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Operation Phantasmagoria I: Israel’s New Shadow War On Palestine

Zionism is waging
a new war to deepen
its military domination
over the MENA region.
by Jonathan Azaziah

Prelude: This is the first of a 7-part series dealing with the recent oddities that have occurred throughout occupied Palestine and the Arab/Muslim world as a whole. These oddities are not rooted in randomness. They are carefully staged events that will have a catastrophic effect not only on Palestine itself, but the entire region. And so it begins...

As your everyday existence commences as it always does, you swear on all that you know that this existence is real. You swear that it feels real. Looks real. Tastes real. Smells real. You swear that everything that is embedded in your memory bank is rooted in fact and everything that unfolds around you on a political, financial and spiritual level is as exactly as you are told it is.

There is one simple discrepancy with what you have sworn upon; with your existence. It is not, in any sense of the word, classically or metaphorically, real. The appearance, the taste, the smell and the touch are all false. The facts are lies. And your reality is actually a well-structured fantasy centered around emotive occurrences based on reactionary paradigms, anomalous theories that leave gaping holes in the entirety of “oppressed versus oppressor” history and good, old-fashioned nonsensical tripe constantly bombarding your psyche through the Western cultural intelligence-killing apparatus known as mass media, specifically the television. Your existence is solely comprised of phantasmagoria.

A never-ending dream state, where imaginary images birthed from gross delusion flourish. The flourishing increases substantially as the delusions enter deeper realms of the perverse and the insane. The phantasmagoria that has engulfed you is the norm for a political climate where truths are burned, dissent is murdered and free-thinking is suppressed. And there is nothing more phantasmagoric than the global aura surrounding the usurping, supremacist, terrorist entity known as Israel, which claims to be the Middle East’s “only democracy,” a phrase that in and of itself is phantasmagoric.

To the majority of the world’s population, the Palestinian Nakba is a myth, as are all of the subsequent massacres that followed, the genocides in Lebanon (2006) and Gaza (2008-09) never happened, Zionist involvement in the destruction of Iraq, Afghanistan and now Libya is a baseless, conspiratorial amalgam of gobbledegook, the occupations of Palestine, Lebanon and Syria are justified, Israel’s false flag operations are nothing but anti-Semitic delusions and any questioning of the historical events taking place before, during or after World War II, the “Holocaust” in particular, is a hate crime and the questioner should be subject to imprisonment. Welcome to the world that you swore was a reality.

Due to the very essence that Israel has shrouded the globe with, it has mastered every degree of phantasmagoria and its utterly devastating manipulative capabilities. It is now engaging in what can be considered a psychological warfare adventure of mammoth proportions, “Operation Phantasmagoria,” in response to the shift in global opinion as of recent after multiple blood-drenched crimes committed by the Zionist entity with a lack of remorse coupled with the utmost arrogance.

War criminal Ehud Barak
called for a "new initiative"
to repair Israel's "tarnished"
global image.
Phantasmagoria’s Beginnings

Ehud Barak himself, Israel’s former prime minister, current defense minister, war criminal, mass murderer and key asset to the false flag attack on 9/11 has admitted that the Zionist entity needs a “daring and assertive political initiative” to free it from international isolation. This proposal was announced at the “Forum of 7,” a high-level meeting within the Israeli government between senior ministers and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The meeting was held just two weeks after the murderous attack on the Freedom Flotilla that left 9 unarmed solidarity activists dead and over 50 others badly wounded. The initiative’s intent was to “prevent phenomena like the flotillas to the Gaza Strip and international investigations (1);” essentially, it is yet another “mask of Zion” that Israel will wear to hide its hideous face and criminal nature from the world.

What the Zionist Defense Minister means however, isn’t an end to Israel’s everyday affairs of international terrorism, country-to-country subversion and its obligatory oppression of the Palestinian people, but a change in approach. Reforms to the methodology that Zionism has operated with since the genocidal apartheid state of Israel was created in 1948 on the expulsion of 750,000 Palestinians and the brutal colonization of Palestine. Better, more efficient ways of covering up its mayhem. Before continuing with this theme, some key facts need to be illuminated:
Solidarity Activist
Brian Avery:
shot in the face
by IOF.
Iain John Hook: shot by an IOF sniper in occupied Jenin in November 2002; IOF denied an ambulance entry into Jenin to take Hook to the hospital and treat his wounds, and Hook later died from the gunshots (2). Rachel Corrie: crushed to death by an IOF bulldozer in illegally besieged Gaza in March 2003 for trying to prevent a Palestinian home from being demolished by the aforesaid bulldozer (3). Brian Avery: shot in the face by IOF in occupied Jenin in April 2003 and permanently disfigured for trying to escort Palestinian medical personnel across the street (4). Thomas Hurndall: shot in the head by IOF in besieged Gaza in April 2003, just days after Avery was disfigured, for peacefully protesting against IOF’s tank raids in the Strip; Hurndall died of brain damage 9 months later (5).

