Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Case Of Uri Avnery II: Hasbara, Supremacism And The Future Of Solidarity

NATO supporter
and Zionist warmonger
Uri Avnery; seen here
as a young ethnic cleanser
in the 'Israeli' occupation army.
by Jonathan Azaziah

Prelude: In the first part of this series, Uri Avnery was lambasted for his crimes against the Palestinian people and his "Shukran, Israel" hitpiece on Islamic Resistance was deconstructed with a barrage of unequivocal facts, burying the Zionist lies forever. This part, the series finale, will deal with Avnery's vomit-inducing positions on Obama, Libya and Syria, as well as dive deep into the chaos currently being experienced by a weakened and infiltrated International Palestine Solidarity Movement. It will conclude with a call for real revolution and a historic pledge to fully liberate Palestine and all of humanity once and for all...

Avnery Loves Obama and NATO; Praises Libya Genocide and Wants The Same For Syria

It is mind-boggling that an ‘anti-war, pro-peace’ activist would take a liking to any candidate of the American presidency, the figurehead of a military empire that has been used to fight one war after another for international Zionism since World War I, but that is exactly what Uri Avnery has done. Six months prior to Barack Obama being selected as chief puppet of the Zionist entity in the United States, Uri Avnery wrote a piece entitled “Two Americas” offering his support to Obama, praising him for representing “hope” and “optimism” and the “America of the Declaration of Independence.” Stunningly, Avnery also attempted to portray Obama as someone who was under attack from the American Jewish leadership in the run-up to his selection and who was the “opposite in almost every respect” of Bush (49). Laughable, really.

War criminal Barack
Obama's very political
existence was birthed
by Zionist Jewry.
Some more reminders for Avnery: Obama is Zionist to the root. Powerful Jewish-Zionist kingmakers like Abner Mikva, Joel Sprayregen, Newton Minow, Bettylu Saltzman of the dynastic Saltzman family, Rabbi Arnold Jacob Wolf, Lester Crown of the vastly wealthy Crown household and Penny Pritzker of the Pritzker dynasty nurtured his rise to political stardom in Chicago (50). As early as 2002, because of all of the Jewish money and Zionist brainwashing that he willingly accepted to drown in, Obama was capitulating to Zionism and had taken the AIPAC line on everything pertaining to Palestine (51). Since ascending to the presidency, Obama has been the typical American sugardaddy for the genocidal Jewish ‘state’, washing it with more billions in military aid than any administration in US history, supporting the criminal Zionist siege against the starving Palestinian people of Gaza, increasing American-‘Israeli’ military cooperation, defending the nuclear ambiguity of ‘Israel’ and giving billions more to ‘Israeli’ weapons manufactures and environmental firms that habitually abuse Palestinian human rights (52).

Additionally, Obama has accumulated a laundry list of crimes against humanity to go along with his complicity in the ongoing Zionist butchery of Palestine. These crimes include increasing the aggression against occupied Somalia and occupied Afghanistan, upping the murderous drone strikes in Pakistan, butchering Iraq a bit more before “ending the occupation,” diplomatically supporting the barbarity being inflicted upon occupied Kashmir every day by the Hindutvadi regime in New Delhi, starting a drone bombing campaign against Yemen and starting a full-scale genocidal assault against Libya. Perhaps it is because of his support for Obama, that Uri Avnery endorsed the Zionist narrative of “humanitarian intervention” in Libya. Perhaps it is because he is a Zionist warmonger at heart. In his piece “Understanding The Opposition To NATO’s Intervention In Libya,” Avnery attacks those against the ravaging of another Muslim nation as people whose “hatred of the USA and of NATO was so strong, so fervent” that they couldn’t see that, “Muammar Gaddafi was the enemy of every decent person in the world. He was one of the worst tyrants in recent memory (53).” It is a tirade completely devoid of factuality. 

Over one million Libyans marched
for Qadhdhafi last summer and
it was deliberately ignored
by the Zionist media.
Avnery pitifully echoed the Zionist media by accusing Muammar Qadhdhafi of being of one of those “bloody dictators,” one of those “genocidal mass-murderers” and one of those “leaders who wage war on their own people.” Lies, lies and more lies. There isn’t a drop, not even a minuscule drop, that Qadhdhafi carried out a genocide in Libya, nor is there any evidence that there was a genocide impending. There is no evidence that Qadhdhafi was “waging war on his own people” or bombing his own people for that matter. There is no evidence of mass sexual violence fueled by Viagra and other sexual stimulants. And there is no evidence that Qadhdhafi was a “ruthless dictator squandering the great wealth of Libya,” not even close (54). Over one million Libyans hit the streets on June 17, 2011 to show their support for Qadhdhafi and condemn the inhuman terrorism of NATO; the story was nowhere to be found in the Zionist media (55). Would one million people, in a country of only 6 million, risk their lives as bombs fell on their country for a 'tyrant' that they cared nothing for? The question is rhetorical.

