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Kenneth O’Keefe Under Assault: In Defense Of A Hero

Freedom Flotilla survivor and activist Kenneth O'Keefe.
by Jonathan Azaziah

“The problem facing our people... is bigger than all other personal or organizational differences. Therefore as leaders, we must stop worrying about the threat we seem to think we pose to each other’s personal prestige (1)...” ~ Malcolm X ~

The words of martyred revolutionary giant El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz reflect the nature of the particular instance about to be discussed undoubtedly.

It is an undeniable fact that the Zionist entity remains extraordinarily steadfast in its daily routine of illegality and criminality.

It commits crimes against humanity, like shooting a 66-year old Palestinian man 13 times to death in his bed (2), keeping the people of Gaza under siege and starving them of basic living essentials like cooking gas (3), and ethnically cleansing Palestine of indigenous Palestinians, including issuing demolition notices to families who are already humiliatingly living in tents (4).

The Israeli regime of usurpation violates international law, like sending its warplanes into Lebanese airspace and breaching Lebanese sovereignty on a daily basis (5), stealing the natural gas in Lebanon’s territorial waters between occupied Palestine and Cyprus (6), terrorizing Palestinian fishermen in illegally besieged Gaza, by firing at their boats and disrupting their only way to provide for their families (7), and quintessentially expanding Zionist settlements in occupied Jerusalem, zionizing the holy city a little bit more with each passing day (8).

The Zionist entity's illegal nuclear
facility in Dimona.
Israel carries out environmental terrorism, like leaking uranium from its illegal Dimona nuclear facility in occupied al-Naqab, subjecting Palestinians in the West Bank to cancer, sterility and abnormal births (9), and inflicting Palestinian surfers in Gaza with harsh skin disorders due to the Zionist entity dumping toxic waste into the Strip’s coastal waters (10).

Tel Aviv also spreads division throughout the region, like its financing of military helicopters for secessionist rebels in southern Sudan (11), part of the greater Zionist plot to divide the African nation into ‘sectarian’ states to keep the Sudanese people fractured and weakened (12), or Mossad’s false flag terrorism, like the brazen bombing of al-Qiddisin Church in Alexandria, Egypt (13) and the Zionist-admitted destruction across occupied Iraq, from Nineveh in the north, to the Karada neighborhood of Baghdad in the central region, to Najaf, Karbala and Basra in the south (14).

Instead of dedicating each waking moment of their time to documenting and exposing these crimes in every detail that they can find, some personalities in the ‘activist community’ have unfortunately, pathetically and disgustingly directed their efforts towards attacking a man who has done just that, as well as put his life on the line in defense of his fellow activists and the Palestinian people themselves. A man who has dedicated the better half of his life to fighting for truth, justice and peace: Kenneth O’Keefe.

This abominable group masquerading as activists has slandered a man who has shown no fear in standing up to the powers that be, whether they are residing in Zionist-occupied territory in Washington or Palestine. These abhorrent persons posing as members of the solidarity movement have attempted to discredit a man who has never acted in any other way other than honorably in regards to his activism. These detestable excuses for truth-seekers have assaulted a man who stands with the oppressed in the homeland of the oppressed, while they sit behind the fortress of their computer screen in disdainful envy of another’s heroism, which they are too cowardly to duplicate. Shameful doesn’t begin to provide the proper description of such deplorable behavior.

An ex-Marine and veteran of the genocidal Gulf War which bred the criminal sanctions afflicting Iraq to this very day, Mr. O’Keefe began his fight for freedom in 1994 when he was arrested for protesting against the Zionist-occupied American government’s nuclear testing. His activism would extend to animals in a massive way when he moved to the occupied kingdom of Hawaii years later, and started a mission out of his dive shop to rescue turtles and clean up toxic pollution terribly affecting the oceans.

While living in Hawaii, Mr. O’Keefe also became acutely aware of the United States government’s ‘blood quantum’ conspiracy against the Hawaiian people; a little-known and scarcely talked about genocide that eclipses the highest peaks of racism and ethnic cleansing. He stood in solidarity with his Hawaiian brothers and sisters to his detriment, resulting in perpetual harassment from traffic police and the exceedingly corrupt traffic courts. He cemented his solidarity with the indigenous Hawaiian people when he swore allegiance to the kingdom of Hawaii, which America considered an enemy nation (15).

From occupied Iraq to occupied Palestine, Kenneth O'Keefe
stands with the oppressed people.
In 1999, Mr. O’Keefe announced his intention to renounce his United States citizenship, and did so in March 2001, infuriating his government tormentors to an  even greater degree, but remaining steadfast in his activist efforts (16). Ken, who was subjected to contaminated immunizations and pills during the Gulf War and who has relentlessly campaigned against the usage of depleted uranium (17), returned to Iraq and founded the Human Shield program in late 2002, where civilians from Western countries would place themselves in front of non-military targets to show solidarity with the Iraqi people in the face of an illegal occupation. Mr. O’Keefe was ultimately deported, as well as many other volunteers, and the humanitarian project had to be disbanded (18). To drive the point deeper into the US-Zionist trachea, that he wasn’t going to stop fighting for humanity, Ken O’Keefe burned his American passport on January 8, 2004 (19).

These noble actions alone cast doubt on the intentions of anyone attempting to fire shots of falsehood at Mr. O’Keefe. But the intentions of these aforesaid attention gluttons are exposed in an even more extensive manner, after examining Mr. O’Keefe’s actions on May 31st, 2010 and the subsequent events in the blood-drenched aftermath.

