regime and hates the supremacism that is inherent to Jewish culture and it is something that she has triumphed over, I have never hidden this either.. Everyone also knows that I am an exceedingly religious Muslim and the history of my father's family's struggles in the Iraqi homeland I've never set foot on is the core of my identity as a struggler and fighter in this war against International Jewry and Global Zionism. If anyone really is criticizing me over that... my background... then you know what sister? So be it... I can't change where I come from and even if I could, I wouldn't. I'm proud of my mom and the journey that she has traveled, I have more respect for her than any other woman on earth and I am even more proud of the history of my father's side, many of my family members fought and died against the Rothschild-financed British assault on Iraq during the Great Iraqi Revolution of 1920.

    Truth is what matters. The fight for equality is what matters. Ending Jewish supremacism, Jewish dominion, Jewish power, is what matters. Nobody can deny that I embody these things and even if they do, ALLAH (SWT) knows best and He matters more to me than anybody and anything; He knows who I am, what I am and why I do what I do. I would hope that my sincerity and truthfulness are as clear as the sun is bright. I would pray that people hear my heart bleeding when I speak about these matters... I would hope and pray.


    ~ Ziah

  11. Blessings to you sister Tina! Very nice to see you, it has indeed been quite some time and I too miss being on the Watchmen. Doc is a righteous brother who I keep in my prayers, if you speak to him, give him my salaams and regards and anytime he'd like to have me back on, just let me know, I am always game!

    Thank you for reading and my next piece should be up in the following days God willing, its going to be another (relatively) short one, but an important, very powerful one. Regarding VT... I knew something wasn't right with that place a long, LONG time ago, hence why I stepped down and disassociated myself from it. When they backed the American assault on Libya, at the Zionists' behest, I was infuriated and had to RUN away from them. I always hoped that the editors would come to their senses and return to reality, disavowing the garbage they had churned out that was filled with the parroting of Zionist media hasbara but they didn't. Anyone still affiliating themselves with that rag is doing themselves a major disservice and infecting their reputations with poison. This is sad but true nonetheless.

    God bless you too sister,

    ~ Ziah

  12. Thank you. I didn't fully grasp the supremacism among Syrian Jews. That's why I read your blog. :-)

    Brother Jonathan writes: "Just because Syrian Jews support Bashar al-Assad, it doesn't necessarily make them good people. In fact, the opposite is true, as is the case for any person of Jewish background that continues embracing the supremacism deeply embedded in the Jewish culture."

    Agreed. Likewise, just because a Muslim condemns Zionism does not make him a good person. The Libyan terrorists accused Qaddafi of being a Zionist. The Syrian terrorists say the same about Assad. Muslims good and bad accuse each other of being Zionists. The Gulf pig emirs SLEEP with Zionists, and crush popular dissent by calling it "Zionist."

    Brother Jonathan writes: "Do you have any evidence (links, books, etc.) to back up this claim that Mossad/CIA murdered the Sayyed?"

    Unfortunately no, because this has been very hushed up. But I ask why Qaddafi would want Musa as-Sadr dead. Qaddafi said he supported the Sayyed, and that he had a very cordial meeting with him. Then, according to Qaddafi, the Sayyed went to the airport to catch a plane to Italy. Then he vanished with his two aides, allowing Nabih Berri to take his place. Berri, of course, says Qaddafi did it.

    The Jews that run wikpedia claim claim that Qaddafi did it. Their proof? Tabnak, an opposition web site affilated with Ahmadinejad's rival Mohsen Rezaee Mirgha'ed. Tabnak's proof? They claim to have heard this from the Kuwait newspaper "Al-Rai," which heard from someone who heard from some unnamed "source." No proof. No sources. No references.
    So we don't yet know what really happened, but shouldn't we first ask "qui bono"? Since the Zionist entity benefited from Musa as-Sad's disappearance, they are the first ones I look to. How did Qaddafi benefit? Neither he nor Musa as-Sadr were friends of the Shah when the Sayyed disappeared.

    Brother Jonathan writes, "Its very clear to me (and most Arabs for that matter) that Qadhdhafi had a hand in the Sayyed's disappearance... his lack of speech about it is an admission of guilt... and if not total guilt, partial guilt then."

    It is also "very clear" to a lot of Arabs that Qaddafi and Assad are mass-butchers. Does that make it true?

    Anyway, Qaddafi denied it. Why do you think this is "lack of speech"? Who do you think a flat-out denial is an "admission of guilt"?

    Brother Jonathan writes: "Why didn't Qaddafi go to Lebanon to fix it? Why didn't he invite Hezbollah to Libya to fix it?"

    Lebanon was locked in a deadly civil war involving multiple different factions. Two years after the Sayyed disappeared, Iraq went to war with Iran, with the USA arming Saddam, and Israel arming Iran. Amid such chaos and cinfusion, Qaddafi would have been called a liar no matter WHAT he did or said. It would have been useless for him to step into such a mess.

    Thank you for your kind responses, and please keep up the good work.

  13. "Everyone also knows that I am an exceedingly religious Muslim and the history of my father's family's struggles in the Iraqi homeland I've never set foot on is the core of my identity as a struggler and fighter in this war against International Jewry and Global Zionism. If anyone really is criticizing me over that... my background..."

    Good point. Semites... not to be mistaken for international Jewry and global Zionism.

  14. Hey what Happened.
    Looked for your articles in Deliberation and you are gone.....
    Not only this article is gone.
    But they took you out of the writers lost,,,,,,

  15. Assalamu alaikoum brother Abdul,

    I asked to be taken out of the deLiberation writers list and disengaged from the site for personal reasons. I have nothing awful to say about the site, its an excellent information source and I have a tremendous amount of respect for the brothers (and sisters) running it and partaking in it, its just something that I cannot be part of now.

    As you know already, you can find all of my writings here and at numerous other places across the web.


    ~ Ziah


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