A true point of hilarity in Avnery’s hasbara piece on Libya is where he actually accuses those who slam the treasonist rebels for collaborating with NATO as “colonialists.” A racist, Zionist colonialist labeling others “colonialists.” How comedic. In true Orwellian fashion, Avnery concedes that the rebels would have gone nowhere without NATO’s bombs and also concedes that the rebels were armed and advised by NATO but still somehow insists that the “revolution” was a “Libyan victory.” Firstly, the treasonist rebels don’t speak for Libya, and secondly, the vast majority of Libyans stood with Qadhdhafi in principle and in arms against the Zionist-backed NATO aggression because of everything that Qadhdhafi did to build Libya into a gem of Africa (56).

At the behest of 'Israel,'
Libyan leader Muammar
Qadhdhafi was ruthlessly
murdered by NATO and
its barbarian 'rebel' proxies.
Thirdly, Avnery echoes more Zionist propaganda with this statement, “It is a Libyan victory, not a British or a French one.” He is attempting to portray that it was the Zionist regimes of Cameron and Sarkozy that led the way in Libya, absolving America of another massive crime. This too is brutally false. The United States indeed took the lead in Libya, with CIA on the ground from day one and Americans piloting French jets that took part in the bombing campaign (57). The heartbreaking and barbaric assassination of Muammar Qadhdhafi, which was also touted as a ‘rebel victory’, was a NATO operation from soup to nuts with America once again sitting at the head (58). There was no victory for Libyans in the annihilation of Libya. There was no victory for Libyans in the brutal murder of Muammar Qadhdhafi, who was sodomized by the “freedom fighters” before he was killed (59). There was only triumph for NATO and the power behind it.

Lastly, Avnery belittles all persons who courageously stood against the fabricated “humanitarianism” of NATO with this, “How could I support the American imperialists and the abominable NATO? Didn’t I realize that it was all about the oil?” Oil and imperialism were certainly part of the equation, as they always are, but the main reasons? Absolutely not. Libya, like Iraq before it, was insidiously bombed with ‘shock and awe’ tactics on the Jewish revenge holiday of Purim. The aggression was launched to “righteously and Judaically retaliate” against Qadhdhafi’s repeated challenges to the Zionist entity on the international stage, including, most devastatingly, him pointing out that US President John F. Kennedy was assassinated by Mossad. The aggression was launched to stop Qadhdhafi’s plan of introducing a gold dinar into the African economy for oil trade, using Libya’s vast gold reserves as the starting point; this plan would have demolished international Zionism’s financial stranglehold over Africa. Qadhdhafi was already using his gold to challenge the Zionist entity’s lucrative vegetable-export hegemony in Europe (60).

The power behind
the NATO aggression
unleashed upon Libya
is the same Zionist cabal
that fomented genocide in Iraq:
PNAC, repackaged as the FPI. 
The same Zionist warmongers who drove US Presidents into the Balkans and Iraq, under the banner of the ‘Project for the New American Century (PNAC),’ directed Obama into Libya, under the banner of the ‘Foreign Policy Initiative (FPI).’ Same Jewish supremacists, same Zionist tactics (61). The lies of “human rights violations” were generated by an organization known as UN Watch, which organized 70 “rights groups” under its umbrella to justify the NATO invasion. UN Watch is headed by a staunch Zionist named Hillel Neuer and is also closely affiliated with the American Jewish Committee, the foreign policy wing of AIPAC (62). The seeds planted by these Zionist spillers of blood, these Zionist murderers, these Zionist thieves and war criminals, blossomed into a genocidal war of unimaginable horror. The Zionist-engineered NATO aggression against Libya has left an estimated 100,000 men, women and children dead, with thousands of others, including children, gruesomely maimed and mangled by NATO’s bombs (63). This is what Uri Avnery, the ‘peace’ activist, condones.

Incredibly, Avnery closes his piece with a call for more NATO aggression and more genocide... in Syria, where the same Zionist lies used against Libya only on a more sensationalist scale are being repeated by the Zionist media to justify an invasion (64). With equal incredibility, Avnery also makes the call for world government and a world military. But this isn’t so shocking. Right here in this series, Avnery’s Jewish supremacism has been exposed and the very concept of world government is Jewish at the core. The model has already been laid out by a racist, Jewish supremacist rabbi named Michael Higger, who wrote a book entitled ‘The Jewish Utopia’ in which he envisioned a world of subhuman non-Jews ruled in utopian fashion by Jewish overlords of ‘righteousness.’ To bring about this ‘Jewish Utopia,’ the enemies of Zionism, including Iran and Syria, Russia and China, must be destroyed. Steps have already been taken by the Zionist Power Configuration to usher in this Jewish New World Order (41). Avnery, with his “peace activist” garb now torn to shreds, is simply playing his part in making sure it comes to fruition. 