13-year old
Iman al-Hams:
brutally murdered
by IOF.
Iman Darwish al-Hams: shot 17 times by IOF, including several bullets fired into her as her body lay on the ground bleeding to death, in Rafah, southern Gaza in October 2004 for absolutely no reason; Iman was 13 years old (6). Lebanon, summer 2006: over 1,300 Lebanese men, women and children slaughtered by the Zionist entity with cluster bombs, white phosphorus and depleted uranium under the guise of combating “terrorism (7).” Occupied Gaza, December 2008-January 2009: at least 1,440 Palestinian civilians, including 431 children and 114 women, slaughtered by the Zionist entity with white phosphorus, depleted uranium and other internationally banned chemical weapons under the guise of combating “terrorism (8).”

Tristan Anderson: shot in the head by IOF with a high-velocity tear gas canister at a peaceful protest in Ni’lin in March 2009; he sustained heavy brain damage from the attack and remains in critical condition to this day (9). Bassem Abu Rahmah: murdered by IOF at a peaceful protest in Bil’in in April 2009 with a projectile known as “the rocket (10).”  Jawaher Abu Rahmah: suffocated to death by Israeli tear gas after occupation soldiers fired upon another peaceful protest in occupied Bil’in in January 2010; Jawaher was the sister of Bassem (11).

Activist Emily
lost her eye
after being shot
in the face by
Israeli forces.
Emily Henochowicz: shot in the face by IOF with a tear gas canister at a peaceful protest in the Qalandiya refugee camp in May 2010; she lost her left eye (12). The aforementioned Freedom Flotilla: 9 unarmed peace activists brutally gunned down by Zionist commandoes descending on the humanitarian ship from the sky as they made their way to illegally besieged Gaza to deliver food, medical supplies, construction materials and children’s toys, on the same day Emily was shot; the activists were shot at close range, in the back and in one instance, upwards of 30 times (13).

There are two common denominators with all of the martyrs named: A) they were peaceful and unarmed internationals or civilians; and B) the Zionist entity’s face can be seen laughing and smiling at each and every murder; the Zionist fingerprints can be seen all over each crime scene, immersed in innocent blood. Not even the world’s leading mass murder organization, the Israeli intelligence agency known as Mossad, an outfit known for its secrecy could spare itself from engaging in the gleeful “Wild West” style murder spree that Israel was engaging in. Just 2 weeks after the disgraceful murder of Jawaher Abu Rahmah, Mossad blatantly carried out the illegal assassination of Hamas commander Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai (14). Mabhouh was at the top of the Mossad’s hitlist (15).

The rivers of blood spilled by the usurping Zionist entity since the murder of UNRWA project manager Iain Hook in 2002, coupled with the major victories of the BDS movement in recent weeks over Zionist companies Ahava and Veolia (16), have exposed the hideousness of Zionism to the world like never before. It is for this reason, that Operation Phantasmagoria was initiated by the upper echelons of Zion’s leadership. And now, a return to the original point. Israel desires to continue spilling the blood of its enemies (those who long for peace, truth, equality and justice), but it wants to do so from the shadows, as it did prior to the newly adopted and arrogant openness. From the occupied West Bank, to occupied al-Quds, to besieged Gaza, to the very borders of the Arab World itself, a shadow war has begun.

The Fogel family:
Murdered on
March 11, 2011;
Israel is the
prime suspect.
Shadow War Phase I: The Itamar Killings

On March 11, 2011, the Israeli Fogel family was brutally murdered in the illegal Zionist settlement of Itamar. 3 of the 5 members of the family killed were children, ages 3 months, 3 years old and 11 years old. Almost immediately, the Zionist media sunk its teeth into the poisonous hasbara that the killings were a “Palestinian militant operation (17).”

