Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Accusation Of “Anti-Semitism” II: Linguistic Iconoclasm, “Chosen-ness” And The Affirmation of Zionist Arrogance

The Zionist Thought Police
have mastered the art of
"linguistic warfare" and have
buried many with their
Orwellian weaponry.
by Jonathan Azaziah

Prelude: In the first part of this series, the “Israeli” identity was completely demolished for the artificial construct that it is, Zionism was picked apart at its historical roots and permanently linked to the mass murdering Jewish Young Turks, the Jewish roots of genocidal Bolshevism were revealed and many myths of the Holocaust® were exposed. In this volume, the conclusion, we will “flip the script” on all Zionist detractors by deconstructing their linguistic legerdemain and embracing these “buzz words” as our own, fearlessly confront the chauvinistic Jewish concept of “chosen-ness” and bury my original defamer once and for all...

Embracing The Accusation: The Fearless and The Solidarity of The Fake

There is no doubt whatsoever, not even in the slightest, that to properly and effectively debunk the Holocaust® for the ideologically supremacist construct and perversion of the historical record that it is, one must “deny” certain dogmatic elements of it. Truth and lies cannot coexist; period. If you stand with truth, you will not bow down to falsehood. This is as simple as it gets. I want to be as clear as the sun is bright so no confusion emerges from any reader upon the completion of this essay.

I, Jonathan Azaziah, categorically deny that 6 million Jews died at the hands of the National Socialist regime during World War II because it is scientifically impossible that such a thing is so. I, Jonathan Azaziah, categorically deny that gas chambers were used by the National Socialist regime to kill Jews during World II because the gas chambers didn’t exist just like WMDs in Iraq didn’t exist. I, Jonathan Azaziah, categorically deny that a Nazi “final solution for the Jews” existed because there isn’t one iota of documentary evidence to suggest that it did, as admitted by multiple Jewish historians. And lastly, I, Jonathan Azaziah, categorically deny the supremacy of Jewish suffering; I categorically reject the ludicrous idea that Jews were the only people who experienced hardship, or whose hardship was more severe than any other group during World War II when 60 million people died during this horrific, gargantuan, Zionist-engineered war. Therefore, I am a Holocaust® denier, and I fearlessly and proudly embrace the label. But it is not because I “hate Jews,” which is what any Zionist-bullied/Jewish-dominated mainstream academic institution would fantastically and screechingly say.

International Jewry
declared war on Germany;
Germany didn't declare war
on International Jewry.
I am a Holocaust® denier and by extension, as well as definition, a Holocaust® revisionist, because it is my sincerest wish that the Jewish people across this globe who did in fact lose family members in the Nazi labor camps know the real reason why those persons died, and it won’t be found in the pathetic excuses for “history” books that have been penned by the Zionist likes of professional liars Elie Wiesel, Deborah Lipstadt, Martin Gilbert, Simon Wiesenthal, etc. Adolf Hitler didn’t start a war against international Jewry, international Jewry started a war against Adolf Hitler. Germany did not fire the first shot at World Jewry, World Jewry fired the first shot at Germany. On March 24th, 1933, long before Hitler implemented any institutional anti-Jewish policies, World Jewry and international Zionism declared “holy war” on Germany, with the powerful American Jewish Congress leading the way. Jewish rallies were held across the United States, the largest of which was in New York City, as Jewish businessmen “united to go on an economic crusade” and boycott Germany’s trade, finances and industry on an international level. Hitler’s boycott of Jewish businesses and restrictions of Jews that followed came in direct response to this act of Zionist economic aggression (65).

Why have Jews from the world over been denied this essential piece of history that is obligatory to what took place during World War II? Because with it, the entire Holocaust® narrative begins to crumble and the Zionist smokescreen that has shielded Jews from the truth for nearly 70 years will fade away into nothingness. Because with it, “Jewish identity” will not only need to be revamped but reexamined and redefined entirely since the Holocaust® and support for the Zionist entity (which is largely the result of Holocaust® propaganda) have been the two bulwarks that have defined Jews as Jews in the West for decades.

A reconstruction of “Jewish identity” or even the total abolition of it, reintegrating Jews into humanity without their superiority and ending the age-long divide between Jews, who views themselves as “chosen” and Gentiles, who Jews view as “goyim,” or cattle, would be catastrophic for international Zionism and the Jewish supremacist agenda. It is also unlikely, no matter how unfortunate that may be, because the fact is that the overwhelmingly majority of Jews are quite comfortable in their Zionist tribalism (2). Wishful thinking and unlikeliness aside, the truth still must always be presented, sensitivities and tribalism be damned.