The "peace" that Uri Avnery
wants for Palestine is the same
"peace" that Shimon Peres wants:
none at all.
Conclusion: A Point of Agreement and The Advent of Real Revolution

It is ironic that this essay, one which has laid waste to Uri Avnery’s positions and ideological allegiances, would come to a close in definitive agreement with something that Uri Avnery wrote. In a September 5th, 2009 piece entitled, “The Boycott Revisited (65),” the 88-year old Zionist made a keen observation regarding the Paleste Solidarity Movement and the language it uses to describe its cause. This will be addressed momentarily. From an overall standpoint, the piece itself is detestable. It is littered with supremacist anecdotes and arrogant, bizarre Zionist rants about ‘peace.’ To a Zionist, as so sharply and eloquently pointed out by thinker, activist, author and world-renowned musician Gilad Atzmon, ‘peace,’ or ‘shalom’ in Hebrew, simply means “a set of political and military maneuvers that silence the enemy of the Jewish people.” Gilad, or brother Jihad as I call him, also notes that the ‘peace’ of Zionist war criminals Ariel Sharon (real name: Ariel Scheinermann) and Shimon Peres (real name: Szymon Perski) isn’t different at all from the ‘peace’ of Uri Avnery (66).

Brother Jihad couldn’t be more spot-on and Avnery confirms this on his own in his piece. Before he indulges his readers with the flowery language of “peace, harmony and brotherhood,” and, “freedom and Palestinian sovereignty,” Avnery puts things into the proper perspective with these two telling declarations, “I am an Israeli. I am an Israeli patriot.” Patriotism in ‘Israeli’ society always translates into militarism; to be a “patriot” in the Zionist entity, one must put on an IOF uniform and be ready to defend the Jewish ‘state’ from assuredly imminent ‘holocaust,’ whether it be the imaginary Iranian nuclear threat or the stone in the hand of the Palestinian boy who just watched his father or mother get dragged away by Mistaravim thugs.

Presumably, Avnery isn’t referring to his time as an Irgun terrorist when proudly invoking his patriotism, but his time as a commando in the Givati Brigade, an IOF terrorist unit that helped carried out the Plan D ethnic cleansing of Palestine (67). Norman Podhoretz, PNAC agent, ultra-Zionist and neoconservative godfather, at an international conference of Jewish journalists in occupied Palestine in 1985, said, “The role of Jews who write in both the Jewish and general press is to defend Israel (68).” Avnery personifies this tribalism to the letter and his own words solidify it, no matter how he may try to disavow it in the future.

Which brings us to the point of agreement. Undoubtedly, Avnery was merely operating from the same Jewish supremacist plane that he always operates in, the plane in which he must defend ‘Israel’ by any means necessary, but the words still ring true nonetheless,  “What really disturbs me about this {boycotting the Zionist entity’s existence} is that almost nobody in the West comes out and says clearly: Israel must be abolished. Some of the proposals, like those for a “One State” solution, sound like euphemisms. If one believes that the State of Israel should be abolished and replaced by a State of Palestine or a State of Happiness – why not say so openly?” I couldn’t agree more. Why not say so openly?

The Palestine Solidarity
Movement has grown
accustomed to covering its
mouth on important issues so
it doesn't hurt any Jewish feelings.
And Avnery knows the answer; it is one that we have touched on already. Nobody in the pseudo-mainstream solidarity network would say something in such direct terms out of the fear of being labeled “anti-Semitic.” If anyone were to make such a bold statement, they would immediately be gagged by the Zionist media with accusations of “wanting to throw the Jews into the sea.” So instead, they tend to speak with vagueness and ambiguity, hiding behind the motifs of “human rights” and “equality”, which are indeed important, elemental facets of the struggle for Palestinian liberation but they are baseless as long as the Zionist entity exists. It is phobia of being buried as an “anti-Semite” that allows Zionist ideologues like Avnery to have a voice in the Palestine Solidarity Movement and actually be respected by a great deal of people. A murderer and a terrorist, looked upon favorably in relation to “human rights” and “equality”. This fear is crippling the solidarity movement and the root is Jewish supremacism, along with the Jewish demand that the “goyim” kowtow to it.

