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“International Zionism Is Strangling The World”: Interview With Jonathan Azaziah

by Kourosh Ziabari

Jonathan Azaziah is an Iraqi-American Muslim poet, activist, analyst, writer and journalist from Brooklyn, New York, currently residing in Florida. His articles, poems and music predominantly deal with international Zionism and the cruel effect that it has on the world’s oppressed people. He is also a staff writer for Pakistan's premier alternative media outlet, Opinion Maker, and a frequent guest and co-host of the Crescent and Cross Solidarity Movement's Ugly Truth radio broadcast.

Jonathan took part in an enlightening, explosive interview with me and expressed his viewpoints regarding the renewed war threats of Israel against Iran, Tehran's nuclear program, the new allegations of the White House against Iran, the true nature of Israel as a state and what he feels is the greatest threat facing our world today. An excerpt of this interview appeared in the Tehran Times, Iran's leading international daily.

Ziabari: Israel possesses up to 200 nuclear warheads, but it has constantly threatened Iran with a military strike over its nuclear program, warning that Iran should be prevented from acquiring nuclear technology. How is it possible to justify this stance?

Azaziah: The nucleus of the Zionist mindset, the energy source that drives those who think in this manner to behave like the inhuman monsters that they are, is Jewish supremacism; the need to destroy all that it is not Jewish, the goyim, in order for "the Jewish people" to survive. The developer of the neutron bomb, Samuel T. Cohen, was a Zionist with a strong Talmudic-Jewish upbringing, as was J. Robert Oppenheimer, the creator of the atom bomb. The supremacist-need to destroy all non-Jewish peoples and cultures was close to the blackened hearts of the early leaders of the usurping Zionist entity, hence why Ben-Gurion, Dayan, Eshkol and Peres collectively came up with the "Samson Option," the military plan to unleash 'Israeli' nukes upon the world if any nation or every nation attempted to confront Zionist power. The polar opposite of this thuggish outlook on existence, is the Islamic Revolutionary Republic of Iran, a nation whose Persian history is rooted in the very essence of creation. The finest poets, artists, mathematicians, scientists and theologians that the world has ever known originate from this great land.

The Zionist entity, in its twisted collective mind, must destroy Iran because the Islamic Republic represents everything that it is not: tolerant, beautiful, non-destructive, non-aggressive and most importantly, Godwary. Iran does not bow down to the feet of the Zionists and their rabbinical overlords, it only bows before Almighty God and for this, it has drawn the ire of the Zionists and their imperial conduit puppets. From the geopolitical perspective, the Zionist entity must not allow any Islamic nation to acquire nuclear weapons because that would neutralize its domination of the region; the annihilation of Iraq, the demolition of Libya and constant assault on nuclear-armed Pakistan are prime examples of this.

The Zionist entity
is something far more cruel,
and far more insidious than
the apartheid regime of
South Africa.
Ziabari: Some political commentators believe that Israel represents the features of an apartheid state. What's your idea? Do you consider Israel an apartheid regime?

Azaziah: The term "apartheid" is an attempt to make international Zionism seem like it is more innocuous than it actually is or closely related with previous colonial endeavors when in reality, it is something far worse and far uglier. Apartheid is simply one facet of the Zionist regime that it is criminally and disgustingly occupying holy al-Quds and the rest of historic Palestine, as is colonization, and most importantly, they are only temporary; they represent symptoms, they do not represent the disease itself. The true goal of Zionism is to wipe out all non-Jewish peoples in vast parts of Egypt, including most of its north, all of Sinai and Cairo, all of Jordan, all of Kuwait, a gargantuan portion of Saudi Arabia, all of Lebanon, all of Syria, all of Cyprus, an elephantine part of Turkey up to Lake Van and finally, part of Iraq south of the Euphrates River. The expulsion and/or mass murder of these peoples would lead to the creation of the Zionist dream known as Greater Israel. So branding this usurping dragon of an entity simply as an "apartheid state" is not only incomplete, it is deceptive. And this disingenuous injection of language into the vocabularies of Palestine's supporters is also meant to deflect the attention from the root cause of this 63-year occupation: the age-old Talmudic ideology that gave birth to Zionism, which is an amalgamation of terrorism, racism, barbarism, supremacism, expansionism and imperialism. After all of the massacres committed against our brothers and sisters, all of the babies murdered, women raped, trees uprooted, mosques and churches destroyed, resources confiscated and land usurped, the least we can do is label this extremist enclave what it actually is: a fabricated entity that has no right to exist.