Rejecting Jewish
supremacism will
immediately lead your
ears to be besieged with
shouts of "anti-Semitism."
By putting forth this dual assertion, that Jews should abandon chosen-ness for their own benefit as well as humanity’s, and, that Jews are not in fact “God’s Chosen People” and are instead just regular people like any other group, I am an anti-Semite according to the ‘ever-vigilant’ Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith; yes, that is correct, to reject the idea that Gentiles are not cattle and that Jews are not superior to all other humans is “anti-Semitic” as far as the ADL is concerned (66).

This certainly serves as a blatant confirmation of the ADL’s Jewish supremacist agenda and it also elucidates a far more important social observation, an epic social observation at that, which was pointed out many years ago by the irreplaceable writer, journalist and Zionism/Bolshevism critic Joseph Sobran, “An ‘anti-Semite’ used to mean a man who hated Jews. Now it means a man who is hated by Jews (67).” And in this age, when the “good vs. evil” mantra is very much alive in the struggle between Zionism and all those who oppose it, an “anti-Semite” is one who fearlessly tells the truth about Jewish power, especially when it relates to “Israel.”

Even the mildest of criticisms will immediately damn a person as “anti-Semitic,” no matter how hard your efforts are to avoid it. Due to the pernicious and overpowering Jewish-Zionist control over the mainstream media, in which holocaust propaganda sheerly dominates all major forums, especially that of movies, above and beyond all other historical topics by far (68), to just discuss Jews, Judaism, Jewishness, Zionism, Zionists or “Israel” in any other form except that of gleaming, worshipful admiration and adoration makes one feel deeply, deeply dirty on an intellectual and emotional level. This exceeds the mere realm of the nonsensical; this is psychological manipulation and abuse on a massive scale never seen before in civilization’s history. Never before has a single topic been monolithically shielded from the tiniest discussion. The Zionist media, and International Jewry as a whole, really, want nothing less than all of the “goyim” on earth getting on their knees and bowing before “chosenite” power. Anything else just won’t be deemed “kosher.”

The "no criticism of 'Israel'
allowed" standard must be
abolished for true freedom
of speech to permeate the globe.
This is not negotiable as far as the Zionist Power Configuration is concerned. Even when Jews have been caught sexually abusing children, like the 89 Orthodox Jews arrested over the last two years in the Brooklyn Jewish communities dominated by the politically-powerful, supremacist Chabad Lubavitch (69) and the widespread abuse that plagues the 40,000-strong Orthodox Jewish community of Lakewood, New Jersey, which residents say is controlled by a rabbinical cabal (70), we are still meant to bow to their “chosen-ness.” Even when Jews have been caught organ trafficking and harvesting, like the operation run by “Israeli”-funded Syrian Jewish rabbis out of Brooklyn, New York and the Jersey Shore town of Deal (71), the 22 “Israeli” Jewish doctors trafficking massive amounts of human eggs in Bucharest, Romania (72) and the international criminal operation run by “Israeli” Jewish gangsters that stretched from Kosovo to South Africa (73), we are still supposed to recognize their “chosen” pristineness.

And even when Jews commit war crimes and crimes against humanity like Operation Cast Lead, in which rabbis described Palestinian women and children as “the cruel” and told Zionist occupation forces to “show no mercy (74),” in which Zionist occupation forces urinated and defecated on the walls of a home of elderly Palestinians (75) and in which Zionist occupation forces slaughtered 22 members of the Palestinian al-Dayah family, including 12 children and a pregnant woman, in a single day (76), we are not meant to separate Jews from their (self-arrogated) status as “God’s Chosen People.” I am sorry, but I cannot, and will not ever give credence to such illegitimacy, such supremacist thinking and such sheer lunacy; the mere thought of acknowledgment fills me with disgust and lividity.
It must also be noted, for the record, that I entirely reject the term “holocaust” as a means of describing what befell the Jewish communities of Europe during World War II; yes, to reiterate, many Jews died as a result of starvation and typus in the prison-labor camps due to the Nazi regime’s inability to provide them proper food and medicine because of the Allies’ blockade and bombings, and yes, many Jews were shot dead in Eastern Germany, there isn’t a revisionist on earth that denies these truths (37), but a “holocaust,” in the classic and accurate definition of the word, it was not. Not at all. Not even close. Holocaust is derived from the Greek word “holocaustos” which means “burnt as a whole,” and it is referred to in English as “mass destruction by burning” or as a religious animal sacrifice, also by burning.