The solidarity network is desperate for mainstream support after 100 years of Jewish colonization and 64 years of Zionist occupation, and it feels that the only way to attain it is by presenting the struggle for Palestinian liberation as a joint effort between Arabs and Jews because the Zionist media (for obvious tribal reasons) actively treats Jews as the pristine pinnacle of humanity and Arabs (and Muslims) as the ugliest dregs of inhumanity. The struggle to liberate Palestine should certainly be one in which Arabs, Jews and all of humanity come together against the enemy Zionist entity. But they should be coming together for Palestine and only Palestine. There should be no ulterior motive, no tribal baggage that comes with Jewish support. There should be no concern for the ‘Israeli people,’ who are the oppressors, the colonizers, the occupiers, the ethnic cleansers and the murderers of the Palestinians, Lebanese and others. 94% of ‘Israeli’ society supported Operation Cast Lead and 71% wants to see Iran destroyed (69). 70% of ‘Israeli’ Jews view themselves as the superior race on earth (70). We, as supporters of Palestine, should be concerned with “the rights” of these Jewish supremacists? We should be concerned with “the rights” of baby killers over the babies killed? Really?

Are Jewish and ‘Israeli’ voices really necessary to understand what is taking place in occupied Palestine? Are Jewish and ‘Israeli’ voices really more important or more valuable than Palestinian voices, than the voices of those actually being murdered, actually being ethnically cleansed, actually being imprisoned, actually being tortured? Does the Jewish voice or the ‘Israeli’ voice hold more credibility than the Palestinian voice? The answer should be categorical from the solidarity movement: “We do not need a Jewish voice to validate the genocide.” Why are Jewish voices even being sought, considering 95% of American Jewry supports the criminal existence of the Zionist entity, and 90% of British Jewry does the same (71)? 64 years have passed since al-Nakba and the creation of ‘Israel’ and still, there is not a collective Jewish voice anywhere in the world demanding that every foreign occupier, every land-stealing invader, meaning every ‘Israeli’ in Palestine leave and leave now. Does this not speak volumes about the position of the international Jewish community? And doesn’t this uncomfortable but undeniable fact pose a direct threat to the peoples of Palestine, the Middle East and the globe in general?

The Palestine Solidarity Movement
is so busy paying its respects to the
propaganda-ridden "chosen"
holocaust, it is failing to adequately
fight for Palestine.
Is the Palestine Solidarity Movement afraid of speaking candidly on Palestine because it is afraid of agitating Jewish sensitivities? If so, why? Because of the holocaust? Is this what it means to show solidarity with the occupied, oppressed and dispossessed indigenous people of Palestine? To get down on one’s knees and supplicate to the sanctity, uniqueness and chosen-ness of the alleged Nazi judeocide, something Palestinians had nothing to do with, as if nobody else but Jews suffered during WW2? As if Germans themselves weren’t mercilessly slaughtered by the Allies’ bombs, at international Zionism’s behest? No, thank you, I will keep my dignity. The primacy of Jewish suffering culminating in Nazi judeocide is mythical; it is an idolatrous religion. And the historical narrative surrounding it is overloaded, I repeat, overloaded with deception after deception after deception, from the Zionist-Allied propaganda about homicidal gas chambers to the vastly inaccurate, Kabbalistic “6 million victims of anti-Semitic atrocities” figure that has been repeated by Jewish media sources since 1890 (72).

“Another holocaust” is intrinsic to the Zionist opposition to the real One State Solution, The Only State Solution: Palestine Restored with the Right of Return implemented and the removal of all Zionist colonists from the lands stolen by Jewish invaders during al-Nakba, al-Naksa and after that. They assess that it represents a modern day “anti-Semitic” expulsion of Jews, like the more than 100 other expulsions of Jews in Europe dating back to 1,000 years ago. They do not speak on why Jews were expelled from Europe then and they definitely don’t speak on why the Zionist Jews living on ethnically cleansed land in Palestine would be expelled now. They would never say that this present “expulsion of Jews” is an expulsion of invaders, terrorists, murderers, land rapists and thieves. Both instances, past and present, are simply and nonsensically applied to “anti-Semitism,” as if Jews are incapable of doing wrong and “the goyim” are born with a Jew-hating gene. This is insulting to one’s intelligence, intellectually dishonest and racist, and borderline deranged.

Questioning this history is off-limits to regular citizens and for professionals, it is career suicide. And in regards to the holocaust specifically, it is literally criminal. What kind of incontrovertible historical evidence needs laws to protect it from questioning? It doesn’t; but lies, malevolent lies, definitely do. In Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, the Zionist regime itself, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain and Switzerland have some sort of law against holocaust ‘denial’/revisionism and several scholars have been arrested under these laws. Welcome to the Zionist version of 1984 on “chosen” steroids.