Finally, all persons who represent this entity, all of its occupiers and squatters, must be thrown out immediately so the 8 million Palestinian refugees worldwide can finally return to their homes. Its sayanim across the Western world must be prosecuted for treason. We will not make peace with this usurping Jewish supremacist beast. We will never recognize this filthy entity. We will not share our lands with thieves and thugs, killers and degenerates. There will not be 'equal rights' for oppressor and oppressed. There will only be equal rights for Palestinians, the true owners of the land, and whoever that they decide will live with them, chiefly those who respect their dignity and who have fought alongside them from Nakba to Naksa to now, not those who killed them and maimed them; they will be delivered into the clutches of justice for a century of inhumanity and malevolence.

It must also be noted that Apartheid South Africa did not own and control global mass media; Zionism does. Apartheid South Africa did not control global commerce; international Jewry does. Apartheid South Africa didn’t have a worldwide Afrikaner lobby network that dominated governments into submission; the Zionist entity does. And Apartheid South Africa didn’t have a foreign intelligence directorate committing false flag attacks all over the world in order to further its geopolitical objectives; ‘Israel’ does, with its Mossad. International Zionism is strangling the world because its agents think that their “chosen-ness” gives them a free pass to do so. Al-haqq (the truth) is our best weapon against these persons; an awakened globe, armed with information exposing the beast, is what will take the beast down. The past fight against the apartheid of South Africa and the current fight against international Jewish supremacism are two different creatures; just as a matter of intellectual honesty, the two should not, and must not be confused.

The 'King' of Saudi Arabia,
seen here with top
Zionist leaders, is
serving the agenda of
'Israel' and will not
help Iran in the face
of an attack.
Ziabari: What will be the consequences of a possible Israeli attack against Iran? Will the Muslim and Arab nations unite to support Iran?

Azaziah: Unfortunately, while the peoples of the Islamic world will indeed stand with the Islamic Revolution if the Zionist regime and its puppets attempt to assault it, the leaders of the Islamic world will not because let us be honest, they represent Islam as much as the idols destroyed by the Holy Prophet (SAWW) during the beginning days of his advent represented Islam. The monarchies of the Arab world are the worst kinds of hypocrites and the GCC, led by the morally-bankrupt and Zionist House of Saud and Al-Thani family, are now serving as the willing and able agents of the Zionist entity and its Anglo allies in America and Europe and if they are ordered to do so, they will participate in the planned onslaught against Iran. The true face of the House of Saud and Qatar can be seen in their participation in the ravaging of Libya and ongoing shadow operations inside Syria. What must be said though is that the Zionists and their marionettes are not ready for a full-brunt military confrontation with the Islamic Revolution, hence why they have chosen to use underhanded methods of subversion, through Mossad, CIA and Israeli-funded terror proxies like the MEK and Jundallah, to conduct a covert war against Iran for three decades. And as multiple authentic ahadith confirm, if the forces of Dajjal enter the lands of Persia, it is there, where they will be buried by the righteous. Insha'ALLAH.

The Zionist regime
and its marionettes
are trying to provoke
the Islamic Republic of
Iran into war.
Ziabari: International pressure on Iran is mounting these days. From one hand, we have the accusations of the U.S. and its cronies against Iran with regards to the human rights issue. From the other hand, we have the Saudi envoy assassination plot allegation, and as the third phase of the project, we have the IAEA's controversial report on the country's nuclear program. How do you assess this trilateral attack?