As expected, there wasn’t a single drop of evidence to support such a despicable assertion, but nonetheless, the hasbara continued uninterrupted. Apart from the sheer lack of evidence, the idea that Palestinians entered Itamar and murdered children is ridiculous, laughable and frankly, a display of idiocy that supercedes all previously-set standards.

Itamar is built like a prison; heavily armored with 8-foot high electric fences and an additional two feet of razor wire on top, motion sensors that immediately detect any sort of movement which even gets near the settlement (that is isolated from Palestinian communities by hundreds of meters of “buffer land” that Palestinians can’t set foot on), a plethora of cameras from pillar to post, private Zionist security agents and of course, the quintessential Israeli military presence throughout. Not to mention, every settler in Itamar is armed to the teeth with occupation-provided weaponry (18). It is not only of the highest unlikelihood that Palestinians carried out this crime, it is impossible.

A closer look at the
illegal Zionist settlement
of Itamar.
Despite all logic and sanity pointing to something more malevolent behind the killing of the Fogel family, Zionism has never functioned in the framework of the logical or the sane. Instead, Israeli occupation forces, Aman and Shin Bet conducted an “investigation” for more than a month before apprehending two Palestinian teenagers from the nearby West Bank village of Awarta for murdering the illegal settlers and declaring the case closed after the teenagers issued confessions. There are two elephantine problems with this hasbara-bathed narrative: Firstly, the Palestinian teenagers were tortured into delivering the confessions by Shin Bet (19).

This is by no means something of newness; it is by no means aberrant. Shin Bet tortures innocents across occupied Palestine regularly. Israel’s internal security service has electrocuted Palestinian children to extract false confessions (20). It places urine-soaked sacks over the heads of detainees while blasting loud music right next to their ears for hours and days on end (21). Shin Bet also uses feces-soaked sacks, threats of sexual violence and has gone as far as using rape itself to abuse the innocents that it has unlawfully taken into custody (22). Shin Bet has created its own system of torture, and it has given this system a name: ‘Shabeh,’ a combination of torturous methods that induce massively high levels of mental stress and continuous, excruciating physical pain. Shabeh is banned under international law (23). Not that the Zionist entity and its inhumane wings of murder and torture have ever cared for international law before.

Secondly, one of the Palestinian teenagers, 19-year old Hakim al-Awwad, couldn’t have carried out the killings on the illegal settlement of Itamar because on the night in question, he was at his home in the occupied West Bank village of Awarta still recovering from a testicular surgery he went through in November 2010. Hakim can barely walk and has to use the bathroom every hour (24). One would think after 63 years of illegitimacy and propaganda perpetually spewed to cover up that illegitimacy, Israel would find new ways to lie, but it is still as pathetic as ever. Hakim al-Awwad, and 6 other members of his family, have had their lives destroyed forever by this unconscionably vicious lie.

The beautiful and ancient
Palestinian village of Awarta.
Only 10% of it remains.
Awarta: The Death Of A Palestinian Village

The arrest of Hakim and Amjad al-Awwad have nothing to do with solving the Itamar killings and everything to do with the ongoing expansionist project known as ‘Greater Israel.’ The arrest of these two young men and the subsequent torture that they endured at the hands of Shin Bet is the story that the Zionist media would feed to the world as it bulldozed and ethnically cleansed its way to another conquest of Palestinian land. The target of this conquest: Awarta. From the very moment that the events at Itamar unfolded in the international media, war criminal and butcher of Gaza Benjamin Netanyahu made it very clear that the Zionist entity would build 400-500 new settlement units in the memory of the Fogel family (25).

Also from the moment that the events at Itamar unfolded, Awarta was placed under siege by IOF. Immediate after the killings, the brutal Israeli occupiers designated Awarta a closed military zone and established a harsh curfew over the Palestinian residents. Nobody was allowed out and no supplies were allowed in, like a miniature Gaza. Detentions became habitual and settlers were allowed free reign to wreak havoc on the people, destroying property and confiscating dozens of dunums of land (26). Homes were barbarically searched by IOF, day in and day out, and the detentions escalated to kidnapings in the middle of the night (27).