A closer look
at the important
exchange between
journalist Martin
Iqbal and author
Ben White.
A colleague and dear brother of mine, Martin Iqbal, investigative journalist extraordinaire of, recently had an exchange with prominent human rights activist and author Ben White on the social networking website, Twitter. In the exchange, brother Martin asks White if he supports the Zionist entity’s “right to exist” as a Jewish state on the pre-1967 borders, meaning the land that it stole during al-Nakba. White evades the question, vaguely replying with “I support one democratic state.” Brother Martin notes that “Right of Return can only be realized with removal of colonists from pre and post 1967 borders. Allowing the {Zionist} colonists to stay would preclude any democratic state; they have no moral or legal right to be there.”

White surprisingly responds with naivete, “The removal of colonists? What do you mean?” Brother Martin proceeds by explaining to the seemingly ignorant White in no uncertain terms that all Jews who came to Palestine as invaders during al-Nakba must leave while all Jews who lived in Palestine prior to al-Nakba absolutely should be allowed to stay. Furthermore, brother Martin accurately notes that thousands upon thousands of Palestinian refugees still hold the keys to the homes stolen by Zionist usurpers and that “they can only return to their land when the occupiers have left.” White responds to this bluntly, “We disagree then.” What White is advocating is that the usurpers of Palestine live side by side with the usurped of Palestine in “one democratic state.” This concept is directly averse to justice of any kind. Sadly, this position, which undisputably exists in the Palestine Solidarity Movement because of the paranoid practice of obsessively watching one’s words so one doesn’t upset Jews or rile up their ever-dreaded Jewish sensitivities, is held by a large majority of people. This position, this cruel, unjust position, which would grant occupation soldiers and land thieves the same rights as the brutalized Palestinians disconnected from their aboriginal lands, takes the cause for total liberation in a vice grip, strangles it and buries it.

The flag of Palestine is the
only flag that belongs flying
in the holy land. Never will the
usurping Zionist entity be
recognized. Ever.
Honest question here... are human rights, justice, equality and dignity actually being represented when the dreams of Palestinians yearning for Huriyeh (Arabic for freedom) all over the world are choked to death because the Solidarity Movement doesn’t want to offend the Jewish community with language that this global group of tribalists may find too harsh? Sorry, but I don’t give too much of a damn who is offended by this statement, Jew or non-Jew alike: “We will not recognize the Zionist entity under any circumstances. True peace in the region can only be attained when ‘Israel’ ceases to exist.”

Far too many Jews in the solidarity network operate with the tribal mindset of not only protecting the Zionist entity but the global Jewish-Zionist lobbying network which upholds it and therefore, they stifle debate on Zionism as an international, ideological behemoth and not simply another case of “settler-colonialism.” When one from within the Palestine Solidarity Movement points out the inescapable reality of tribal Jewish networking and powerful Zionist lobbying, they are drilled as anti-Semitic not just by the Zionist Lobby itself but Jewish “anti-Zionists” who are supposed to be fighting alongside them, not going out of their way to protect “the tribe” which is severely complicit in every crime committed against the Palestinian people. “Anti-Zionist” is yet another mask of Zion. And it is worn well by Jewish supremacists in the Solidarity Movement who do the dirty work for Zionist propaganda wings by acting as thought police (71). And as harsh as they are with Palestinians, which is pathologically wretched by itself, the “Anti-Zionist” Jewish thought police seem to be twice as harsh with righteous Jews who refuse to identify themselves as supremacists, like the aforementioned brother Jihad and the courageous Paul Eisen. The “Anti-Zionist” Jewish thought police are working to destroy these men (71).

There are very few persons
in the Palestine Solidarity
Movement willing to take on
Zionism's "anti-Semitism" blades.
This must change.
Luminary Palestinian voices like activist, investigative journalist and brilliant poet (sister) Nahida Izzat are continually denied their right to speak by Jewish supremacists posing as “progressives” or “anti-Zionists (73).” How is it even conceivable that an arrogance this gargantuan exists? Jews silencing exiled Palestinians on the issue of Palestine while terrorist occupiers like Uri Avnery are given a lofty platform to voice factually-deficient Zionist opinions and corrupt discourse? All the while, as these same “anti-Zionist” Jews are preaching to Palestinians about racism and “anti-Semitism,” they continue meeting in their exclusivist, chauvinist groups where only Jews are allowed; many of them overtly Zionist (74). How can this be tolerated? How can a cause as beautiful as solidarity with the oppressed people of Palestine, a cause for all of humanity, be reduced to a cheap tool in the hands of tribal supremacists operating like a possessed swarm to protect their interests? The answer is because they wield the “anti-Semitism” sword and excluding a select few persons ready to have their blood shed for the full liberation of Palestine, nobody wants to get cut.

