Friday, March 11, 2011

26/11 Revisited: Raymond Davis And A Travesty Of Justice

The 26/11 false flag attack in Mumbai
was one of the most brazen
in Mossad's bloody history.
by Jonathan Azaziah

The events of November 26th, 2008 will forever live in infamy. The terror attacks perpetrated against the Indian city of Mumbai shook the South Asia subcontinent to its core, leaving 195 confirmed dead and at least 295 other innocents wounded (1). The terror was said to be manufactured in Pakistan, the self-declared enemy of India, “the world’s largest democracy.” It was carried out by expertly trained “Jihadi terrorists” as per the direction of Pakistani intelligence and elements within the Pakistani government. This delusional fallacy however, is devoid of any basis in reality and nothing more than a concoction of the vitriol-spewing institution known as the mainstream media.

This institution of vileness, depravity and criminality is owned by a cabal of individuals who share common interests in supporting a certain illegal entity nestled on stolen Arab land in what is now known as occupied Palestine. This cabal adheres to an ideology which justifies the murderous occupiers’ ethnic cleansing, land theft, terrorism and 63 years of bloodshed inflicted upon the indigenous Palestinians with xenophobic fairy tales of chosenness.

This ideology is Zionism and its adherent cabal of Zionist media owners are Redstone, Murdoch, Zucker, Saban, Bronfman, Bewkes, Immelt, Iger, Sulzberger and Zell to name the most prominent few. These men infected the world with the virus of falsehood in regards to the illegal invasion and occupation of Afghanistan and the annihilation of Iraq. They pieced together a multi-billion dollar Hollywood blockbuster for the September 11th attacks and repeated the same propagandistic formula for the 26/11 attacks in Mumbai.

In each case, supremely malevolent Arab (and Muslim) villains were presented to the public as the culprits for crimes superceding the very limits of iniquity. And in each case, these egregious stories were used to cover up the real perpetrators of the criminal acts: the Israeli Mossad, its worldwide network of sayanim and its allies in the international intelligence community.

26/11 was a well-planned, well-financed paramilitary operation with Mossad at the head, Hindutvadi India’s RAW serving as a close partner and the CIA providing additional support. No criminal from any one of these organizations has been arrested, let alone tried in court. Instead, a 23-year old man who has been framed from the very beginning of the 26/11 operation has been tried, convicted and sentenced to death for being the mastermind of the carnage on that November day. His name is Mohammad Ajmal Mohammad Amir Kasab, and what has been done to him is a travesty of justice that began with Zionism and will end with Hindutva. The Bombay High Court says that this innocent man “should be hanged by the neck until he is dead (2).”

23-year old Mohammad Ajmal
Mohammad Amir Kasab
is an innocent man
framed by Zionism and
Mossad and RAW or Kasab?

Ajmal Kasab has been convicted of several criminal counts, including multiple murders, conspiracy and even war crimes (3). Three of the victims of these alleged murders, were former chief of the Anti-Terrorism Squad Hemant Karkare and two of his colleagues, top police officers as well. The Indian courts would like the world to believe that this man, this lone 23-year old man, singlehandedly eliminated three top policemen (among scores of other innocents) and served as the commander of a multi-faceted criminal conspiracy that took nearly two decades of planning, when Ajmal Kasab was barely 5 years old. The conviction came to fruition based on an absolute lack of evidence.

Contrary to all diatribes presented by the Zionist media and its Hindutvadi counterparts and sister networks in India, Ajmal Kasab has no links to Pakistan whatsoever, let alone “Lashkar-e-Taiba (4).” RAW, IB and India’s top police authorities have been manipulating front organizations posing as “Islamic terrorists” and leaving false flags on their path of destruction for decades; a top Indian legal officer has even exposed this trickery in court (5). Kasab is a tragic byproduct of this extensive Hindutvadi operation of deception and sabotage, which RAW learned from a close working relationship with the Mossad (6).

Kasab has accused RAW and the Zionist entity of framing him, planting false evidence and shooting him to make it appear like he took part in the heinous 26/11 assault (7). Not only was Ajmal Kasab framed, his life destroyed, his reputation tarnished forever, and his very existence now at the mercy of Zionism and Hindutva due to the 26/11 event, he was kidnaped at least two years prior to the false flag in Mumbai and illegally held in an Indian dungeon, waiting to be “activated” as the patsy for the comprehensive intelligence operation. Ajmal Kasab, along with nearly 200 others, were kidnaped by RAW while on a business trip in Nepal some time before 2006. Human rights advocates and the parents of Ajmal Kasab filed petitions with the Nepalese Supreme Court, but to no avail. Their son disappeared without a trace, only to resurface in 2008 as a murderous “terrorist (8).”