The Freedom Flotilla was mercilessly assaulted by IOF.
On that fateful morning at the end of May, nearly 43 years to the day of Israel’s napalming and massacring of the USS Liberty which left 34 American sailors dead and 171 others wounded, Israeli commandoes stormed the humanitarian aid project known as the Freedom Flotilla, and murdered 9 activists including a 19-year old Turkish-American named Furkan Dogan aboard the Mavi Marmara, one of the ships part of the flotilla. It was an act of war, an act of mass murder, an act of terrorism and an act of piracy.

The Zionist entity’s typical, shameless and maniacal act of brutality was broadcasted by the Zionist media with spin provided by agents from Zionist lobby organizations and pathetically defended by the Obama regime, which is no more than an extension of the Knesset. The reason for the attack? To defuse the historic Iran-Turkey-Brazil diplomatic agreement for nuclear fuel and to show the international community that it remains under the control of the illegitimate Israeli state, powerless in the face of Zionist terror (20). Former IOF terrorist and son of one of the bombers of the King David Hotel, Zionist warmonger Rahm Emanuel, made a trip to the Zionist state just days before the murderous assault to issue ‘American’ approval to Tel Aviv for the attack (21).

Zionist war criminal Benjamin Netanyahu
orchestrated the massacre of 9
unarmed Flotilla activists.
Kenneth O’Keefe was aboard the Mavi Marmara. He saw 9 of his brothers murdered in cold blood by  Zion’s brigade of killers and dozens of others critically injured within an hour of the IOF assault. Mr. O’Keefe displayed an unprecedented form of valor, confronting the armed commandoes and disarming two of them. Once the murderers were disarmed by Mr. O’Keefe and another activist, they were taken below deck by other Flotilla activists and treated for injuries.

Kenneth, along with numerous other activists aboard the Mavi Marmara and other ships of the Flotilla, was punched and kicked while he was restrained. He witnessed as his fellow activists and friends were abused by IOF. Eldery people were physically abused, women were sexually abused during IOF’s body searches, O’Keefe and his brothers and sisters were denied food, water and access to a toilet as well as access to a lawyer. The activists had their cash, credit cards, laptops, cameras and other personal possessions stolen by Israel. Mr. O’Keefe was one of the last activists to be deported from Port Ashdod where the Flotilla was held illegally by the Zionist entity (22).

Beaten and choked to the point of blacking out in an Israeli prison cell, this by no means deterred Mr. O’Keefe. He called out any and all who would defend the Zionist regime’s actions on May 31st, including the leaders of Tel Aviv themselves (23). Israel responded by labeling Mr. O’Keefe a ‘terrorist,’ ridiculously stating that he was attempting to reach Gaza to train and establish Hamas commando units (24). Kenneth O’Keefe was invited onto the Zionist-owned BBC program Hard Talk several weeks after the attack, as a means for Israel and its allies to desecrate his image to an even greater extent and finish him once and for all. The attempt failed horribly, as O’Keefe stood his ground in defiance, relentlessly defending the Palestinians, the Freedom Flotilla and speaking unadulterated truth to the BBC propagandist portraying herself as a talk show host (25).

Mr. O’Keefe’s name spread across news headlines again not too long thereafter when he made an appearance on the Press TV program, The Agenda, where he not only fearlessly defended 9/11 truth, but went on the record to state it was an inside job carried out by elements within the American government and Israel’s mass murder organization, the Mossad (26), proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that O’Keefe’s only concern is the truth, and his only dedication is to the truth.

Greek commandoes invading
the Road To Hope aid convoy
to illegally besieged Gaza.
Kenneth O’Keefe’s most recent mission took him back to illegally besieged Gaza aboard the Road To Hope aid convoy. The convoy arrived at Egypt’s El-Arish port, carrying 30 vehicles and 101 humanitarian workers, including 8 survivors from the Freedom Flotilla massacre. Though the Road To Hope accomplished its goal of breaking the Zionist siege and delivering its aid to the suffering people of Gaza, its journey wasn’t without tumult and turmoil. The Road To Hope was stranded on the Egyptian-Libyan border for 9 days over a technicality and moreover, the captain of the ship brought Ken O’Keefe and the other courageous activists to the Piraeus port in Greece against their will, where the ship was boarded by Greek commandos and the activists were ‘treated like terrorists (27).’

Due to meddling from war criminal Hosni Mubarak’s Zionist dictatorship, only 35 members of the original 101-man crew were allowed to enter occupied Gaza, including Kenneth O’Keefe, who has remained there to conduct daily video reporting which focuses on the Palestinian children of the besieged coastal enclave (28).

Mr. O’Keefe’s activism, heroism and clear genuineness regarding the Palestinian struggle and other struggles of oppressed against oppressor have been covered by Press TV, Russia Today, Al-Jazeera English and countless pages of social networking websites and blogs of activists, journalists and average folk alike. His heroic actions are undeniable. The evidence supporting these actions is irrefutable. So how has Mr. O’Keefe been labeled by the previously discussed persons of abhorrence?

As a Zionist. Yes, a man who has fought against Zionism from America to occupied Iraq to occupied Palestine and who has exposed the prominent Israeli role in the 9/11 false flag attack is a Zionist.

As a fraud who uses his activism as a front to make money. Yes, a man who doesn’t have any money whatsoever and who spends time getting shot at by the Israeli terrorists of IOF in Beit Hanoun (29) uses his activism as a fraud to make money.