The ideology of “chosen-ness” cannot be broken as long as this is accepted. Why would Jews leave the comforts of their ghettoized mentality when they can express “solidarity” with Palestine and put “the tribe” first at the same time? They must be broken of this, so they can truly join us in brotherhood and sisterhood. They cannot be broken of this if they aren’t challenged. The refusal to offer a challenge is a dangerous path leading to implosion for the Palestine Solidarity Movement because it shows that division, the division of the “dual-loyalty dilemma,” will always be present. This is not solidarity. This is tribalism. This is supremacism. This is destructive to everything that Palestinians and their true friends have fought for over the last six decades. This is Zionism doing what it does best: demolishing, undermining, maiming. Enough is enough. Khalas, as we say in Arabic. No more “anti-Zionist Zionists,” no more “peace process,” no more “two-state solutions,” no more holocaust religion and no more Uri Avnerys. It is time for the Palestine Solidarity Movement to be revamped.

"Palestine is the heartbeat of the struggle
for humanity’s liberation from global tyranny." 
The current status quo is one of infiltration, Orwellianism and cowardice. We need cohesive unity, true freedom of thought and courage. We need truth, and then we will have justice, and then we will have peace. Palestine is the heartbeat of the struggle for humanity’s liberation from global tyranny. Palestine is the blood in the veins of the oppressed. We must make this known again. It is time for a Revolution; a real Revolution to make this known. The revolutionary knows no selfishness; only selflessness. The revolution knows no limits; only limitlessness in the pursuit of victory.

And our victory will be the full liberation of Palestine and all occupied, oppressed lands. To begin the implementation of this intention, we need a new pledge; a righteous pledge that will safeguard the dignity of the Palestinian people until the end of the time. That is what we shall be, “The Guardians of Dignity.” And we Guardians now present our pledge:

The Huriyeh Doctrine: 10 Principles of Solidarity

1. The name of the land between the Jordan River and Mediterranean Sea is Palestine. Only Palestine. Never will the Zionist entity occupying Palestine be recognized under any circumstances. Because it is a fabricated regime, “Israel” will always be referred to in quotation marks to affirm its lack of legitimacy and our commitment to categorically denying its equally fabricated “right to exist.” No to normalization, no to recognition, no to Zionism.

2. Every “Israeli” is an illegal settler. Every. Single. One. Thus, all persons identifying themselves as “Israelis” must leave Palestine immediately to make way for the 8 million ethnically cleansed Palestinian refugees all over the globe who want to exercise their universally-recognized Right of Return. Additionally, the word “Israeli” is synonymous with the following: murderer, killer, thief, uprooter, usurper, rapist, occupier, colonist, settler, fanatic, supremacist, terrorist, criminal, butcher, massacrer, chauvinist and racist. Never again will a Palestinian be told by an “Israeli” to leave his or her ancestral home. Never again will “Israelis” have a death grip on the land of Palestine.

3. As the indigenous people of the land, Palestinians have the sovereign right to choose what kind of society that they wish to live in, what kind of government that they wish to place in power and what kind of future that they want to build for future Palestinian generations. As the indigenous people of the land, they and they alone have the sovereign right to decide who is allowed entry into their land and who will be denied entry into their land. As the indigenous people of the land, they have the sovereign right to resist any act of aggression by any means that they deem necessary. Anyone who suggests that the Palestinians do not have these rights is irrelevant, an enemy or both.

4. Until the Zionist entity ceases to exist and Palestine is restored from the River to the Sea, it must be boycotted, divested from and sanctioned. No to “Israeli” companies, which are occupation profiteers and exploiters of Palestinian natural resources, no to “Israeli” products, which are made from those stolen natural resources, no to any artist, actor, author or musician who traveled to “Israel” and attempted to normalize with it and no to any and all companies headed by Zionists who serve as fifth columns for the usurping terrorist regime.

5. To uphold principles one, two and three, we vow to be steadfast and intrepid in unforgivingly exposing the driving force behind over 100 years of Zionist colonization and 64 years of Zionist occupation in Palestine, al-Nakba, al-Naksa, the 22-year occupation of Southern Lebanon, the barbaric July War that made 1,300 Lebanese into martyrs, the ongoing 44-year illegal occupation of Syria’s al-Jaulan (The Golan Heights), the Zionist-driven aggression against of Iraq that claimed 2.5 million lives, the 3-decade war against the mighty Islamic Republic of Iran, a plethora of the most bestial massacres known to man and countless other crimes: Jewish supremacism and its guiding books, the genocidal Old Testament, supremacist Talmud and satanic Kabbalah, as well as its guiding maniacal rabbis, the monstrous architects of the ideology; specifically those from the gangster cult of Chabad Lubavitch, who have already been successful in implementing Talmudic law in the United States. We vow to be vigilant in our pursuit of exposing these hideous truths so that what was done to Palestine is never repeated with any other nation or people ever again in history.