Real holocausts, like the one
experienced by Palestinians 
during Operation Cast Lead, 
which have been engineered
by Zionists and their proxies,
have been forgotten by
mainstream history books.
Jews were not burnt to death by National Socialist Germany and they were not deliberately destroyed or exterminated as we have discussed already. On the other hand, Palestinians were deliberately destroyed in illegally besieged Gaza by the Zionists’ white phosphorus, depleted uranium, flechette bombs, tank shells and other explosives during 2008-09, Lebanese were deliberately destroyed by the Zionists’ cluster bombs and depleted uranium during Summer 2006, Iraqis were deliberately destroyed across Iraq and specifically in Fallujah and Basra by the Americans’ white phosphorus, mark-77, depleted uranium, cluster bombs and neutron bombs throughout the occupation that began in 2003, Afghans and Libyans have been deliberately destroyed by NATO with these same weapons and Pakistanis and Somalis have been deliberately destroyed by British, American and “Israeli” drones; these crimes against humanity can be accurately referred to as “holocausts.” The Allies’ firebombings of Dresden and Hamburg during World War II that left over 100,000 German innocents dead can be accurately labeled “holocausts.”

However, by referring to other genocides, like the Armenian Genocide or the Ukranian Holodomor as the “Armenian Holocaust” or the “Ukranian Holocaust,” you are not only using an incorrect phrase, but you are belittling these egregious crimes against humanity of Jewish-Zionist and Jewish-Bolshevik intrigue by comparing them to an event that did not happen in any way, shape or form as it was depicted to have happened.

And while Jewish supremacists of the Holocaust® Industry may get a tad infuriated that their “registered trademark” is being used for a group of people other than “God’s Chosen,” ultimately, they don’t mind the phraseology at all because the “homicidal gas chambers” myth is kept alive, well and perpetuated. One would not call an apple an orange, nor would one call a piece of lamb a piece of chicken and one certainly would not a call a murderer the victim of murder. Remember this when discussing the history now known as “The Holocaust®” and refrain from using this Zionist-birthed phrase of deception and supremacism.

Denouncing the Zionist
murder of Palestinian children 
is classified by the Jewish Power
Matrix as "extremism"
or "anti-Semitism."
Much of what has been written in this essay, if not every word of it, will be described as “extremism” by Zionist detractors and “activists” who fear Jewish supremacist power; this, I am unabashedly sure of. One of the standard words used as a synonym for “extremist” is “uncompromising” and this summarizes me in totality; I am indeed uncompromising in my categorical rejection of falsehood, deception, and hasbara and I am equally categorical in my dedication to the truth, the whole truth and nothing other than the truth.

The revolutionary giant Malcolm X once said, “I don't believe in any form of unjustified extremism! But when a man is exercising extremism in defense of liberty for human beings it’s no vice, and when one is moderate in the pursuit of justice for human beings, I say he is a sinner.” Ameen. If this is what Zionists and their rabbinical masters define as “anti-Semitism,” then so be it. We are fighting a war, an information war, and it is time that we turn the weapons of our enemies against them, thus disarming them and their ridiculous, pernicious propaganda efforts permanently.

If it is “anti-Semitic” to reject Jewish supremacy over all non-Jewish persons on this planet and to suggest that Jews should abandon “chosen-ness” and reinsert themselves into humanity as our equals, not our overlords, then yes, I am an anti-Semite.

The Talmud is a book
of Jewish supremacist
racism and Gentile-hatred,
anyone describing it as anything
else is a hasbaranik or a fool.
If it is “anti-Semitic” to expose the Talmud as a book of the vilest racism, supremacism and depravity known to man which condemns Messiah Jesus (A.S.) as bastard rotting in his own bodily fluids in hell, his holy mother Mary (A.S.) as a whore, incessantly rips Gentiles as subhuman in a plethora of linguistic abominations, promotes pedophilia, and repeatedly advocates the murder of the “best of Gentiles (77),” then yes, I am an anti-Semite.

If it is “anti-Semitic” to refuse to recognize the usurping Zionist entity that has been illegally, brutally occupying Palestine for 64 years and demand that it be dismantled immediately, then yes, I am an anti-Semite.

If it is “anti-Semitic” to state unequivocally that “Israelis,” who are the usurpers, colonizers, butchers and ethnic cleansers of Palestine, the murderers, rapists and torturers of Palestinian men, women and children, have absolutely no right to any part of the land that they destroyed and thieved during al-Nakba, al-Naksa and after, and who should be removed immediately so the 8 million Palestinian refugees in exile can return to their ancestral homeland, then yes, I am an anti-Semite.

If it is “anti-Semitic” to investigate, document and expose the international, interconnected financial, political, religious supremacist and media networks used by Jewish-Zionist lobbies to protect the Zionist entity and international Zionism as a whole (78), then yes, I am an anti-Semite. 

If it is “anti-Semitic” to reject the idolatrous religion of “The Holocaust®” and all of the hasbara that is attached to it and irrevocably reject the idea that to show solidarity with Palestine, one must convert to this Jewish-created, Zionist-fueled religion of false gods, false prophets, false “holiness” and false uniqueness, then yes, I am an anti-Semite.