6-year old Halaa
al-Awwad: An
Awarta resident
assaulted by Zionist
After a month of being under siege, it was clear that the Zionist entity’s intention was nothing less than the total destruction of Awarta (28). IOF increased its brutality by raiding farms, mosques, clinics, detaining the elderly, the oldest of which were 80-year old Palestinian women, and beating and arresting entire families (29). The youngest girl arrested was 14-year old Julia Mazen al-Awwad, who was kidnaped in the middle of the night, and the youngest Palestinian wounded was 6-year old Halaa al-Awwad, who was beaten and kicked by IOF soldiers after they raided her family’s home and kidnaped her older brothers (30). By the 33rd day of the siege, every resident of Awarta, a 4,000 acre village where 2,400 acres of it are lush, fertile and used for farming (hence why Zionism desires it so vehemently), had been illegally detained and IOF had taken their fingerprints, DNA samples or both. Women and children included (31).

As of this moment, multiple settlement outposts have been constructed in Awarta and the Zionist entity’s bulldozers have become a permanent fixture in the dismantled Palestinian village. As of this moment, 90% of ancient Awarta has been confiscated by Zionist extremists under the protection of Israeli “Defense” Forces (32). Right before the eyes of the hypocritical entity known as the “international community,” another Palestinian village has been decimated. As the 63rd anniversary of the Palestinian Nakba approaches, the ethnic cleansing of Palestine continues; the Nakba (Arabic for catastrophe) itself, continues. The only difference between 1948 and 2011 is the pretext that the Zionist entity invoked to carry out its genocidal policies against the indigenous people of Palestine.

Forces from within
the Zionist entity,
whether IOF, Shin Bet,
Aman or Mossad,
are the most likely
culprits behind
the Itamar killings.
Itamar: Who Did It?

These revelations, which demolish the Zionist propaganda cloud that has hovered over the Itamar incident since March 11th, most certainly exonerate the Palestinians of Awarta from any wrongdoing. With the exoneration of Awarta’s Palestinians intact, the question remains: who carried out the killings? There are only two possible explanations, and each explanation exists in the realm of strong possibility.

There has already been a suspect detained, and this suspect serves as possible culprit number one. Israeli occupation forces detained a Thai man who lived in the illegal Itamar settlement and worked for the Fogel family. Udi Fogel, the family patriarch, refused to pay the Thai worker his salary of 10,000 shekels, and according to IOF, the Thai man who was in desperate need of the monies owed to him carried out the killings in revenge (33).

The illegal Itamar settlement was founded in 1984 by the Amana Settlement Movement, a wing of the racist, radical and militant Zionist organization known as Gush Emunim (34). Gush Emunim was founded by Rabbi Zvi Yehuda Kook, the son of Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook, the founder of “Religious Zionism.” Abraham Kook was a known Kabbalist and Talmudist, and is considered to be one of the most influential rabbis of the 20th century. He passed on the xenophobic traditions of the Talmud and Kabbalah to his son, who used them to organize Zionist militias throughout the occupied West Bank under the name of Gush Emunim to defend “the land given to them by God.”

Zvi Yehuda Kook:
the leader of Gush Emunim,
the Zionist 
that founded Itamar.
Because of the fundamentalism of Yehuda Kook, Talmudic teachings play a major role in what could be surmised to have taken place on the Itamar settlement. According to Talmudic Law, specifically in the books of Sanhedrin and Baba Kamma, it is explicit in its specification that, “Regarding a Jew stealing from goyim (non-Jews, cattle), the act is permitted,” and, “Jews may use lies to circumvent a gentile (35).” Stealing from non-Jews, according to the highest authorities of the rabbinate within occupied Palestine, is encouraged, especially when violence is employed with the act of robbing (36). Due to the extremist ideology in which Udi Fogel believed in, it is entirely plausible that he stole from this Thai man who worked for him, as he views this Thai man as nothing more than cattle, and in anger, the Thai man responded in anger with murder. Though this scenario is plausible, another still suspect remains: the Zionist entity’s forces.

Due to the access that IOF had to the settlement because of its heavy security presence inside and around the perimeter, as well as the benefits that the usurping Israeli regime has acquired since March 11th, mainly the ethnic cleansing and destruction of Awarta, which has supreme religious significance to the Talmudic fanatics which govern the occupation (37), the most likely suspect of all behind the Itamar killings is Israel. And for anyone who will reject this supposition as pure ‘anti-Semitic’ conspiratorial vitriol is ignoring the overwhelming historical evidence glaring at them in the face. Zionists have absolutely no problem with murdering innocent Jews to further their hegemonic agenda.