6. With the full blessing of their genocidal rabbis, and for the sole cause of Zionist domination of the world, Jewish supremacists have set up tribal networks and lobbying institutions of unchecked power that span the entire planet. These bulwarks of international Zionism have been integral in protecting the usurping Zionist entity from criticism on the global stage, silencing opponents of Zionist hegemony and securing funding for the ethnic cleansing project in Palestine from Western governments. Along with “Israel” itself, these networks and institutions must be dismantled and never allowed to reassemble for the sake of preserving humanity from all-out catastrophe. We vow to fight these Jewish supremacist manifestations with truth and expose their insidious plots so thoroughly and brightly that even the blind will see.  

7. The Jewish-Zionist World Power Matrix, meaning the lobbies, networks and think tanks run by Jews of the supremacist extraction and their collaborationist Gentile lackeys, have been successful in misleading the world into supporting the so-called “War on Terror,” which is really a war on Islam, Muslims and Resistance to Zionist superintendence. It is an invention of Zionism; it is psychological warfare designed by Zionist warmongers and fearmongers to dehumanize the enemies of “Israel” and infect the world with hatred for Islam, which, according to racist, poisonous and highly-revered rabbinical 'sage' Maimonides, “is the cruelest and most implacable enemy that the Jewish people have faced in their entire history.” This Jewish supremacist desire to destroy Islam is given enormous support by the media, which is owned and run by Zionists, Hollywood, which is owned and run by Zionists and the international banking system, which is also controlled by Zionists, chiefly the demonic Rothschild family, the godfathers of “Israel.” The newest narrative of these same Zionist war-makers is the “humanitarian intervention,” which is already integrated with and swiftly replacing the “War on Terror.” We vow to expose this Matrix in its entirety, no matter how cringe-worthy the details may be; we vow to expose it and take it down.

8. As the great revolutionary Malcolm X once said, “The media is the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent.” The Zionist media has been the most important organ of the Jewish-Zionist World Power Matrix in its quest for “Jewish Utopia.” The Zionist media is an organ of liars and propagandists, hasbaraniks and disinformers, bigots, fools and agents. It has helped dehumanize the people of occupied Palestine, as well as other victims of Zionist-engineered aggression, including but not limited to Lebanon, Iraq, Pakistan, occupied Afghanistan, occupied Somalia, Libya and Yemen, and it has deliberately blotted out the plight of the people of occupied Kashmir.

Nothing that emanates from the Zionist media can be trusted; nothing. We reject its credibility entirely. We reject its “history” entirely. We reject its narratives entirely. We recognize that there is overwhelming evidence that “Israel” murdered United States President John F. Kennedy, as well as his brother, Robert F. Kennedy. We demand the exposure of the “Israeli” assault on the USS Liberty during al-Naksa. We recognize that the attacks of September 11th in New York City, July 7th in London, November 26th in Mumbai and hundreds of other attacks wrongfully blamed on Muslims were false flag operations executed primarily by the Zionist entity’s Mossad, whose motto is, “By the way of deception, thou shalt wage war.” These truths are fundamental to fighting for the full liberation of Palestine and understanding the true nature of the Zionist threat devouring everything that we hold dear. We declare our relentless willingness to ensure that these truths go viral throughout the world.

9. We declare that the Huriyeh of Palestine is incomplete without the Azadi of Kashmir. For over 150 years, Kashmiris have been suffering under a system of colonial oppression and for the last 65 years, they have been militarily occupied by 750,000 Indian forces, making Kashmir the longest-running occupation and most militarized zone on earth. The Zionist media has been key in making sure that Kashmir vanished from the global psyche and it has been done because “Israel” has been assisting India with the brutal occupation of Kashmir from genesis, providing arms, funds, training and diplomatic support. The governing ideology behind the Indian occupation of Kashmir is Hindutva, a mirror image of Zionism. The force behind Hindutva is Hindu supremacism, a first cousin of Jewish supremacism. The Hindutvadi regime is the Zionist entity’s closest ally and trade between the two occupations is at an all-time high: $14 billion, $9 billion of it coming from “defense.” Hindutva’s bloody fingerprints are all over Palestine and Zionism’s bloody fingerprints are all over Kashmir.

Until Kashmir is granted its Azadi from savage Hindutvadi occupation, from one end of the Vale to the other, we demand that India be boycotted, divested from and sanctioned. No to Indian products. No to Indian companies. No to any artist, actor, author or musician who traveled to India and attempted to whitewash Hindutva’s crimes in Kashmir. No, no, no to Bollywood and its delusions. And no to any company headed by Hindutvadis, who like their Zionist brethren, serve as fifth columns for the cruel Indian occupation. End Hindutva, end Zionism. Full liberation for Palestine, full liberation for Kashmir. Huriyeh! Azadi! Now!