The MV Mavi Marmara, stained with
the blood of 9 unarmed activists.
And as a liar, who faked his injures at the hands of the Zionist entity’s thugs on the Mavi Marmara, who didn’t renounce his US citizenship and who lied about being kidnaped aboard the Road To Hope, despite all accurate media reports of the Road To Hope being abducted and the activists being kidnaped. Yes, a man who can’t seem to do anything except tell the truth, which is verified by physical evidence and documentation, and who is respected across the ‘truth movement’ and activist community is a liar.

What egregious, disgusting and slanderous accusations against a decent, honest individual from personalities who exemplify the twisted and darkened opposite end of the spectrum.

A hero is classically defined in two parts. A) a man distinguished by exceptional courage and nobility and strength. B) champion: someone who fights for a cause.

An enemy is also classically defined in two parts. A) an armed adversary. B) any hostile group of people.

Kenneth O'Keefe after being beaten
by Israeli goons. His enemies despicably
suggest that he faked these injuries.
Kenneth O’Keefe is the personification of the former, and his detractors, armed with falsehood as their chief  form of ammunition, flamboyantly personify the latter. While Mr. O’Keefe marches forward with ‘ambitious projects’ to break the criminal and savage Zionist siege against the people of Gaza (30), his atttackers continue to smear him with baseless insults of ‘agent provocateur’ and ‘plant (31).’ Insulting someone and lying about someone says more about the type of person that you are than the person that you are insulting and slandering. It is the lowest form of intellectual expression and a tactic that resembles the intelligence wings of Zionism like the ADL, the ZOA and the AJC.

In this struggle for truth, justice and peace for all oppressed people, the slandering of activists like Kenneth O’Keefe must not be confronted with cowardice and silence, but firm defense and steadfast Resistance. Mr. O’Keefe campaigns for the people of Palestine with passion and dignity, and his efforts must be upheld by those who support the struggle for one Palestinian state, free of Zionism, and Mr. O’Keefe’s efforts to make this dream a reality, with the same passion and dignity.

Those who have besieged Mr. O’Keefe like rabid dogs are fully aware of who they are. Their names remain far away from this piece as a common courtesy and as an extension of brotherhood and sisterhood; so they recognize the error in their ways and return to the fold in the fight to free the planet of Zionist gangsterdom. This extension of mercy is a fleeting one however, and if the barrage of falsehoods continues to be slung Mr. O’Keefe’s way, the slingers will be dealt with accordingly. Additionally, this declaration of Resistance and defense pertains to all other righteous activists under siege from fakers, actors and agents.

Mr. O’Keefe has gone on record, as a matter of humbleness, to state that he isn’t a hero and he would appreciate it if people would stop referring to him as such. Unfortunately Mr. O’Keefe, I regretfully have to inform you that everything that you do, and everything that you are, fits the description of ‘hero’ down to the most minute detail. And I, Jonathan Azaziah, for one, salute you, and thank you.

~ The End ~

Kenneth O'Keefe's renunciation of his US citizenship.


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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Occupied Iraq: New Year, Same Zionism

The Zionist entity has annihilated the ancient nation of Iraq.
by Jonathan Azaziah

Nearly 8 years into the most inhumane, horrific and devastating occupation in modern history, and the people of Iraq still know nothing of even the smallest glimpse of peace. Not even the tiniest smidgen of rest. The people of Iraq, Muslim, Christian, Yezidi and secular alike, are exhausted from this genocide. The new year hasn’t brought them any closer to an end of this dystopian nightmare; it has brought more of the same terror, more of the same barbarism, more of the same Zionism.

There are more than 2 million innocents dead due to the brutal aggression inflicted upon Iraq (1); again, 2 million innocent people, men, women and children, are dead due to the brutal aggression inflicted upon Iraq, an aggression exclusively designed by the Project For A New American Century, an exclusivist think tank comprised of Zionist war criminals (2).

While ‘leftists’ and ‘anti-imperialists’ rightfully expose the crimes of the fascist American, British and coalition armies that have ravaged the Iraqi nation, they astonishingly (and deliberately) ignore the IEDs and car bombs which have wreaked the worst form of havoc on Iraq’s people since the occupation began.

These military-grade explosives, many of which are tipped with depleted uranium, have leveled city blocks, demolished mosques, homes and other structures and murdered hundreds of thousands of people (3); at their peak, car bombs and IEDs were the cause of death for three out of five innocent Iraqis, 60% (4).

Prior to the occupation, these murderous occurrences weren’t part of Iraqi life. That is because, these explosives are the work of Mossad predominantly, the CIA and British intelligence. The occupiers have attempted to convince the people that Sunnis bomb Shia mosques, Shias bomb Sunni mosques, and Muslims bomb churches, but the Iraqi people haven’t been fooled. They are well aware that these bomb-infused false flags lead straight to the Zionist regime, America and Britain (5).

Those who attribute Iraq’s annihilation to ‘imperialism’ or ‘corporatism’ are ignoring the blue and white six-pointed star staring them dead in the face. Either they are too cowardly to speak the Zionist entity’s name, too oblivious to recognize the obvious, or they are paid Zionist propagandists (gatekeepers) posing as leaders of the ‘truth movement.’ Not only has Tel Aviv repeatedly admitted that it has benefitted greatly from the destruction of Iraq (6), it has openly admitted to being the cause of its destruction, though Zionist-owned mainstream media and alternative news networks have both downplayed it.