Azaziah: The ludicrous, ridiculous "Saudi assassination plot" has already been debunked as another Mossad false flag and I must say, it was one of the most pathetic that the Zionist regime had concocted in quite some time. The allegations of "human rights violations" in the Islamic Republic are nothing but atrocious attempts by the Zionist-occupied United States government to generate international sympathy for the "poor, suffering Iranian people" so subsequently, there will be a global outcry and support for regime change. We know this to be massively farcical. The people of the Islamic Revolution wholeheartedly and overwhelmingly support the government of President Ahmadinejad and would sacrifice their lives for Ayatollah Sayyed Khamenei. Additionally, there is no larger violator and destroyer of human rights than the United States, which under Zionist direction, has initiated one war after another in the last 100 years and murdered tens of millions of innocents in the process.

How dare these hooligans and monsters criticize Iran for "human rights abuses" after their fire bombing of Tokyo, their nuking of Nagasaki and Hiroshima, their decimation of Dresden, Frankfurt and Hamburg, their concentration camps set up after WW2 that murdered over 1 million innocent Germans, their strafing of Korea, their rape of Vietnam and Cambodia for the expansion of Jewish mob boss Meyer Lansky's criminal narcotics syndicate, their eradication of Iraq over the last 20 years, their crushing of Afghanistan, their ruining of Libya and their incessant drone bombing of Pakistan, Yemen and occupied Somalia, along with their assistance in the ongoing six-decade-long brutalizations of Palestine and Hindutvadi-Zionist-occupied Kashmir. Their hypocrisy is legendary and sickening. And the IAEA report is such a joke, such a steaming mound of rubbish that it is not even worth analyzing. It is clear that the reason for this 'trilateral attack' that you speak of is desperation. The Iranian leadership is cool, calculated and undeterred. They have not taken the Zionist bait in responding to the multiple transgressions that the occupier of Palestine has committed against them and this display of sabr (patience) has infuriated the monsters greatly.

The Zionist-engineered
sanctions against Iran
are taking a terrible toll
on the Iranian people.
Ziabari: What do you think about the increased sanctions of the U.S., EU and the UNSC against Iran? Are these sanctions going to disrupt Iran's economy? Will these sanctions bring Iran to its knees and force it into surrendering its nuclear rights?

Azaziah: I do not believe for a second that the sanctions will bring the Islamic Revolution to its knees; not even a single second. The Persian people, first and foremost, kneel only before ALLAH (SWT) and this was proven by their triumph over the Shah and the CIA-Mossad-run counter-revolution in 1979. The would-be-invaders and 'arrogant powers' that Ayatollah Sayyed Khamenei constantly refers to know that the only way Iran will break is through all-out aggression and as described already, they are not ready for this kind of war at this juncture. This is why we see increased cooperation between the GCC countries, America and the Zionist entity, mainly the excessively large weapons deals between the House of Saud, America and Germany as well as the increased 'defense' relations between the House of Khalifa in Bahrain and the Zionist-occupied US government. International Zionism loves nothing more than Muslims killing Muslims and nothing would satisfy its bloodlust quite like a 'Sunni-Shi'a, Persian-Arab' war, in which its Israeli occupation forces would not have to lift a single weapon; the goyim would do all the work for them, eliminating the usurping Jewish supremacist state's greatest enemy.

The Zionists and the real power behind them, their racist genocidal rabbis, according to their satanic Talmud, view the Arab and Persian peoples as "Ishmaelites" and "Amalekites" who must be destroyed in order to erect a "Jewish Utopia" on earth, in which Jews rule over non-Jews in a sort of supremacist paradise. It is a religious duty for Zionists to murder us, steal our lands and desecrate what it is holy to us and they have the authority in their Talmud to use any and all means to do it, including using our own people against us. Therefore, the sanctions are only a precursor to what the globe holders really have in store for Iran. I think it is an undeniable fact that unfortunately, the sanctions have indeed had a negative effect on the Iranian economy and more importantly, the Iranian people, specifically in the Aero sector, which as you have revealed in some of your previous works brother, has seen thousands of innocents die in airplane crashes since 1996.

The United States and
the Zionist entity:
world's greatest
Ziabari: The U.S. has repeatedly accused Iran of violating human rights and sponsoring terrorism. Don't you think that the U.S. is itself a sponsor of terrorism as it has supported and financed Saddam Hussein in an 8-year war with Iran and has been unconditionally supporting the reactionary regimes of Hosni Mubarak, Al Khalifa, Al Saud and Ali Abdullah Saleh who kill their innocent people ruthlessly?