The September 11th terror
attacks were the work of
the Zionist entity's Mossad
and its fifth columnist network
in the United States.
And if it is “anti-Semitic” to ask questions about the terrorist attacks on September 11th (the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith certainly thinks so [79]) that left nearly 3,000 Americans dead and opened the door to endless imperial aggression against the Islamic world through the “war on terror” that has claimed millions of lives already, questions with answers that lead directly to the Zionist entity and a tightly-knit network of Jewish supremacist sayanim that planned, executed and covered up the attacks (80), then yes, I absolutely am an anti-Semite and defiantly, delightfully proud of it.

I will not be bullied into accepting the legitimacy of thought crime; I will not be broken by the meaninglessness of “chosen” linguistic propaganda games; I will not be browbeaten into believing what a group of habitual lying supremacists want me to believe when all facts dictate the polar opposite and to all readers of this essay, you shouldn’t be bullied either. And you should not be fooled by wolves who adorn the clothing of sheep, expressing “solidarity” to cover up their agenda of eternalization of Zionism and destructive infiltration.

Any Jewish “anti-Zionist” who puts “Jewish self-interest” before the well-being of the occupied, ethnically cleansed, colonized, besieged and oppressed Palestinian people, who puts “chosen-ness” over humanity, your solidarity is fake.

Any Jewish “anti-Zionist” who recognizes the existence of the criminal usurping Zionist entity, your solidarity is fake.

Any Jewish “anti-Zionist” who says that the morally detestable, unjust and illegal occupation of Palestine began in 1967 and not in 1948, and who refuses to discuss that Jewish colonization of Palestine began in 1881, your solidarity is fake.

Any Jewish “anti-Zionist” who does not support the indigenous Resistance movements of occupied Palestine and Lebanon, your solidarity is fake.

Many "anti-Zionists" refuse
to acknowledge that "Zionism"
is an international Jewish
supremacist empire hellbent on
dominating the planet.
Any Jewish “anti-Zionist” who attempts to dictate to Palestinians how they should govern their homeland once it is liberated from the Jewish-Zionist invaders and who they should allow to reside in their liberated lands, your solidarity is fake.

Any Jewish “anti-Zionist” who is “concerned” for the lives of the “Israelis,” the oppressors, occupiers, terrorists and usurpers of Palestine and who attempt to present a “solution” of equal rights for oppressors (“Israeli” Jews) and oppressed (Palestinians, Lebanese, Syrians et. al), your solidarity is fake.

Any Jewish “anti-Zionist” who will only offer “support” for the just struggle against Zionist occupation if Palestinians and Arabs in general recognize the historical perversion known as the “The Holocaust®” in conjunction with the farcical uniqueness of Jewish suffering, your solidarity is fake.                                    

And any Jewish “anti-Zionist” individual or group that uses tactics like the Zionist Power Configuration to smear, silence, slander, insult, attack and defame members of the Palestine Solidarity Movement who have the courage to speak out for 9/11 truth and speak out against the ideology of Jewish supremacism, the racist rabbis that propagate it, Holocaust® hasbara, the barbarity of the Zionist entity and the power of Jewish-Zionist lobbies that shield this criminal “state” from criticism (81), your solidarity is as fake as fake can be.

Enough with you, the lot of you fakers, schemers and deceivers, and peace and blessings to those righteous brothers and sisters of Jewish origin who truly stand up for Palestine and the oppressed everywhere in the name of humanity. To Gilad Atzmon, Paul Eisen, Benjamin Freedman (RIP), Jack Bernstein (RIP), Tali Fahima, Mordechai Vanunu, Professor Israel Shahak (RIP), Naeim Giladi (RIP), Jose Malcioln, Henry Herskovitz, Dr. Alfred Lilienthal (RIP), Robert Friedman (RIP), Juliano Mer-Khamis (RIP) and so many others, thank you, we salute you, in brotherhood, sisterhood, in truth, in justice, in peace.

The Zionist efforts
to smear, stifle and silence
dissent in the name of 
"anti-Semitism" are endless.
Conclusion: The Islamic Community, The Jewish Community and The Irony Of It All

It is here where we shall bring the essay full circle and return to the point that triggered this journey to begin with: Steve Amsel of Desert Peace and his slanderous assault against my person. The most pestilent aspect of Amsel’s “In Defense Of Uri Avnery” piece was that he desperately attempted to link the “Islamic community” with hatred of Jews while simultaneously linking Muslim solidarity activists with the said hatred, “We often see attacks against pro Palestinian activists by zionists, that is to be expected. But, too often we see those attacks coming supposedly from Palestinians and other members of the Islamic community... We see attacks on Jews who might be involved in the pro Palestinian Movement simply because they are Jews (3).” What outrageous assertions. He doesn’t provide one drop of evidence that suggests “members of the Islamic community” engage in attacks on Jewish solidarity activists just because they are Jews. Nor does he provide any proof that attacks on Jewish solidarity activists by their Muslim colleagues occur “often.” 