Former Shin Bet head Avi Dichter admitted to the destruction
of Iraq at the hands of Tel Aviv.
Zionist war criminal Avi Dichter, the former Israeli Minister of Internal Security, former head of Shin Bet  (Shabak) from 2000-2005, and current member of the racist institution of the Knesset, issued an ominous speech to the Israeli National Security Research Center on May 26, 2010. Dichter told the audience:

"We have achieved in Iraq more than we expected and planned. Iraq has vanished as a military force and as a unified country. Our strategic option is to keep it divided. Our strategic goal is to not allow Iraq to take its regional and Arabic role back. Iraq must stay divided and isolated from its regional environment. Nobody can ignore what we have achieved in this field. Iraq can never be the same Iraq before 2003 (7)."

Dichter would say throughout his speech that Iraqi oil from Kirkuk, controlled by Kurdish collaborators, would flow into occupied Palestine into the hands of the Zionists. He would also boastfully say that Israel is still active in Iraq and Zionist operatives move in the shadows to secure political and economic benefits from the puppet regime; not only from the Kurdish collaborators who have been consistently supported by Mossad since the end of the 1950s (8), but also from traitorous elites in Baghdad.

As evidenced by the recent developments in Iraq since the new year began, Israel is still active in occupied Iraq indeed.

'Greater Israel' is the ultimate goal of Zionism.
Greater Israel and Mossad Terrorism Defused

‘High-tech’ terrorism has been the principle agent of Israel in fracturing Iraq as a nation, destabilizing it beyond recognition from the occupation’s inception (9). On January 6th, 2011, the Iraqi army’s 2nd division, in coordination with the national intelligence service, seized six IEDs and two explosive belts prepared for detonation near a church in central Mosul; the ancient land of Nineveh to be exact (10).

Mosul is crawling with Mossad and has been since 1991, with at least 100 agents conducting operations in the Iraqi city (11). Nineveh, along with Arbil and several other Chaldean/Assyrian cities in Iraq’s north, are being terrorized daily by Mossad and Zionist mercenaries in a depopulation campaign. Israel wants the Christian populations eliminated because Israeli operatives of Kurdish origin have been purchasing land in northern Iraq en masse to facilitate a Zionist relocation program to transform Iraq into a part of ‘Greater Israel.’ Tel Aviv is also looking to claim ownership on religious shrines outside of the north, in the Misan village of al-Kifl, near Basra, and Babel, near the holy city of Najaf (12).

Israel has succeeded in confiscating the shrine in al-Kifl, partnering with UNESCO, a United Nations wing with strong Zionist ties, to build three hotels as a stronghold to surround it (13). These hotels will no doubt be infested with more Mossad operatives.

Mossad is using a front company called the Kurdish Lending Bank to purchase the land in northern Iraq, and it has already annexed Iraqi oil fields, residential areas and agriculturally-rich grounds which are key to Zionist profiteering (14).

The true Zionist plan, the ‘dream’ of Zionists everywhere, based on the exegeses of the racist rabbinical authorities governing the Israeli creature which is occupying Palestine, as well as parts of Lebanon, Syria and now Iraq, is to see their creation gloriously become Greater Israel. This creation would conquer parts of Egypt, specifically the Nile, all of Jordan, a large piece of Saudi Arabia, all of Kuwait, all of Lebanon, all of Syria, a massive part of Turkey up to Lake Van, all of Cyprus, and of course, large chunks of Iraq (15). From the Nile to the Euphrates, the Zionist criminal network wants its tentacles to extend.

The foiled January 6th attack on the Nineveh church was an extension of the murderous depopulation program that the Zionist entity has specifically employed in the northern region of Iraq, in its attempt to further its ‘Greater Israel’ scheme, and while the Mossad agents who planted the IEDs weren’t caught in this particular instance, they have been caught in Iraq before, with IEDs on their person (16).

The Iraqi Christian community has been a threat to the occupiers for nearly a century, playing key roles in the anti-monarchical movements, anti-Zionist movements and anti-British movements. Israel was well aware of these historical affirmations, and made it a key note to its government of puppets in America to decimate the Iraqi Christians in the early years of the occupation (17). Decimate them the monsters did.

The aftermath of Mossad's bombing at al-Qiddisin Church
in Alexandria, Egypt.
The Qiddissin Church Connection: Iraq and Egypt

In the aforementioned speech about Iraq by Zionist war criminal Avi Dichter, the former head of Shin Bet also commented sinisterly about Egypt, "Weakening and isolating Iraq is no less important than weakening and isolating Egypt. Weakening and isolating Egypt has been done by diplomatic methods while everything has been done to achieve a complete and comprehensive isolation of Iraq."

These statements confirm what has been obvious to activists, writers, Resistance fighters, the Egyptian people themselves and even the blindest of bats for decades: Egypt is infested with Zionism.

From the Lavon Affair, in which Israeli agents posing as Arabs placed bombs in several Egyptian buildings including a US diplomatic facility (18), to the Mossad-CIA plot known as Operation Cyanide, in which Israel would ruthlessly assault a US Navy ship, blame it on Egypt and start World War III {this failed however and resulted in the USS Liberty massacre, leaving 34 American servicemen murdered and 171 others brutally injured} (19), to Anwar el-Sadat’s de-Arabization of Egypt (inspired by Zionists), his reprehensible recognition of Israel as a sovereign state and his active, delighted collaboration with the Zionist entity and the United States (20), to the 15 Israeli spy networks that have been dismantled in Egypt since 1978 (21), Tel Aviv has been working diligently to destabilize Cairo since its illegal creation nearly 63 years ago.