Israel’s Mossad sunk a ship called the ‘Egoz’ full of Moroccan Jewish children, murdering all on board and conducted a covert bombing campaign across the Jewish communities of Iraq during the early days of the Zionist entity’s bastardized creation, murdering hundreds, all for the sake of bringing the Arab Jews to occupied Palestine as slave labor (38). Zionist intelligence operatives and military units kidnaped Yemenite Jewish children and delivered them to the Ashkenazi elite within the ethnically cleansed areas of occupied Palestine so they could serve the wealthy Khazarians as servants. The Yemenite Jewish children who weren’t wanted by the elites were sold as commodities to Zionist adoption agencies in the United States, and those children who could not be sold for a Zionist profit were killed and buried in unmarked graves (39).

During the World War II era, the Zionists were frequent collaborators with the Nazis and signed the infamous Haavara Agreement to facilitate Ashkenazi immigration to historic Palestine (40). Unbeknownst to most supporters of the Zionist state and its multiple propaganda apparatuses, the Nazi regime was heavily funded by the devastatingly powerful Warburg family, the Zionist banking clan who had a large village in ethnically cleansed Palestine named after them (41). The Zionist leadership in New York and London ignored the calls of top European rabbinical official Rabbi Michael Ber Weissmandl, who sought their help in rescuing Slovakian Jews from being deported to the Nazis’ work camps. Those Slovakian Jews would die of starvation (42). And most recently, Mossad, in collusion with Hindutvadi India’s RAW and the CIA, its most notorious allies, murdered a Zionist rabbi and his wife in Mumbai during its false flag operation on 26/11 (43).

Palestinian children
barbarously slaughtered
by the Zionist
regime during
Operation Cast Lead.

The Zionist entity cares not for innocent life; it cares not even for those who blindly support its tyranny, its genocides, its ethnic cleansing, its occupation and its regional ambitions. It cares only for the expansion of its “chosen” empire and it will eliminate anyone or anything standing in its way and spill the blood of any individual or group that will benefit its dreams of conquest.

The murder of the 3 Jewish children of the Fogel family is a terrible crime, no mistake can be made about it. But perspective is compulsory. The Fogel family were illegal extremist settlers. Their very existence was based on the dispossession of Palestinian land, the purging of a Palestinian family, the Zionist occupation of Palestine, all crimes against humanity. They did not belong on that land as the land does not belong to them. If the Thai worker did in fact murder this family, it is their own fault because of their extremist religious beliefs; their children are victims of their extremist religious beliefs. If they were murdered by IOF as an Israeli pretext to carry out the ethnic cleansing of Awarta, which is the more likely scenario, they are victims of their Zionist ideology as are their children. The children of course, are innocent. The parents are not.

And while the international community spoke out against the murder of the Fogel children, not one word was uttered, or is ever uttered, by this community of hypocrites, warmongers, mass murderers, criminals, stooges and puppets about the Palestinian, Lebanese, Iraqi, Afghan, Somali, Pakistani, Libyan, Bahraini and Yemeni children that are murdered every single day by the Zionist entity and its bloodthirsty American, British, French and Saudi proxies. Since the year 2000 alone, 1,463 Palestinian children have been mercilessly slaughtered by the Zionist entity (44).

At the very core of the Itamar false flag however, there is something far more sinister than the murder of this family and even more sinister than the military crackdown and ethnic cleansing of Palestinian Awarta. The Itamar false flag was the first phase of an intelligence operation that is remapping the entire Middle East. Arabs beware. Solidarity activists beware. Zionism’s Operation Phantasmagoria is in full effect.

~ End Of Part I ~

Next: The ‘bus stop’ bombing in occupied al-Quds and fresh Zionist aggression in Gaza.


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  1. Salaam brother, You are so right on. As soon as I read about the Itamar killing I thought it had the finger prints of Zionism all over it and the Zionist have been killing Jews for over a hundred years now. Looking forward to parts 2 thourgh 7, talk to you soon. Assalamu alaikoum

  2. They plot and plan but God is the best of planners.

  3. Salaam Brother. This is just a little more of your genius with words and your amazing political acumen that must be read by all. To that end, it is posted in my lowly blog.

    Grinz, I know I have sent a few folks, like the lovely lady above, to this site because your work must be shared.

    Only 23 you say? Perhaps in body you are young. In spirit you are ancient and insightful. I look forward eagerly for your next chapter.