He provides no evidence because there is none. Jews who participate in the International Palestine Solidarity Movement and who may be harshly criticized are not “attacked simply because they are Jews,” they are exposed for harboring deep Zionist sympathies and elevating intra-Jewish squabbles over the full liberation of Palestine and restoration of full Palestinian sovereignty. Crypto-Zionism is a dangerous phenomenon and it must be stamped out wherever it is and if Jews in the Solidarity Network are offended by a notion that monosemously condemns the concept of them maintaining tribal allegiance with the Zionist entity while “fighting for the human rights” of Palestinians, then their solidarity wasn’t genuine to begin with. Ironically, Crypto-Zionism is often intimately linked with overt Jewish supremacism, although it is never noticed (or pointed out) by Solidarity activists.

Perfect example of a purveyor of Crypto-Zionism and Jewish supremacism in the Solidarity Movement is Philip Weiss, founder of the influential website, Mondoweiss.net. Weiss readily admits that he is a Jewish supremacist, “Jews are superior; for whatever reason Jewish culture is superior in areas of modern civilized achievement. In discussing My Jewish Problem on this blog, that’s a core Jewish value I would point to: Jewish exceptionalism. Belief in that idea underlies so much of Jewish social attitudes and achievement (82).”

Philip Weiss:
Jewish supremacist.
Because of his belief in the “core Jewish value” of Jewish exceptionalism, it should come as no surprise that Weiss also admits that the desire to see a fully-liberated Palestine in which Palestinians are restored as the Holy Land’s rightful administrators isn’t the driving force of his activism; what drives him is something far more elitist and tribal, “I believe all people act out of self-interest. And Jews who define themselves at some level as Jews -- like myself for instance -- are concerned with a Jewish self-interest. A theory of political life based on altruism or concern for victims purely is doomed to fail.” He also says that, “Jews is: a sense of difference, yes, inevitably of elite identity, that's part of Jewish history and one I struggle with (83).” Weiss certainly deserves credit for being so candid, when so many “Jewish Solidarity networkers” are quite deceptive, but candidness doesn’t equate with solidarity and this tribalism has manifested itself as Zionism; the fact that he proclaims himself to be “anti-Zionist” is irrelevant.

My dear friend and sister Nahida Izzat, a brilliant, luminary Palestinian activist, journalist and poet who has lived in exile since she and her family were thrown out of their al-Quds home by Zionist terrorists during the expansionist ethnic cleansing campaign of al-Naksa 45 years ago, has been banned from commenting on Weiss’ site, ostensibly for her tremendous writings which expose the global Jewish-Zionist lobbying network and how they are integral to keeping the Zionist entity in place as the strangler of the globe. This is despite the fact that Weiss himself has written pieces about Jewish tribal networks that helped him get employed and that these Judeo-centric networks are a blatant reality of today’s media hierarchy (84). This is the exact embodiment of what I discussed in the second part of my “Case of Uri Avnery” series; the Jewish voice is considered to be the more important voice on any matter (including Palestine) while the Gentile voice (including that of the Palestinian, in this case, sister Nahida) is considered to be secondary and lesser.

Weiss also sees value in the insane idea of “getting Zionists on board with boycotting Israel” and stunningly believes that the supremacist, bloodthirsty warmongers of AIPAC are ignorant of what they’re doing, “They are working for people they don't know on the other side of the world... they are pouring out energy and money for people they don't know. And I believe that energy can be shifted (85).” He believes that this dastardly Jewish supremacist enclave of sanguinary war-worshipers are nothing but agents of naïveté who can be “shifted,” presumably into “progressives.” Weiss can speak for himself, or rather, for “the tribe;” AIPAC agents don’t belong anywhere other than a jail cell for the havoc that they have wreaked on the peoples of the Islamic world in the name of Zionism.

"Israel" did 9/11 and the
Jewish supremacists of
Mondoweiss wish to
conceal this to protect
certain tribal interests.
Weiss and his Mondoweiss partner, Adam Horowitz, have also transformed their website into a functioning arm of the Orwellian Jewish Thought Police, by banning the discussion of Holocaust® revisionism and 9/11 truth from their message boards under the guise of “trying to make our lives simpler and these questions are not central to the life of the site (86).”