The most recent example of this Zionist destabilization is New Years Day, 2011. At least 25 Coptic Christians in al-Qiddissin Church in Alexandria, Egypt were murdered, and at least 97 other innocents were wounded after a massive car bombing. Security forces of Zionist dictator Hosni Mubarak’s (a prime example of Israel’s ‘diplomatic weakening and isolation of Egypt’) regime withdrew an hour before the blast, allowing Mossad ordnance experts to plant the explosives and then vanish into obscurity. The attack was designed to incite communal war, cover up Israel’s most recent spy network being unearthed and deflect attention off of Egypt’s recent sham elections (22).

While the Zionist entity may have indeed silenced the mainstream media in discussing its outed spy network and Mubarak’s election rigging, its main goal of fomenting ‘sectarian’ strife followed by all-out communal war on the streets of Egypt miserably failed. Thousands of Muslims, the religious majority in Egypt, joined their Coptic brothers for Christmas Mass six days after the bombing, offering themselves as ‘human shields’ to protect all those in the church from would-be attackers (23). This beautiful unity is anti-venom for the Zionists’ poison spread throughout the region.

Just five days into the aftermath of Mossad’s attack on al-Qiddissin Church in Alexandria is when Iraqi intelligence and the Iraqi army defused the aforesaid IEDs in Nineveh, averting an enormous disaster and preventing a plethora of bloodshed.

Avi Dichter linked Egypt and Iraq in his speech, putting the two Arab nations at the top of the Zionist entity’s list of ‘who to destroy,’ and these recent events in Alexandria and Nineveh are clearly linked as well. Israel hoped for a successful operation in northern Iraq to coincide with its success in Alexandria. Consecutive explosions in churches, in two predominantly Muslim nations, would spark worldwide outrage at Islam. This fervent hatred could be manipulated into interfaith fighting and subsequent massacres. Malevolence such as this benefits Israel and Israel only, as it is Zionist by design.

Sayedat al-Najat cathedral in  Karada, Baghdad, occupied Iraq;
besieged by Zionist agents on October 31st, 2010.
The Baghdad Cathedral Massacre Revisited

The mass murder in Alexandria and the debarred crisis in Nineveh are further connected through another event of butchery and tragedy at the hands of the Zionist entity: the Sayedat al-Najat cathedral killings in the Karada neighborhood of Baghdad at the end of October 2010.

This sheer display of barbarity left at least 58 innocents dead and at least 78 others wounded. The Zionist media and the puppet government in Iraq blamed the attack on Islamic State of Iraq, a non-existent group connected to the most infamous of fake terror groups, Al-Qaeda. But, all evidence proved this to be what it typically is, a cover-up for homicidal tactics employed covertly by the Zionist entity.

The attack was initially reported by SITE Intelligence Group, a known Mossad front operated by the daughter of an Israeli spy, Rita Katz. Car bombs and IEDs, Israel’s signature weapons, were used in the assault. American helicopters shielded the Mossad operatives from above and puppet prime minister al-Maliki provided further collusion by keeping the identities of the attackers hidden. False flags were left to blame it on who else, but Muslims: Fake passports produced in an Israeli military base in Petah Tikvah were found at the scene; these passports were made to appear like they were from Yemen, a state that Zionist war criminals are looking to invade, and none other than Egypt (24).

Additionally, the shadowy gunmen called the ancient Baghdad church a ‘dirty den of idolatry (25).’ This is by no means Islamic language. This language was taken straight out of the Babylonian Talmud, a ‘dirty den’ of racism, xenophobia, obnoxious and vile filth directed at prophets respected by all faiths, real anti-Semitism against Arabs, obscene anti-Islamic slurs and rabid anti-Christian discourse that is followed strictly by the world’s Zionist rabbinical authorities (26). It is another display of the usurping regime’s arrogance; it thought nobody would pick up on its Talmudic terminology, and the unsuspecting masses would follow the official lie blindly. However, people are much more resourceful than Zion thinks that they are.

The Egyptian passports left at the scene set the stage for the New Years Day false flag attack in Alexandria, and the Talmudic declaration by the gunmen set the stage for future false flag assaults on Christians, their communities and their places of worship across occupied Iraq. The besiegers, who have been revealed to be Mossad, stated that all Iraqi Christians are ‘legitimate targets (27).’

Iraqi traitor Jalal Talabani shaking
hands with Zionist war criminal,
Ehud Barak.
In the aftermath of the horrific massacre at Sayedat al-Najat, Zionism continued to rear its ugly head to the  detriment of unity in occupied Mesopotamia. Iraqi President Jalal Talabani, a man hated across Iraq for shaking hands with Zionist mass murderer and 9/11 criminal Ehud Barak (28), publicly stated that he has ‘no objection in forming a special province for Christians in Iraq (29).’

This separationist policy is an extension of the original Zionist plan for Iraq set forth in 1982 by Oded Yinon, an Israeli foreign policy advisor who penned a menacing document for the information department of the World Zionist Organization. This piece throughly detailed the Israeli plan for fracturing Iraq through ‘sectarian’ warfare and then partitioning it into three states of Sunni, Shia and Kurd. Once Iraq is partitioned and maliciously destabilized, the lands would then be annexed as a part of ‘Greater Israel.’ The document also detailed the Zionist scheme to fracture Egypt sectarianly and ‘break it down geographically’ in the exact same fashion (30).