Azaziah: There is no doubt that the United States, the 'golem' of the international Zionist Power Configuration and Jewish banking interests, is the world leader in terrorism. The US is in no moral position to condemn any government or group in the world until it fesses up to its own blood-soaked history. 100 million Native Americans exterminated. 150 million Africans, many of them Muslims, murdered in the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, which was dominated by Spanish Jews, as well as Portugese Jews like Aaron Lopez who had an entire fleet of slaveships, with many of them receiving financing from the Rothschild family; these Jews, who were of the extremist and now dominant Talmudic-Kabbalistic school of thought, also introduced the Curse of Ham to their Gentile slave-trading brothers, a horrific, racist story concocted and developed by the rabbis in their Talmud which lowered the rank of our brothers and sisters of beautiful black skin to animals. This Talmudic drivel was used to justify the dehumanization of millions of others and in the greater geopolitical sense, it is now being exercised to justify more Zionist aggression on the African continent.

These two historical atrocities alone show the true face of America, and its support of brutish dictators and monarchical maniacs across the globe is well-known. And while Iran's millennial history is one of peace and diplomacy with its neighbors, the US has launched hundreds of wars, covert and overt over its short two-century history. There is an old Kufan saying that my uncle once shared with me, which has been around since Al-Mukhtar (RA) launched his rebellion against the Umayyads to defend the martyrdom of Imam Hussein (AS) more than 1,300 years ago, that perfectly sums up the United States' glorious fraudulence. Loosely translated from Arabic, it goes, "He who spills the most blood, talks of the most peace." I cannot think of truer words that have been spoken.

The IAEA is
nothing but
an instrument
of international
Zionist propaganda
and psychological warfare.
Ziabari: Israel is the sole possessor of nuclear weapons in the Middle East. It is not a NPT signatory and no IAEA inspector has ever investigated its atomic arsenal. How is it possible to justify IAEA's double standards with regards to Israel's nuclear program?

Azaziah: First and foremost, the IAEA is not an independent outfit like its public relations stooges would like the world to believe. The IAEA reports directly to the UN General Assembly and the UN Security Council and coordinates all of its actions with these two institutions of Zionist power. Therefore, without question, it can be said that the IAEA is nothing but a tool of the UN. The same UN that hasn't done a damn thing to stop Zionist tyranny in Palestine, scripting hundreds of resolutions against this racist usurping entity but enforcing none of them. The same UN that has done nothing to stop Hindutvadi tyranny in Kashmir, which is intimately aided by the Zionist entity with arms and intelligence, scripting dozens of other resolutions and enforcing none of them. The same UN that introduced Resolution 661 to Iraq, the treacherous 'sanctions resolution,' which crippled Iraq, prepared it for the Zionist invasion of 2003 and murdered over 2 million people by starvation including 800,000 Iraqi children. The same UN that paved the way for the mutilation of Libya, in which at least 100,000 have been mass murdered by NATO and its Israeli-advised rebel thugs. The same UN that now seeks to turn Syria into another Iraq or Libya 2.0.

And besides, what is the UN really? As is the case with all matters of history and the revisionism that follows, we must return to the beginning; the origins. The origins of the UN can be found in the financing of the same Zionist banking families, the Rothschilds, Schiffs, Warbugs, Lazards and Oppenheimers, who have financed strife on this earth for centuries. The UN was created to justify the existence of the Zionist entity as a legitimate nation-state, to put a shroud on its hideous supremacist character; this rings true with the fact that the Security Council never even ratified the resolution which proposed the legitimacy of a Jewish ‘state’ in Palestine. Despite this, and despite the illegal Jewish colonization of Palestine financed by the Rothschild family since the 1880s and the horrible Zionist atrocities of the Nakba in 1948, still the UN recognized this fabricated regime, still gave it a name and a seat. Why? Because its godfathers, the Zionist bankers, wanted it that way. The UN is a tool of international Zionist power and by extension, so is the IAEA.