Ajmal Kasab is a victim of 26/11, not the perpetrator of it. 26/11 was an intricate, multi-layered intelligence and paramilitary operation that involved Mossad at the highest level, RAW and IB as its working partners, and CIA providing the Israeli mass murder organization with vital support. The operation began in 1992 with the demolition of the ancient Babri Masjid. It escalated with the slew of bombs that terrorized Bombay (Mumbai) in 1993. Training exercises with Zionist-trained Hindutvadi operatives in the field were conducted in 2006 and September 2008, in Mumbai and Malegaon. This groundwork prepared all of the criminal parties involved for November 26, 2008.

The purposes for the attack were to demolish peace talks between India, Pakistan and Iran, cover up the excessive Hindutvadi-Zionist crimes against humanity in occupied Kashmir, permanently eliminate ATS chief Hemant Karkare for investigating links between Zionism, Hindutva and false flag terrorism throughout India and solidify India’s participation in the TAPI pipeline, a vastly lucrative energy project controlled by the Mossad-headed Merhav Group (9). Kasab’s conviction and sentencing puts one more stamp on the cover-up while the criminals, who reside in Washington D.C., Herzliya, Tel Aviv and New Delhi, remain at large.

Raymond Davis: Murderer,
Blackwater contractor,
CIA Chief,
Dragon Policy agent.
Davis, Kasab and Fission Field Warfare

On January 27, 2011, a man claiming to be a US diplomat under the pseudonym ‘Raymond Allen Davis,’ gunned down two young, unarmed Pakistani men in front of the American embassy in Lahore. ‘Davis’ claimed that the men were armed and they were attempting to rob him. Nothing could be further from the truth. What ‘Raymond Davis’ actually is, isn’t even in the same galaxy where agents of diplomacy exist. Davis is not only tied to infamous hunter-killed mercenary firm Blackwater {Xe} (10), he is an ex-special forces officer who was the acting head of the CIA in Pakistan after the Pakistani people drove out Islamabad CIA station chief ‘Jonathan Banks (11).’

The innocent Pakistani men were not shot dead because they were attempting to rob Davis. They were shot dead because they witnessed Davis and another group of mercenaries loading their cars with machine guns and explosives, and overheard them discussing their trip into an area of Lahore known for “terror bombings.” While Davis was detained, the other car, full of mercenaries, jetted away and ran over another innocent Pakistani in the process (12). The phone found in Davis’ car, revealed that the CIA-Xe murderer made several calls to an organization known as the ‘Tehrik-I-Taliban (13),’ a group linked to hundreds of bombings across Pakistan in the last 10 years. Pakistani police also discovered photographs of sensitive military defense installations on Davis’ camera, including the Balahisar Fort, the headquarters of the paramilitary Frontier Corps in the strategically important city of Peshawar and several Pakistan Army bunkers on the border with India (14). Pakistani police want Davis charged with espionage.

Davis’ connections to Blackwater (Xe) and his occupation as an operative for the CIA, along with his cold-blooded murder of two innocent men are more than enough to have him prosecuted and convicted of multiple crimes. But it is the details beneath the surface of the double homicide that connect Davis to a much greater, and much more sinister conspiracy. The conversations with the ‘Tehrik-I-Taliban,’ his photography of military installations that serve as the stomping grounds for the upper echelons of the Pakistani defense establishment, and his crew of mercenaries traveling to a “terror hotbed” destination point with explosives and machine guns directly link Davis to a long-running false flag terrorism operation known as the ‘Dragon Policy,’ run by the Zionist entity and its confederates inside RAW, the CIA and Blackwater.

Hindutva and Zionism: The
destroyers of Pakistan and
the occupiers of Kashmir.
The Dragon Policy is one of the most successful enterprises of the illegitimate Israeli state’s fission field warfare, the pinnacle of false flag terrorism. This highly sophisticated operation is a multi-faceted cohesion between intelligence, military, media and politics, all for the purpose of fragmenting nations that are seen as threats to the global agenda of international Zionism. Excluding occupied Iraq, no nation has been hit more ruthlessly than the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. And no area of Pakistan has been hit more barbarically than Peshawar, which has been transformed into a Mossad-RAW stronghold. Hence, Davis’ photos of military installations in the city.