Though a Christian province for Iraq wasn’t originally written into Yinon’s disturbing plan, it is by no means out of the ordinary for the Tel Aviv usurpers to initiate the idea of creating one. Sudan, which Yinon discussed in his piece, was meant to be fractionalized as a means of weakening Egypt, and the Zionist entity has done just that, funding, arming, training and coddling the Sudanese successionist movement in the southern part of the nation to form a Christian state, disconnected from the largely Muslim north (31).

Following the lead of the deplorable treasonist Talabani, 16 Christian organizations in Iraq met on December 7th, 2010 to discuss the prospects of forming their own ethno-religious province, falling right into the Zionist trap (32). The groups met in the ‘Kurdish capital’ of Arbil, which is actually the Israeli capital of Iraq, where Mossad trains and arms the Kurdish terrorist group, PKK (33). PKK has openly declared its allegiance to Zionism, with its leader stating, ‘our enemies are also the enemies of Israel (34).’

Talabani’s recent adherence to Zionist thought is perfectly in line with his historically traitorous nature towards the Israeli regime. The Saban Center for Middle East Policy in Washington D.C., owned by Zionist billionaire and Mossad asset Haim Saban, who is close friends with Israeli criminals Shimon Peres, Ehud Olmert and ultra-Zionist Rupert Murdoch (35), has been frequented by Talabani, and it is where he boasted to Saban that ‘there is no hostility between Iraq and Israel,’ and then unabashedly encouraged Israelis to invest in Iraq (36).

It is in part a result of Talabani’s loathsome declaration, that at least 70 Zionist firms all directly working with Mossad, operating under Arabic, English and Turkish names, are now doing business inside occupied Iraq, raking in at the bare minimum, $300 million annually from the savage occupation (37).

Once a prominent Resistance leader, Muqtada al-Sadr is now
a traitor to the Iraqi people.
Muqtada al-Sadr: Traitor Or Savior?

The day before Mossad’s massive IED assault in the northern Iraqi city of Nineveh was prevented, Muqtada al-Sadr returned to his occupied homeland after spending four years in the Islamic Republic of Iran for religious purposes in a self-imposed exile. His reappearance in Iraq, which he says is permanent, was considered ‘triumphant,’ receiving a hero’s welcome from hundreds of supporters in Najaf (38).

Al-Sadr, who is known for being particularly hot-tempered, delivered an intense speech in the following days to an absolutely massive crowd of hundreds of thousands of supporters. His infamous speaking follies seemed to have dissipated, proving himself to be an exceptional public speaker, captivating his audience brilliantly (39). He told the crowd to resist the occupiers of their homeland by any means and to ‘reject America.’ He said that the United States, Israel and Britain are common enemies of the Iraqi people. He later repeated himself, ‘We will resist the occupier, by military Resistance and all means of Resistance,’ and further asked the Iraqi people to support the current government (40).

And so ends the pleasantries. The flagrant hypocrisy in Muqtada al-Sadr’s words is revolting. They are corroded with repulsive contradiction. By making these absurd statements, whatever was left of his aura of Resistance after abandoning the Iraqi people has evaporated.

By asking the Iraqi people to support the government, he is asking the Iraqi people to support America. Support Israel. Support Britain. Not reject them. The puppet prime minister Nouri al-Maliki was placed into power by the Zionist criminal network that runs the United States, he has tortured dissidents and watched as US forces and operatives from the Zionist entity committed (and continue to commit) unspeakable crimes against humanity all over Iraq (41). Al-Sadr wants the Iraqi people to support a man who is buying a home in Rothschild-controlled London for 35 million pounds (42), while the Iraqi people in Baghdad are subsisting with less than an hour of electricity per day (43).

Al-Sadr is asking the Iraqi people to support President Jalal Talabani, Iraq’s Salam Fayyad, who filthily encouraged the Zionist usurping entity to invest in Iraq (i.e. bleed the Iraqi people dry), while 70% of the people do not have running water and the same percentage are unemployed (44). Al-Sadr also called for unity in his speech. Such a call is hollow when al-Sadr is simultaneously asking to support Talabani, a man actively engaged as a stooge in the Zionist plan to desecrate that very same unity through the partitioning of Iraq.

Muqtada al-Sadr wants the Iraqi people to support Massoud Barzani, the President of the imaginary land of ‘Kurdistan,’ a known capitalist war criminal whose family has oppressed the Kurdish people for more than five decades, raking in billions of dollars through their totalitarian-esque regime. How is al-Sadr going to ‘resist Israel’ when he supports Barzani, a traitor living under the protection of the Zionist entity (45)?

How dare Muqtada al-Sadr ask the Iraqi people to support the puppet government of Zionist-owned Western occupiers when the average Iraqi politician makes a corrupt, unconscionable 12.9 million Iraqi dinars a month, which translates to nearly $130,000.00 every year (46), while at least 43% of the Iraqi population lives in the most humiliating poverty and at least 500,000 internally displaced refugees are living in squatter slums (47).

How exactly does Muqtada al-Sadr want the Iraqi people to employ military Resistance and reject America, when the Iraqi government is set to equip its military with $26 billion worth of American weaponry (48)? In addition, the bullets that the Americans are using to slaughter innocent Iraqis on a daily basis (and which they will undoubtedly sell to the Iraqi government that al-Sadr wants the people to support), are being manufactured in occupied Palestine, by the vile entity of Zionism, and are being unleashed by IOF on a daily basis to murder innocent Palestinians (49). What kind of military Resistance is armed by the occupiers you’re supposed to be resisting?