And if the evidence isn't clear enough, one simply needs to look at the previous IAEA head, Mohamed ElBaradei, who is hailed as a great humanitarian and even a hero, when he is nothing more than a wolf in sheep's clothing, a snake in the grass, a two-faced Zionist hypocrite who has condemned the Islamic Resistance of illegally besieged Gaza, who supports the insane 'right to exist' of the Zionist entity and who shakes hands with Israeli war criminals. While ElBaradei ran the IAEA, he sat on the board of the International Crisis Group, a highly-influential international Zionist think tank, right next to none other than Shimon Peres, George Soros and Morton Abramowitz, three of the most powerful Zionists on this planet. While ElBaradei ran the IAEA, he did nothing to stop the American-British invasion of Iraq, which was launched under a false "WMDs" pretext engineered by Jewish-Zionist extremists in the Bush administration's Office of Special Plans. He knew the "intelligence" against Iraq was sheer Zionist falsehood but he watched as Iraq was skewered. There is your 'IAEA independence,' yet another Zionist fraud.

In 2000 and 2006, Hezbollah,
the righteous Lebanese
Resistance led by Sayyed
Hassan Nasrallah, defeated the
Zionist entity; the same result
awaits the usurping regime if it
dares to engage with Iran. 
Ziabari: Will Iran succeed in withstanding the international pressures? Should it give up its nuclear program and get freed from the sanctions and military strike threats? What's your idea?

Azaziah: For 22 years, South Lebanon was savagely occupied by the monstrous Zionist entity. The righteous Islamic Resistance of Lebanon, Hezbollah, liberated its land, conquering the fourth (some say third) mightiest military in the world and rightfully humiliating it. In 2006, the Zionist entity launched a criminal war against Lebanon to avenge its defeat 6 years earlier. Unleashing cluster bombs, white phosphorus and depleted uranium on the dignified and innocent Lebanese people, the usurping regime murdered nearly 1,500 Lebanese and the unexploded cluster bombs continue killing to this very moment.

Defiantly, and inspired by the steadfastness of the Lebanese people, Hezbollah defeated the Jewish supremacist entity again, crushing its plots to reoccupy Lebanon and upholding their Resistance to global Zionism. How was this small fighting force able to best such a monolithic military power? Because the faith of a people cannot be pierced with bullets or devastated by bombs. Because the dignity of a people cannot be occupied or colonized. The Zionists have no faith; they are godless, satanic supremacists. The Zionists have no dignity, they are the swindlers of humanity.

Comparatively, the Palestinian people have been occupied for 63 years. Still, the Zionists have not been able to expel them to exalt their 'Greater Israel' dream. The Kashmiri people have been occupied for 64 years. Still, the Hindutvadis have not been able to crush them to initiate their first phase of 'Greater Hindutva.' Why? Because like Hezbollah and the exceptional Lebanese people, the Palestinians' and Kashmiris' faith and dignity are weapons that cannot be defeated by their occupiers. And the revolutionary Islamic Republic of Iran, is like Hezbollah, the Palestinians and Kashmiris on a greater scale, with more weaponry at its disposal. It will not give up its nuclear program nor will it bow before hollow military threats because it doesn't take orders from Zionism; Iran does not recognize Zionism or the Jewish supremacists that govern it as legitimate authorities. Iran only takes orders from Al-Hakam (SWT), the supreme Judge of this universe. For us, Allah (SWT) is Al-Mu'izz, because He has honored us with Resistance and martyrdom if we die in our path of Resistance, giving hope to our brothers and sisters still struggling because as the Holy Qur'an says, we are alive though we are not seen. For the monsters, the enemies and the 'arrogant powers' though, Allah (SWT) is Al-Moumit, and the day of the Zionists' doom at His hands is much nearer than they think. Iran and all those who support it will be victorious.

~ The End ~


  1. Salaam ailkikum 'Ziah.

    Excellent interview! As usual you pussyfoot around with the truth... LOL. You truly need to speak your mind without reservation! Just teasing.....