The main theme of Mondoweiss is the Middle East, with a special emphasis on Zionist-occupied Palestine. Therefore, their policies are based on a horrifically false premise; as this essay has largely demonstrated, Holocaust® revisionism is very much a part of the discourse on Zionist-occupied Palestine and 9/11 truth is equally integral to it, as the Zionist media attempted to frame the September 11th false flag attacks from an “Israelified” perspective from the onset (87). The Jewish supremacist duo of Mondoweiss isn’t trying to simplify anything; they are trying to protect “the tribe” from any extracurricular criticism that exceeds the boxed limits of what is acceptable to the pseudo-mainstream. First, they cleansed sister Nahida from their comment boards and now they have cleansed revisionists and 9/11 truth enthusiasts, protecting international Jewish intrigue from scrutiny and exemplifying Crypto-Zionism in its purest, classical form.

And while there isn’t a scintilla of evidence that “the Islamic community” is routinely engaged in “anti-Semitic” activities, there is an abundance of evidence that “the Jewish community” is a heavy hand, nay, the dominant, almost-exclusive hand behind the dissemination of Islamophobia in the United States, which globally exports Islamophobia as part of the Zionist “war on terror.” Powerful Jewish-Zionist interests, led by Clarion Fund founder Rabbi Raphael Shore in partnership with the illegal Zionist settler organization Aish HaTorah, were behind the recent release of “The Third Jihad,” a vile anti-Islam film that is being used to brainwash policemen in New York City (88). David Yerushalmi, a 56-year old Hasidic Jew and Zionist fanatic who lived in the illegal West Bank settlement of Ma’ale Adumim, is the original, rampageous driving force behind the “anti-Shari’a” movement and his racist, deranged and baseless views have been adopted and regurgitated by intelligence bigwigs and presidential candidates alike (89).

The Zionist forces behind the
perpetual flow of "Holocaust®"
hasbara are the same ones 
engaged in the funding and
promotion of Islamophobia.
Jewish-Zionist powers were behind both sides of the infamous events that are now commonly referred to as the “Park 51 Affair,” a major national PSYOP designed to link Muslims to the Mossad-orchestrated September 11th terror attacks forever and give the Zionist media an eternal talking point to bash Islam whenever necessary (90). These are only three examples of thousands, all of which are bankrolled by Islam-hating “Israel First” Jews through at least seven trusts, foundations and funds that have been pumping life into Islamophobia since 9/11 to the tune of tens of millions of dollars (91).

The primary financier of this ugly bigotry is Jewish-Zionist multi–mega-millionaire Aubrey Chernick, who not only foots the bill, the entire bill, for fanatical hate-mongers like the filthy Robert Spencer, the loathsome Pamela Geller, neoconservative heavyweight Daniel Pipes and rabid racist David Horowitz, but also for Zionist intelligence conduits CAMERA, the ADL and the American Jewish Committee. Additionally, Chernick has also given monies to the illegal and well-armed Zionist settlement of Yitzar, ruled by a psychotic “state”-funded rabbi named Yitzak Shapira who wrote the controversial hate-book, “Torat HaMelech (The King’s Torah),” which advocates the killing of non-Jews, including babies, to “curb their evil inclinations (92).”

The fact that Islamophobic bigots and the major Jewish organizations of the United States are funded by a Zionist who also funds illegal settlements in occupied Palestine that are hellbent on committing Gentile-murder shows just how deep the rabbit hole goes. And while the ADL has come out and condemned the likes of Geller and Spencer, its own history of Islamophobia is vast (93).

During the Second Intifada, a time of glorious Palestinian Resistance and monstrous Zionist brutality, American Jews, from the “left” and “right” sides of the political aisle, flocked to the cause of Zionism in record numbers. “Democrat” Jews and “Republican” Jews dropped their traditional political disputes and came together in the name of tribalism and Islamophobia, offering their support to the Zionist entity with hundreds of millions of dollars (94).

Meanwhile, half of “Israeli” society, which is supported wholeheartedly by American Jewry, wants to take Islamophobia to the next level by demolishing Masijd al-Aqsa to rebuild the mythical “Third Temple (95).” It is true that “Jewish peace groups” like Jewish Voice for Peace have stood up against Islamophobia but their efforts ring hollow when their true intentions are to direct (read: control) discourse on occupied Palestine and protect the current status of racial and colonial privileges held by “Israeli” Jews over the Palestinian people (96). Instead of audaciously and baselessly accusing “the Islamic community” of hating Jews, Amsel should take a hard, deep look at his own community and the terror that it is spreading throughout the globe.

And this indeed is the irony of it all. While accusing me of “anti-Semitism,” Amsel did nothing but affirm the thesis of my two-part essay on Avnery: criticizing anything pertaining to Zionism or Judaism in any form or any person associated with it, will not be looked upon rationally, it will not be debated, it will simply be smeared with “anti-Semitism”, buried and hidden like the bodies of Palestinians during the 2002 Jenin massacre (97). Amsel repeatedly, oddly and wrongly pointed out in his short drivel that I “fell into a Zionist trap” while failing to mention to his readers that he himself is an illegal Jewish settler who has been living in criminally occupied al-Quds for 27 years (98).