  4. Brilliant narrative. Solid on facts and theories. Nice.

  5. Your writing has a crystal clarity. The power and resonance is palpable. The facts you present, while generally known to many, leap of the screen and into the mind's eye with a peculiar poigniancy.
    Keep up your hard work. I(and many others) greatly appreciate your, not so subtle, reminders of the outrageous ongoing crimes that surround us. It is a cold slap in the face, a wake up call, for so many of us are fast asleep at the wheel and cosmic crashes seem most appropriate in these strange days.

  6. All your articles are excellent articles.


    After witnessing so many other formerly proud resisters fall prey to cabbalist black magic-mind control, it is happy indeed to see an authentic point of resistance to sionist hegemony remains.

    Watching all of the rats running to escape the sinking " SS Hope n Change" over at the formerly great VT has been edifying. The warmonger "progressives" are falling all over themselves to escape the embarrassment of Äbottotbadgate and now trying to distance themselves from their leader... where can they run to now I wonder - CUBA? Ha Ha, even TA won't take them in! Used goods.

    Interesting to see some of the names from the pre neo-stalinist putsch days of VT - Ingrid, I had not realized you were one of us! Peace and happiness be with you!

    Well Joseph, you never responded to my comment trying to smooth the feathers I ruffled on your Egypt perspective, but there's no hard feelings on this side...diverging opinion is a necessary corollary of free thinking, and our common disgust at the descent of G Duff into madness and bloodlust is more important than our disagreement IMHO. For weeks I felt alone in struggling to turn the tide at VT, not realizing that others were being gagged and banned at the same time as I.

    That your computer has been on the fritz you can take as no accident. I am constantly getting hammered by cabbalistic techno magic designed and operated to take away the ability of resistors to oppose the sionist thought monopoly. And it got really bad when the VT putschists started laying it on thick - which should tell you something about who is in charge there now!

    Sad indeed it is to also have to report that another of my formerly favorite resistors appears to have succumbed to whatever combination of threat\blackmail\bribery is used to draw all dissenters into line in the sionist west. For months now, Sibel Edmonds and her Boiling Frog blog have been laying the anti-Muslim agiprop on thicker and thicker. This week she has descended to giving an obvious mossad asset a platform from which to spew poisonous venom onto the innocent ears of people who will have supposed themselves safe from same by virtue of Sibels' very respectable (former?) anti-sionist credentials. I have asked for explanation and received no reply. Such is how the game is played now! No safe haven, no stone left unturned. The whistleblowers now need whistleblowers!

    All websites of ALL former resistors in the sionist occupied west appear to have now been subsumed and corrupted. We need to find a new nexus for resistance, outside of the fallen western lands. The mind control is pervasive and unavoidable there. This is the reality to be faced and acted upon.

    Keep up the great work, stay protected. Know thy enemy. p.s. Anniversary of the Mavi Marmara massacre is coming up...I see little being mentioned about it...just a suggestion.

  8. Wa alaikoum el salaam "Jannisary,"

    Firstly, the name that my mother gave me is not Joseph, it's Jonathan. I'm a bit baffled as to how you missed that considering "Jonathan Azaziah" is all over this blog, but it's fine. Please keep that in mind for the future.

    Secondly, you didn't "ruffle my feathers" akhi. It takes a lot to do such a thing, and it especially isn't going to happen on Internet message boards. The "revolution" that took place in Egypt was one of fantasy and reality; the millions who took to the streets demanding the liberation of Falasteen and the end of the Gaza siege are the reality. The April 6th Movement, Wael Ghonim and the many other ElBaradei supporters are the fantasy. I don't believe you and I had a disagreement... just a simple misunderstanding.

    On the subject of VT... I left my post as a Staff Writer there because of the despicable coverage on Libya and the one-sided coverage on these (mainly) fake revolutions across MENA. I'm not going to speculate as to whether the paper has been co-opted or slander them either, as I still do have a great respect for Mr. Duff and other people there... I'm just simply, disappointed. God willing, they will wake up.

    I'm well-aware of the upcoming anniversary of the Flotilla massacre... I will be writing about it in this Phantasmagoria series.

    Thank you for reading, thank you for your kind words and you stay safe too brother. Peace and blessings be upon you.

    ~ Ziah

  9. Good job here... once again... ! Libya is obvious that the civil war was engineered by our intimate enemies and Allah swt knows Best

    it is easy to see it now !

  10. you,my brother,are one smart man.


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