Mossad and RAW, the two principal executors of the Dragon Policy, set up four agencies in 2001 which would target Pakistan’s societal top tier, from finance to politics, religion to military. These agencies would seduce, blackmail, train and employ young Pakistani men from different sects and serve as their handlers in carrying out terrorism across Pakistan. Once the recruits are in the field, they are met by their handlers under the guise of ‘Al-Qaeda’ or the ‘Tehrik-I-Taliban’ and issued money, weapons and other supplies. These meetings are then reported by the Zionist media as coordination between terror groups. When these stooge agents are unable to secure a ‘checkout,’ or completion of their mission, the ordnance units of Mossad and RAW take to the field in collaboration with sleeper cells of Xe contractors to spread the chaos. The blood-drenched end result is still reported by the cabalistic Zionist media as “Islamic extremism,” to the detriment of Pakistan (15).                           

Davis’ exploits aren’t just another example of American military malevolence exercised on the hallowed grounds of a sovereign Muslim nation, they are an example of a full-blown Israeli intelligence operation that is tearing Pakistan apart. And Davis’ arrest does not just have the potential to cripple the relations between Pakistan and the United States, it has the potential to remove the curtains on the vampiric Zionist entity’s criminal activity in Pakistan and bring it to light for all of the world to see. Every moment that Davis remains alive, Israel and its allies in RAW, the CIA and Blackwater are at risk. Do not be surprised if Davis winds up dead at the hands of one of the Dragon Policy’s endless supply of patsies.

The Pakistani government refuses to give into the United States’ diplomatic pressure at the hands of Zionist lapdogs like warmonger Hillary Clinton and Skull-and-Bones alumni John Kerry. Pakistan’s government is seeking to prosecute Raymond Davis to the fullest extent of its anti-terror laws (16). Under pressure already from its citizens over the incessant murders of thousands of innocents at the hands of CIA-operated drones, as well as the rape, torture, brutalization and illegal detention of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui by various military factions of the USA, the Pakistani government is on the verge of collapse if it makes one more ill-advised political decision.

Dr. Aafia Siddiqui's life
has been desecrated by the
Zionist "War on Terror."
Unlike the recent wave of revolutionary fervor that has gripped the Middle East and North Africa, which is comprised of real rage but equally real globalist-manipulation, any folly with the fate of Raymond Davis will trigger a real revolution and bring down the Zionist Power Configuration’s puppet regime and send Zardari and his band of thieves to the gallows (17). Many are advocating a deal that would swap Dr. Aafia Siddiqui’s freedom for the CIA-Xe murderer’s freedom. Millions of Pakistanis already want to see Dr. Siddiqui come home and put her Zionist-designed nightmare behind her (if that would even be humanly possible), from those residing in squalor in Pakistan’s most downtrodden slums to those operating clandestinely in the zeniths of Pakistan’s intelligence community (18). Any other scenario is utterly unacceptable.

An integral part of Israel’s fission field warfare, and the grandfather of the policy, the Fracture Theory of Zion (FTZ), is the origin point; the very reason for an operation to be orchestrated to begin with. The death sentence of Ajmal Kasab, and its broadcasting across the global networks of Zionist-owned news outlets, has taken the world’s mind off of Raymond Davis and his double murder, his espionage and his links to Israel’s conduction of terrorism in Pakistan. Davis’ possible outing is the origin point for the Zionist entity’s latest batch of media lies about the 26/11 false flag attack. Now, international attention is on Pakistan for its “training and funding” of Ajmal Kasab, instead of Raymond Davis’ murder of two unarmed Pakistani men and the lawlessness that the United States has spread at Israel’s command throughout the Islamic nation. Kasab’s fate is nothing more than cannon fodder for the Zionist entity’s global chess game in which it looks to bury all of its criminality in proverbial sarcophaguses.

Shumaila Kanwal, the wife of one
of Raymond Davis' victims,
committed suicide over the
loss of her husband.
Conclusion: Another Tragedy and Occupied Kashmir

Raymond Davis’ murder of two young Pakistanis on January 27, 2011 was not only an act of war against Pakistan and a despicable criminal act, it was a gruesome tragedy. These men had families like any other human being residing on this planet, no matter how inconceivable that may be (due to the xenophobic hatred towards Arabs and Muslims spread by the pro-Israel media monopoly). The wife of Muhammad Fahim, one of the young men murdered by Davis, committed suicide by swallowing rat poison. She just couldn’t bear living without her husband whom she loved dearly. The young woman’s last wish was to see Davis brought to justice for his monstrous crime (19).