Perhaps the most pathetic form of hypocrisy from al-Sadr, is that he is now actively collaborating with the very same personalities that persecuted his Jaysh al-Mahdi militia, the same criminals that massacred his fighters with American weapons, the same traitors that jailed his commanders, tortured his soldiers and provided intelligence to the mass murderers also known as the British and American military to obliterate his Resistance.

Muqtada al-Sadr’s constituents now include the Badr Organization, controlled by the most traitorous family in all of Iraq, the al-Hakim clan, the same group that waged open warfare on Jaysh al-Mahdi (The Mahdi Army), murdering many of al-Sadr’s lieutenants and supporters (50), and of course, al-Sadr’s one-time sworn enemy, Nouri al-Maliki, the puppet prime minister who collaborated with the American army and Badr to wage an all-out war on Jaysh al-Mahdi, murdering hundreds of fighters and civilians and destroying infrastructure across the holy cities of Najaf and Karbala (51), effectively eliminating the militia’s strength.

During the recent Iraqi government impasse, in which al-Maliki was vying for power against CIA-asset and another persecutor of the Mahdi Army, Iyad Allawi, it was Muqtada al-Sadr that came to the aid of his enemy, granting him support from his movement to seal al-Maliki’s sham re-election (52). Al-Sadr’s movement was rewarded for its support with 7 ministries and 40 parliamentary seats (53). The lack of dignity is abominable.

Still, there remains an alternative theory: Muqtada al-Sadr is only supporting al-Maliki to stop any further bloodshed, and that his support is predicated on all foreign troops leaving Iraq at the end of 2011 (54).The theory is that the US ‘fears’ an ‘Iraqi Hezbollah,’ and that the Sadrist movement has gained unprecedented prominence as the only real grassroots movement in Iraq, severely threatening US influence in the annihilated nation (55). The theory is that if al-Maliki reneges on the agreement to remove all occupying forces, al-Sadr and his strategically placed MPs and Ministry heads will overthrow the collaborationist regime.

Though that would be an incredible development and a true victory for the Iraqi people, all evidence presented above debunks this theory; not to mention, it is an insult to compare the Lebanese Resistance, which genuinely defeated an occupier, and his eminence, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah himself, the hope, light and dignity of all of Lebanon, who led his men to victory, with a two-faced opportunist like Muqtada al-Sadr who is now working with the occupier.

Gone is the man that resisted the occupation and inspired his brothers and sisters to give their lives for their nation. Gone is the man who directed his militia to protect schools, playgrounds, direct traffic and donate blood to their Sunni brethren who stood and resisted with them (56). Gone is the man who led joint Sunni-Shia protests of the Zionist occupation of Iraq in the hundreds of thousands (57). And gone is the man who once said, ‘I’m prepared to have my own blood shed for what is holy to me,’ in reference to the ancient land of Iraq and what has been to it by the oppressors (58).

Many people in Iraq have chattered about the possibility, and now Mask of Zion’s sources have confirmed that prior to Muqtada al-Sadr’s departure to Iran, he was seen traveling with security from the infamous hunter-killer private mercenary firm, Blackwater (Xe).

A little known fact about Blackwater is that it was actually owned by ex-CIA agent Erik Prince’s brother-in-law Dick DeVos (through his Amway Corporation), a Christian Zionist extremist that has spent ungodly amounts of money in promotion of the ‘protect Israel for the imminent apocalypse’ death cult. Under Prince and DeVos, Blackwater became a haven for Zionist sympathizers and agents (59). DeVos is also deeply connected to the wealthiest of the wealthy in Detroit’s pro-Israel Jewish community (60). Sadr’s methods of resisting Israel are no different than those of Mahmoud Abbas, the Zionist entity’s favorite puppet.

Muhammad Baqir al-Sadr
was assassinated for his
revolutionary ideals.
Muqtada al-Sadr’s father-in-law was the fearless Ayatollah Sayyed Muhammad Baqir al-Sadr, who (along with his sister, Sayyeda Bint al-Huda) was tortured and executed in 1980 by the US-backed dictator Saddam Hussein for his revolutionary activities and refusal to collaborate with the Western-funded, anti-Islamic regime (61). Would Ayatollah Sayyed Muhammad Baqir al-Sadr travel with Blackwater security?

Muqtada al-Sadr’s father was the eloquent and fierce Ayatollah Sayyed Muhammad Muhammad Sadiq al-Sadr, who was also assassinated by Saddam’s hitmen and left to bleed to death for defying the Baathist regime and refusing to end his call for Islamic unity between and Shia and Sunni to overthrow the US-backed dictatorship (62). Would Ayatollah Sayyed Muhammad Muhammad Sadiq al-Sadr travel with Blackwater security?

Muhammad Sadiq
al-Sadr was
for his defiance.
Muqtada al-Sadr’s cousin is the legendary Imam Musa al-Sadr, the godfather of the Lebanese Islamic Resistance and founder of Amal, who was considered an ‘absolute evil’ by the abhorrent Zionist entity (63); the Imam vanished in 1978 while on a diplomatic mission to Libya, and many believe that Mossad, in collusion with collaborationist Libyan elements, were responsible for the kidnaping. Would Imam Musa al-Sadr travel with Blackwater security?

