Friday, September 17, 2010

Never Breaks

by Jonathan Azaziah

Where am I? Is this really my home?

Am I a human or a number in a military zone?

Standing upon my parents’ graves…

Like my land, my heart is occupied by savage rage…
I lay not roses that grow from the Prophets’ perspiration…

But tears of blood from my murdered nation…

I look for a sign but the language is foreign…

Everything is alien, it’s like even the worms strangle the corpses…

I lived there my whole life, now I bathe in the rubble…

The soldiers are wild dogs, some are so defeated they pray they are muzzled…

I hate them so, I pray they are pummeled…

My heart never breaks, it burns eternally with the flame of the struggle…

They tell me to breathe, I ask them, ‘how?’

When the white phosphorus has left my lungs shattered so I’m gasping loud…

I see the devils’ tanks, wondering if infinity is where the oblivion drags…

My heart never breaks, it is forever draped in the Palestinian flag…

Did you think we’d stop living when you devastated our homes with the noxious bombs?

Did you think we’d stop praying because you don’t allow us in The Dome Of The Rock, you’re wrong…

My ears hurt, from settlements is where that awful music stems…

I feel dirtier when I wash, because I know my water is first used by them…

My mind cries, it’s an overload…

If the olive oil from our broken groves was blood, the world’s oceans would have overflowed…

Checkpoint insanity, they shoot my face if I question…

Even when I eat I can't escape the aggression…

Because the lemons are rotten, it’s the taste of oppression…

Watching our every move, I think your eye in the sky is a fraud…

The only One that watches everything is The Most Glorious, The Highest, ALLAH…

My heart never breaks, it is armored by the iron of God…

I will not swear allegiance to you, I will not accept disgrace and misery…

You can break my bones, but you can never break my dignity…

We are lions, we roar with our might and our honor…

We are eagles, and no F-16 can block the flight of a martyr…

Your bullets can pierce flesh to kill us with your spite…

But your bullets cannot pierce our willingness to fight…

Standing upon my parents’ graves, wondering when slumber will come to me with its wonderful bliss…

I am Palestinian, therefore Israel doesn’t exist…

You can blockade, occupy, and genocide me, it will be all in vain…

I am steadfast, and I will struggle on through this horrid pain…

Justice and freedom are heavenly you see…

I will never break, because Palestine is everything to me…

My eyes stop hurting, the end of the tears is close…

A people with dignity is what the occupier fears the most…

My heart never breaks, our love will forever fly…

We are Palestinian, and our Spirit will never die…

~ The End ~


  1. Dear Jonathan Azaziah

    Your blog is an amazing abode of truth, a spring of fresh pure water and a dazzling ray of sunshine


    I Believe in Miracles

    You can break my bones

    My free spirit is invincible

    You can cause me the loss of sight

    The light of my insight

    You’ll never take away

    In the shadows of darkness

    Lies the corpse of your might

    You can destroy my house

    The windows of my hope,

    You cannot break

    The pillars of my faith

    You can never shake

    You can threaten me

    With weapons of death

    And mass destruction

    Implanting fear in my heart

    You cannot achieve

    Nor can you cut off

    My divine connection

    With a missile

    You can tear my body apart

    My soul however

    Is out of your reach

    And is forever intact

    You claimed victory in six days!

    Victorious are those

    With a dignified gaze

    Facing tanks with tender flesh

    And only with stones,

    The F16 fighter blaze

    You can never defeat my will to be

    Because my power that you cannot explain

    Grows from within the roots of my pain

    You depend on the United States

    For wealth and war supply

    My infinite strength stems from

    My creator, the One most high

    I can show you the way

    To victory, Just say:

    “ In the name of God

    Most gracious, Most merciful

    The loving, the Just

    The source of peace and light”

    Strip away your greed and lust

    You’ll be surprised!

    Enjoy the transformation

    Of your soul and heart

    Examine your deeds and

    Put your life to the test

    Can you see what wrongs you’ve sown?

    Were you planting roses

    Or were you planting thorns?

    Listen to your heart

    The true story you shall hear

    Let your soul vision be your guide

    The picture will be ever so clear

    A few words are all you need to say:

    “Forgive me God”

    And all your sins will be washed away

    “I’m sorry Palestine”

    For all the pain I caused you

    “I’m sorry children of Palestine

    For being so cruel

    Digging your graves

    I’m not your superior

    You are not my slaves”

    Heaven will be yours

    And on Earth will be peace

    When you begin to care

    In my heart you’ll find a place

    And my land we can share

    I believe in miracles

    And that day I shall see

    Because God is only just

    God is only fair

  2. Two Powerful and Empowering poems!

    Dear Jonathan Azaziah

    Your blog is great. Your investigative research backed up with hard facts and common sense assertions expose the deceptions, falseflags, lies and deceit that the World Criminal Zionist Cabal uses to control us. Your 'no bullshit' deconstruction of the Zonist myths are invaluable as insight, knowledge, intellectual honesty and truth are rare in today's Zionist World Order. Keep up the good work. May the Mask of Zion crumble as fast as the WTC. God bless you.

  3. Elvis,

    Thank you for your praise and your sincerity brother, I appreciate it greatly.

    The 'no bullshit' approach is what works best in my opinion. People have been lied to for so very long, that they're tired of digging and sifting through the hundreds and hundreds of journalists who turn out to be nothing more than gatekeepers for international Zionism and its criminal network.

    They want the truth: raw, uncut, pure, unadulterated. And that is the purpose of this website. To give the people a dose of reality devoid of any kind of media spin, whether it's from the Zionist-owned mainstream, or the Zionist-infiltrated 'alternative' stream.

    "May the Mask of Zion crumble as fast as the WTC." Insha'ALLAH brother Elvis, I pray for the same.

    Wa ALLAH ysalmak (And God bless you.) Thank you again for reading.

    In solidarity,

    ~ Jonathan Azaziah

  4. Salaam ailkikum, Jonathan,

    Both poems amazing, the visuals and the spirit are amazing. As I read I am listening to you speaking with Mark Glenn on your interview/discussion last week.

    My eyes are now opened about Kashmir and Pakistan and India. I, too, have been watching with unease as that situation develops and your insight put things into place.

    I am adding your blog to my bulging blog roll. And thank you for the copyleft of your work! I will be posting much of it, along with links and accreditation of course.

    Sorry Elvis but you will see Jonathan's material twice now! (a good thing)

  5. Wa alaikoum el salaam wa rahmatullah sister,

    Jazaki ALLAH khair for all of your appreciation and your kindness Noor, and I'm glad to know that your eyes are opened on Kashmir.

    It's an occupation that has quite literally been forgotten by the world and it is our duty to bring it into the direct line of sight when discussing crimes committed against our brothers and sisters worldwide.

    I have two articles dealing directly with Kashmir; if you're looking to know the full scope on the Hindutvadi-Zionist collaboration, I would suggest giving them both a read.

    No need to thank me sister... thank you so very much for spreading the information. Truth is what unites all of us and advances our struggle.

    In solidarity,

    ~ Ziah

  6. Those are a couple outrageously awesome poems, thank you for sharing :) don't tell me it didn't break your heart; it is just that God, put it back together for you :)

  7. Peace and blessing are a good start, yet they are best said with the heart :)

    May ALLAH, Subhanahu wa Ta'ALLAH, shower blessings upon you, and guide you in your quest for destiny, and peace, brother Ziah :)


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