In addition to the evidence which has surfaced that links Raymond Allen Davis to the Dragon Policy of Zionism and Hindutva, it is now confirmed that Davis’ activities were not just confined to Pakistan but occupied Kashmir as well. Davis was attempting to penetrate several “jihadist” groups in occupied Kashmir (20), or in terms devoid of Zionism, groups of indigenous Resistance. Flattening the Azadi Movement in occupied Kashmir is a top priority for the Zionist-Hindutvadi nexus in the South Asia subcontinent.

Hindutva’s security forces have been trained by the Zionist entity since the 1980s. These brutal thugs carry Israeli rifles, are well-schooled in Israeli torture techniques and there are 500,000-700,000 of them occupying the soil of Kashmir at all times, making Kashmir the most militarized zone on earth. The human rights violations by Indian soldiers are vast, from mass graves to torture, rape to kidnaping, and they are fully protected by the Hindutvadi government through the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) and the Public Safety Act (PSA). These two acts allow Indian troops to shoot to kill, arrest with no warrant, and kidnap with no provocation with complete impunity.

Kashmir. An earthly gem of exquisite beauty.
Occupied by Hindutvadi forces
and subjected to daily brutality.
Israeli commander Eli Katzir has been operating a counter-terrorism unit in occupied Kashmir for over a decade and Mossad agents posing as tourists routinely travel to the Vale to conduct surveillance for their superiors in Herzliya and Tel Aviv. As per the Dragon Policy, drug barons on the payroll of Mossad, Aman and RAW have infected Kashmiri society with narcotics and fomented rampant usage of the poison. Over 100,000 Kashmiris have been murdered since 1989 and they continue to suffer unspeakably on a daily basis (21). 10 Kashmiris, including 6 children, were murdered by Hindutvadi forces in February alone, 59 people were severely wounded and over 91 civilians were illegally detained (22). Live ammunition and tear gas are routinely dispensed on the unarmed population, and none of this misery ever makes the news, mainstream or otherwise.

Just like the Zionist entity always generates fission field warfare and fracture theory operations to cover up its daily abuses and horrors in occupied Palestine, it uses its octopus-like media to cover up the same abuses and horrors in occupied Kashmir to protect its Hindutva asset. While politicos from the world over debate the true status of Raymond Davis, Kashmir’s suffering remains ignored and Dragon Policy objectives continue to be carried out in Pakistan. The Israeli regime’s favorite weapon and infamous signature, the car bomb, was used to murder 31 innocents and critically injure 70 others at a funeral in Peshawar on March 9, 2011. The Tehrik-I-Taliban, a known front for the Mossad-RAW nexus, has typically taken responsibility for the bloodshed (23). Peshawar is an acropolis for Mossad and RAW; a hub for terrorism where agents from the two intelligence agencies have been caught previously (24), and it was a frequent travel stop for none other than Raymond Davis while he worked at the US Consulate under a Blackwater alias (25).
The diplomatic war now taking place between Pakistan and the Zionist-occupied United States government over Raymond Davis will most assuredly remain out of the public eye. Independent media outlets like Opinion Maker, Veterans Today and blogs known for their investigative prowess will stand alone as the providers of updates on the dirty game. Instead, the public will be bombarded with more Zionist-written fantasies about Taliban terror and served a steady diet of the ingenuity of “Al-Qaeda” extremists finding new ways to hurt America over the Internet or maybe even greeting cards. The more ridiculous, the better. Dessert will be the rehashing of the abyssal evil of Mohammad Ajmal Mohammad Amir Kasab, who carried out 26/11 to bring India, “a flourishing democracy” according to Zionist stooge Barack Obama, to its knees.

Never will they know that Mohammad Ajmal Mohammad Amir Kasab is as innocent as the Palestinian child in his home in occupied al-Khalil bulldozed by IOF’s barbarous killers. Or the Lebanese mother in southern Beirut who loses her life to an American-made Israeli-dropped cluster bomb as she walks out of her door to check her mail. Or the generations of Iraqis who will suffer immeasurably due to the depleted uranium unleashed on their precious soil by Western occupying forces and the Zionist entity’s intelligence operatives (26). Never will they know that Mohammad Ajmal Mohammad Amir Kasab’s life has been ruined by Zionism and Hindutva, and his wrongful, criminal conviction will lead to more savagery carried out in occupied Kashmir in his name. Never will they know this travesty of justice, or other travesties of justice carried out by this worldwide elitist network of gangsters and thieves. And what may be the saddest of all is, never will they even care.