Visionary Palestinian
thinker, poet and journalist
Nahida Izzat, cleansed from
the comment boards of
"anti-Zionists" Philip
Weiss and Steve Amsel.
What titanic arrogance that this person possesses to even have an inkling of dictating to Palestinians and Arabs how to speak and write on Palestine when he himself is a representative of the very oppressive, supremacist system that we are fighting. Amsel, his “peace activist credentials” be damned, is a Zionist and nothing else. While my good friends Sammi Ibrahem, Mahmoud el-Yousseph, the aforementioned prolific Nahida Izzat and so many others cannot return to their homes, Amsel lives comfortably on stolen land. It isn’t coincidental that like his fellow “progressive” Philip Weiss, Amsel has also cleansed sister Nahida from his comment boards (99). It is stunning how every Zionist, whether they express their Jewish supremacism overtly or covertly, all behave in the same repugnant way towards the aboriginals of Palestine.

Finally, one last remark should be made on the Jewish concept “chosen-ness,” which is truly the primordial supremacism; the primordial racism. In a noteworthy opinion piece entitled “Rejecting Chosenness in favor of Distinctiveness” for the Zeek journal of the Jewish Daily Forward, Rabbi Deborah Waxman states in no uncertain terms that, “Rejecting chosenness is about getting down to the hard work of being one of the many peoples of the world, jostling with one another on the path toward the divine, rather than holding ourselves separate and nurturing a belief in God-given superiority (100).”

Will Steve Amsel, Philip Weiss, Tony Greenstein, Uri Avnery and other Jewish supremacist, crypto-Zionist “activists” howl, screech, shriek and wail that this Rabbi is an “anti-Semite?” Will they slam her as a “self-hating Jew?” Will the ADL join the party and bash her too? The answer is most certainly “no.” In the Zionist-dominated discourse, Jews can openly discuss their supremacy and the self-delusions that come attached to it. It is only when Gentiles discuss this critical matter that the “anti-Semitism” police flash their sirens.

When the world is
without Zionism and
its ideological sire, Jewish
supremacism, the world will
finally know peace. Only a
revolution of truth can make
this dream a reality.
“Chosen-ness,” the idea of Jewish supremacy over non-Jews, is indeed the root of Zionism, which is no doubt destroying this planet and dragging humanity down with it. We are at the mercy of a “political correctness” doctrine administered by the Zionist media’s Jewish Orwellian Thought Police who do not want “the tribe” discussed in any fashion that isn’t seething with love, respect and sympathy, even when crimes of the utmost devilishness are committed. Millions upon millions have died already at the hands of Jewish supremacists, whether they identified themselves as Bolsheviks or Zionists, hasn’t enough blood been spilled?

For the sake of Palestine, Kashmir, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Syria, Iran, Lebanon, Somalia, Yemen, Bahrain and the rest of the oppressed peoples of the globe and their supporters, we must work unrelentingly to end the apocalyptic influence that Jewish supremacism and its junior partner, Zionism, have over our planet. For the sake of humanity, we must end supremacism in all of its ugly forms, even if a certain “chosen” group isn’t ready to give up this self-arrogated privilege just yet; even if they are offended by such a suggestion. The truth should always be spoken fearlessly, especially when it is an uncomfortable truth that must be brought to light to shatter a nefarious paradigm. The legendary George Orwell, who has also been typically accused of “anti-Semitism (101),” famously said, “During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.” Indeed. And therefore, the question is, in this time of epic falsehood, are you with the revolt against the international system of Jewish supremacism or the counter-revolution attempting to uphold it?

~ End Of Part II, End Of Series ~ 

The Accusation Of “Anti-Semitism” I: Zionism, “Jewish Israelis” And Revisionism


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  1. Salaam brother,

    Wow, absolutely brilliant! 110% agree with you on all points made and as usual a learning experience. Have you ever thought of teaching history? I will share these with everyone I can, take good care.

  2. Very good reading!
    There is no reason to reject (or accept) the anti-semitism charge, that's what these Yids want. Either way it works for them. They attached it to themselves a century ago as a PSYOP. It's how they make people connect them to Hebrew, which they are not. That's how they connect themselves (in people's minds) to the land they stole from the real Semites! It is a misnomer for these Yiddish Jews and should be pointed out as such, as Helen Thomas did.

  3. My Dear Brother Jonathan:
    You rock! Brilliant, well said, and damn straight. Thank you.
    most humbly yours,
    skulz fontaine

  4. "It isn’t coincidental that like his fellow “progressive” Philip Weiss, Amsel has also cleansed sister Nahida from his comment boards"

    Interesting, someone says that Mondoweiss recently banned talking about the Zionist/Nazi "Transfer Agreement", calling it denial.
    I wouldn't know personally since I was banned from there over a year ago.