    "The United Nations is nothing but a trap-door
    to the Red World's immense concentration camp.
    We pretty much control the U.N." ~ Harold Wallace Rosenthal, Zionist, The Hidden Tyranny

    I had just inserted the above quote into a piece when I found your freshly posted interview. It seems to be rather apt don't you think?

    Last night I posted an in-depth piece on the Samson Option and it seems to me that, after reading this interview, Hezbollah is the real Samson of the ME.

    Interestingly when you were listing the crimes of the US and Israel, you must have been restraining yourself because there was not a mention of those who suffer(ed) in Central and South America, Mexico, Kosova and Eastern Europe, almost all indigenous peoples.

    “Annihilate the Amalekites from the beginning to the end. Kill them and wrest them from their possessions. Show them no mercy. Kill continuously, one after the other. Leave no child, plant, or tree. Kill their beasts, from camels to donkeys.”

    Eli Yeshai, Israeli official in the Orthodox Shas party argued that: “Extermination of the enemy is sanctioned by the Torah”

    “If it was right by God to order us to commit genocide during Biblical time, why can’t it be right to commit genocide now. Has God changed his mind?”

    “They may look young to you, but these people are terrorists at heart. Don’t look at their deceptively innocent faces, try to think of the demons inside each of them. I am absolutely certain these people would grow to be evil terrorists if we allowed them to grow. Would you allow them to grow to kill your children or finish them off right now? Honest and moral people ought to differentiate between true humans and human animals. We do kill human animals and we do so unapologetically. Besides, who in the West is in a position to lecture us on killing human animals. After all, whose hands are clean?” ~ Nachman Abramovic

    Did you know that between 1945 and 1998 over 2053 neutron bombs have been dropped on our planet by these sickos? This huge disregard they show for everyone is beyond belief. Does their god save them from airborne atomic or radiated particles?

    Your work has been missed! I hope all is going well with you.

    Needless to say, this will be posted within an hour or less.

  2. OOOOPS please correct the error. I MEANT to say, Hezbollah is the DAVID that faced Goliath. Too much rattling around between my ears today...

  3. Israeli Zionist Slimeballs are AGENTS of the ANCIENT ALIEN RACE (of Satan). THEY have been gathered by Yahweh in Zionist Israel since 1948. The gathering is now complete (6 million, give or take) and humanity can expect the remainder of the prophecy (Ezekiel 22:20) to be fulfilled any day now. Those in the vicinity of Zionist Israel should be prepared for a fantastic heavenly show - with lots of HEAT - and MELTING!

    "The Word of God is living and powerful"

  4. As salaamu a'laikum brother, excellent interview and as always a learning experience. I'm praying that a grain of sanity infects the US administration and this war with Iran doesn't happen. If not sanity then a fear of war with Russia and China.

  5. I've been waiting for months for your new article..i seriously thought u were kidnapped by the mossad, good to see you're still hosing the fire that comes out of the dragon's mouth. I guess the zionists owning the u.n. would definitely explain all of them walking out during mahmoud's speeches..about peace for all mankind, and no nukes for anyone. Too bad they left, could've learned something.

  6. Excellent interview bro, keep up the great work! Your knowledge and insight are truly one of a kind!

  7. Peace and blessings everyone!

    To Noor: wa alaikoum el salaam wa rahmatullah wa barakatou sister, I most definitely was restraining myself, otherwise that one answer to brother Kourosh's question would've been as long as a book! These people are the most loathsome creatures to walk (slither) the earth and I pray they all rot in hell. I'm doing just fine, thank you, and writing up a storm as we speak.

    To Andre: wa alaikoum el salaam my dear brother, thank you as always for reading. As you well know, the war with Iran is already here but I echo your hopes that full-scale invasion never happens. Insha'ALLAH.

    To Mr. Silver: I am quite happy to say that the monsters didn't get me and I pray that they never do, God willing. I was merely on hiatus because of some tough personal times but things are looking together thanks to the grace of God and am back with my hose as you so delightfully put it!

    And to brother John: Good to hear from you akhi and thank you for your kind words. We have to catch up in the coming days.

    Shukran again to all of you for your support and for reading,

    ~ Ziah


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