10.  The primacy of Jewish suffering and the notion of perennial Jewish victimhood are grossly distorted on the historical level and at their very core, are myths that have been used by Zionists to shackle humanity with guilt, browbeating it into supporting any and every crime committed by the Jewish supremacist entity and its vast criminal network of sayanim. We reject these myths unconditionally. The holocaust religion, which is the propaganda apex of these myths, is a dangerous belief system that Zionist domineers force upon Jewish and Gentile children through their media and Hollywood apparatuses, making them indifferent to the suffering of everybody else on earth but Jews, especially those innocents who have been wronged, massacred, invaded and brutalized by “Israel,” directly or by proxy. We reject the holocaust religion and the Zionist propaganda that has propped it up for decades. We reject the Jewish supremacist construct of “chosen-ness.” We recognize the suffering of all strands of humanity at the hands of these wicked supremacists and we recognize the rights of humanity to fight back against them and bring about a better, just and peaceful world.

Any soul who adheres to these principles is a true friend of Palestine and a true friend of the oppressed. Who will take a stand and join the Guardians of Dignity in the struggle to liberate Palestine and the Solidarity Movement from the clutches of Zionist subversives? Those who do will have their names etched in the halls of champions and warriors when our righteous struggle comes to an end. Those who don’t will slip deeper and deeper into servitude to the sensitivities of Jewish supremacists like Uri Avnery, whether they know it or not. They will be crippled into invalidity by the apprehension of “anti-Semitism.” For our Revolution to take flight, our wings of Resistance must be unbreakable. I am ready to resist; I am ready to fly for Palestine, Kashmir and the oppressed of the north, south, east and west. In fact, alhamdulillah, I already am. The question is... are you?

~ End of Part II, End of Series ~

The Case Of Uri Avnery I: “Shukran, Israel” Analyzed And Refuted 


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  1. Wa alaikoum el salaam wa rahmatullah brother Andre,

    Sounds like your dear friend knows exactly what he is talking about! :P

    And yes, the Huriyeh Doctrine is something that I'm very proud of, alhamdulillah. What I'm hoping is to get some top writers, authors, thinkers, activists, etc. to sign on to it and then I'll publish it. We'll see!

    Thank you as always for reading akhi.

    ~ Ziah

  2. Salaam 'Ziah

    Sign me up to the Huriyeh Doctrine as a humble supporter please... if you will have me.

    I thank you for bringing the situation of the people of Kashmir to the front as well. It is true, we never hear of this in the West at all. The comparison between the beliefs of Zionism and its evil twin are so similar. Actually, when you consider the lot of India's untouchables, you realize there is MUCH to this caste system of India that resounds with Zionist racism.

    Without your insight I would not have begun making that connection. Certainly no news of these people proves the collusion you allude to. You are, indeed, a universalist in your beliefs and this gives your Huriyeh Doctrine even more clout.

    It was Guevara who said, "At the risk of me seeming ridiculous, let me say that a true revolutionary is guided by a great feeling of love. It is impossible to think of a true revolutionary lacking this quality."

    Another political animal on whom I would like to hear your opinion is political activist/cartoonist Latuff. His work has contributed so much to the cause of the struggles of humanity against Zionism and he has never held back a punch in his depictions of the Zionist entity and its pawns.

    I have been a huge fan of his over the years however, his stance on Libya and Qaddafi, and Syria, have caused me to look at him with questions. He seemed to totally support the popular Qaddafi as monster portrayal and that was just wrong.

    HOWEVER, he did pen the line "We are all Palestinians" for which we must all be grateful. I would amend that to "We are all POTENTIAL Palestinians".

    In mentioning the criminality of questioning the Hollowco$t you did not mention that Canada and Australia are rather draconian when it comes to speaking out against the lies. I know I think twice before I publish many things and then just do it because it is right to do so.

    Canadians have been criminalized. I used to live down the road (10 houses) from Ernst Zundel and witnessed what he went through under Zionist pressure. I moved away just weeks before his house was bombed but every Saturday our street was blocked by B'nai B'rith and JDL fanatics.

    And in Australia, Dr. Toben and currently Brendon Lee O'Connell is serving time for walking the walk.

    Anyhow, mon ami, I have posted this work. How could I not!? It is as always, superb.

  3. Assalam-Alaikum
    great read brother, i have to thank my dear brother Martin Iqbal for introducing me to your work.
    your doing a fine job brother, the above article is a really interesting read, and i will defiantly share it for others to read,
    i listened to the interview on The Ugly Truth radio, with you and Martin and that was D E E P you guys killed it !!

    May Allah swt give you strength to keep on producing such great material. Ameen

    Allah Hafiz

  4. Excellent article. I've watched Avnery cheer the destruction of Libya and now call for the destruction of Syria, and long ago come to the realisation that he's a propagandist and fifth columnist. I have linked your article to my own article on Syria.


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