  5. Footnote: The REAL HOLOCAUST, in its classic definition, has yet to arrive. (SEE! Ezekiel 22:20). "I know the blasphemy of them who say they are Jews and are not but are the synagogue of Satan" (Revelation 2:9). The only question is, whether it will be a Double-Dip HOLOCAUST (like the Zionist-engineered Double-Dip Grand Depression), taking place in Zionist Israel as well as America and the rest of the world. We must assume that Yahweh meant satanic Zionist Israel in Ezekiel 22:20 and that He expects humanity to chip in with the rest of the world (Dip #2). There are about 6,000,000 Zionists in each of those locations, so part of the Zionist obsession with 6,000,000 seems to be justified.

  6. Your article is superb. I quit reading Mondoweiss about a year ago, too much of a boy's club, something about it made me queasy. Oh I remember: there was this buffoon, everyone's favoite idiot, and they were celebrating his 1,000 comment. That was it for me - his name was Witty & he was a primo zionist.
    Steve Amsel seemed to be everywhere for awhile, but anyone who would ban a brilliant writer like Nahida is a moron, just my opinion. That he lives in OPT is unforgivable.

  7. Wa alaikoum el salaam wa rahmatullah my dear brother Andre,

    Shukran for reading akhi, you always humble me with your kindness :) And yes, actually, I have thought about teaching history! I just may end up doing that after completing a few important projects insha'ALLAH!

    To everyone else, thank you all for reading and your support, it is deeply and sincerely appreciated.


    ~ Ziah

  8. I have seen that this article has been taken OFF from Deliberation..
    Any Idea why ????

  9. Still been kicked out of deliberation................

  10. To Anonymous:

    I certainly have not been kicked out of deLiberation, in fact, I will be publishing a piece there today or tomorrow, as soon as I complete the work, you needn't worry about that.

    This piece, Part II of "The Accusation of Anti-Semitism," has been removed because it violates the EU's Zionist-enforced, Orwellian "holocaust denial" laws. For the moment at least, there is still something RESEMBLING free speech here in the US, at least on the web; our brothers in Europe however are under lockdown and must be a bit more careful in how they speak and even what they post. I know it is sick and disgusting and while I obviously despise the Zionist micromanagement of their lives, I understand why they had to pull the piece. It can still be read here of course and at other places all across the web.

    DeLiberation is an excellent news source with information that you will not be able to find anywhere else and that is fearless when it comes to criticizing Jewish supremacism... don't let this stop you from going there. God willing, in a decade or so from now, these laws will be repealed and the international Zionist menace that we're fighting will be on its knees. Until then, we must keep doing what we're doing.


    ~ Ziah

    1. Unfortunately, it will not happen in 10 years, or ever. Just read Political Ponerology, by Andrew M. Lobaczewski, and you will clearly understand why.


  11. Peace and blessings brother Godsend,

    As always, thank you for reading and offering your thoughts.

    Firstly, it is not only "mostly Israelis" who are Zionists, this is a farcical statement. It is most Jews who are Zionists, this is a fact, an unsettling one, but a fact nevertheless; take a gander at the new piece I just completed which speaks of this matter in depth: http://www.maskofzion.com/2012/03/tribal-nexus-zionists-and-anti-zionists.html If we don't speak truth to Jews and attempt to free them from their disgraceful supremacist ways, then whatever befalls them for continuing to support a criminal entity and the networks that protect it is their own fault. So be it. I have zero sympathy for Zionists; zero.

    Secondly, I unequivocally reject Neturei Karta's off-the-wall declaration that "Zionism is Nazism." Zionism is Zionism... and National Socialism is National Socialism. Zionism, an extension of Jewish supremacism, is the most dangerous, most malevolent force on the planet today and was the most dangerous, most malevolent force on the planet yesterday. Never has there been ANYTHING as racist and despicable as Jewish supremacism. It is the primordial racism. National Socialism on the other hand, resisted Zionism and the international Jewish plot against it. This is a matter of history.

    I know several people who have met with the rabbis of Neturei Karta and they all say that these men are good-natured and righteous people... I don't doubt their IMPRESSIONS but the fact is, these men believe in the Talmud and all of its filth against Messiah Jesus (AS) and therefore, in my mind, they are a fraud.

    I have not read Mr. Hart's book so therefore, I cannot comment on it, but the "Jews Against Zionism" group still touts the "6 million died" myth and defends the Talmud so they can be placed into the same category of hypocrites as Neturei Karta.

    The fact is brother, until Jews abandon their supremacism, every shred of it, there will always be conflict between them and the Gentile World.


    ~ Ziah


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