Shumaila Kanwal, the wife of Muhammad Fahim, one of Raymond Davis’ victims, said before she succumbed to the effects of the poison she ingested in her suicide attempt, “The way my husband was shot, his killer should be shot in the same fashion. I prefer death over injustice (27).” Justice for Muhammad Fahim. Justice for Faizan Haider. Justice for Ibadur Rehman. And now justice for Shumaila Kanwal. Justice will be interpreted as the harshest punishment possible for the Dragon Policy’s point man in Pakistan, Raymond Davis. Once he is dealt with, may the lions of justice tarry on the hunt, until the globe holders who dictate Zionist-Hindutvadi hegemony pay for their inhumanity too. 

~ The End ~


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  1. I am the first to admit my ignorance of many of the facts re 26/11. I have seen images of Ajmal Kasab during the committing of the crime. Can you please tell me how he is innocent? Or direct me to a source that will clue me in.

    I was unfamiliar Dr.Aafia iddiqui and when I researched her she was painted most vilely. Of course I look to source for that slant and it was fairly easy to read between the lines, lies, and backward speak.

    Was Kasab a victim of MK ultra, perhaps a Delta, as were so many other patsies and assassins and then hung out to dry and take the blame?

    I would truly appreciate this. Once again, Jonathan, you have opened my eyes to a whole other political mess I was either not aware of or just ... avoiding for some reason or another.

  2. Peace and blessings Noor,

    As described in the article sister, Kasab had no links to Pakistan whatsoever, the FBI confirmed it. He was kidnapped by RAW, India's intelligence agency, in Nepal prior to 2006. He was held in an Indian dungeon along with 200 other innocent people, awaiting activation as a patsy. When 26/11 rolled around, he was dropped into the field... and framed as an attacker, then the leader, then the mastermind of the entire operation.

    It's not just a travesty or a tragedy, it's absolute lunacy. I wrote a comprehensive piece about Hindutva, its relationship with Zionism, and the 26/11 false flag attacks a few months ago. Give it a read sister... it explains everything.


    ~ Ziah

  3. Nods in gratitude.

    Thank you very much for this. I shall. For now, I am listening to you talking to Mark. Salaam


  4. The Zionist MATRIX (Homeland: Israel) is "The Synagogue of Satan". Satan sits at the head of the Zionist MATRIX pyramid. British royalty are just a royal pain-in-the-ass, somewhere down the demonic line. That the Brits put up with THEM and follow their antics religiously, demonstrates that they have been brainwashed beyond recognition - dumber than the American Sheeple! I mean, why would anyone give a rat's ass about "The Queen" or "Prince Philip"? Of course, it's no accident that the Brits enabled the birth of that abortion, "New Khazaria", Homeland of the Zionist Slimeballs - AGENTS of the ANCIENT ALIEN RACE (of Satan).

    The only way to solve the world's #1 problem is to wipe Zionist Israel off the map (Ezekiel 22:20) and turn paradise into a parking lot, so-to-speak. ;) "He will also do it."

  5. Phenomenal article Jonathan. The rise of Blackwater (or Xe) and other private military contractors working for the US armed forces, State Department and intelligence agencies coincides perfectly with the rise of all this false flag terrorism. Now, every time I read about a car bomb or attack in the Muslim world, I almost assume it's one of these black ops programs, organized and carried out by the Mossad-CIA-RAW-MI6 nexus.

    Jonathan, do you have any insight into how aware the Indian people are to these facts? It seems the Pakistani's are well aware of these groups and their agenda, but I'm not sure about the Indians.

    Also, have you heard what Dmitri Khalezov has had to say regarding the Zionist false flag attack on 9/11? To me, he makes a lot of sense.

    See here too:

  6. Johnathan, I found you through The Ugly Truth. I truly enjoy listening to your viewpoint. As a seeker of TRUTH I was pleasantly surprised to find this article footnoted citing sources. While I can find many sites that spew facts and information, few cite their resources so that others can read what the author has been reading. It truly lends credibility to your site and what you have to say. I appreciate it so much. Thank you for all of your effort.

  7. Salaam Ziah, I'm learning so much from you. I'm also coming to realize what a difficult struggle lies ahead, far beyond what I have been lead to believe. Shokran ktir.

  8. Ziah, I have been following these columns and every link they have to offer to root out the sole truth. I agree with the view points. I no longer believe the news we are shown. People i talk to want to remain naive and not agree with what i am speculating. But i have learnt what man is capable of, for gain. Thanks so much for your insight. I was kinda lost for some time over my own skepticism there. But now i can complete a picture in my head. :D


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