The answer to all three redundant questions is a resounding ‘NO.’ Muqtada al-Sadr’s father and father-in-law are most certainly spinning in their graves at the thought of their son collaborating with the occupiers and its puppet regime. And wherever Imam Musa al-Sadr may be, he is shaking his head in disgust and disappointment.

The question remains: is Muqtada al-Sadr, the son of martyrs and scholars, a savior of the occupied, butchered, besieged, maimed and tortured Iraqi people, or a traitor? Unfortunately, and contemptibly, the facts speak for themselves. He is simply the latest in a long line of the latter.

The end of Zionism will lead to the restoration of Iraq.
Conclusion: Free Iraq, Expose Israel

As the 8th anniversary of the criminal Zionist invasion and occupation of Iraq approaches, the Zionist role in Iraq’s destruction, subversion and corruption/ownership of its politicians is under-reported, non-reported, ignored, brushed off, covered up or a combination of all of the above in varying degrees.

Ignoring Zionism when discussing occupied Iraq is like ignoring Zionism when discussing the occupation of Palestine. Age-old Zionist war criminal Henry Kissinger famously said, "The road to Jerusalem passes through Baghdad (64)." This atrocious but telling statement has been echoed by senior US policymaker Raymond Tanter (65), a staunch Zionist who is affiliated with the CFR, AIPAC, WINEP, the criminal ADL and B’Nai B’Brith itself (66). Greater Israel is incomplete without the annexation of Iraq; international Zionism’s goals are incomplete without the destruction of Iraq and the total humiliation of its people.

Beyond the Israeli car bombs and IEDs, the Zionist entity has stamped its signature in other areas, in fact, every area which pertains to the mutilation of Iraq. Israeli interrogators from IOF operate in secret Iraqi intelligence centers, conducting torture to extract intel that could be vital to Tel Aviv (67). Mossad is also running interrogations in ‘black site’ prisons in Iraq, torturing innocents and offering them death or a job to work as a Zionist agent (68). The notorious Abu Ghraib affair was also a Zionist operation. Israeli torture tactics from the dungeons of the occupied West Bank were used on hundreds of Iraqi civilians and the army officials involved all had strong ties to the Zionist military establishment (69).

The Abu Ghraib crimes against humanity were
masterminded by genocidal Zionist criminal,
Paul Wolfowitz.
The genocidal architect of the Iraqi occupation, Paul Wolfowitz, along with his Zionist cronies Douglas Feith, Abram Shulsky and Elliott Abrams, imported Israeli ‘experts’ from Mossad, Shin Bet and Aman (Israeli military intelligence) to train US soldiers in the darkest aspects of torture and human degradation. The Abu Ghraib scandal was revealed to be a product that originated from a Pentagon subdivision called the Office of Special Plans, founded by Wolfowitz and headed by Shulsky (70).

The Zionist entity is behind the desecration and theft of Iraq’s priceless and precious history, from one end of the nation to the next. Mossad has executed its missions of thievery with the help of aforementioned Zionist-linked UNESCO (71). Israel is also the leading arms dealer for CIA-backed death squads in occupied Iraq, via its retired officer Shmoel Avivi (72). The puppet politicians serving as faces to disguise who really governs Iraq, were placed there by NDI-rigged elections orchestrated by supreme agent of Zionism, the evil Madeline Albirght, head of the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs {NDI} (73).

These crimes barely scratch the surface; the acknowledgment of their existence should bring to light that the occupation Iraq goes far beyond pointing out the obvious of Bush and Blair being war criminals.
Removing every foreign soldier, mercenary, politico and businessman, followed by the shutdown of every foreign military base and all enemy embassies would only be the first step in freeing Iraq and restoring dignity to its magnificent people, who have displayed a form of courage not known by the majority of the world due to Zionist media bias.

The next step would be to remove the puppets in power, by any means necessary, followed by the final step, which would be to eradicate all traces of Zionism throughout the nation and to vociferously reject any chance of it returning.

The end of the occupation is the beginning of freedom. The death of Zionism is the rebirth of Iraq.

Journalists, activists, emcees, musicians, poets, religious leaders, authors and others can play a major role in every step of this necessary process to restore humanity to Iraq. The role is simple: stop following alternative media demigods and speak the truth. Speak. The. Truth. Unequivocally. Exposing Israel is the groundwork needed to liberate Iraq from the relentless Zionist maniacs who have destroyed it.

Iraq doesn’t need traitors like Muqtada al-Sadr. It doesn’t need puppets and war criminals like Nouri al-Maliki. It doesn’t need treasonous Israel Firsters like Talabani and Barzani. It doesn’t need murderers like the al-Hakim family. It doesn’t need weaklings like al-Jaafari. It doesn’t need CIA lapdogs like Allawi. It doesn’t need liars like Chalabi. It doesn’t need cowards like Sistani. It doesn’t need another reign of a British-styled monarchy. And it doesn’t need another dictator that is subservient to the West like Saddam Hussein.

General Abdul Karim Qassem (rip)
orchestrated the July 14th Revolution
that ousted the British-installed
Iraq needs the strength of General Abdul Karim Qassem. It needs the wisdom of Ayatollah Sayyed  Muhammad Muhammad Sadiq al-Sadr. It needs the steadfastness of Ayatollah Sayyed Muhammad Baqir al-Sadr. It needs the fearlessness of Sheikh Abdul-Aziz al-Badri. It needs the fire of Sheikh Mahdi al-Khalissi. It needs the unity of the Sunni, Shia, Christians and Kurds that answered al-Khalissi’s call to stand together in the Great Iraqi Revolution of 1920. It needs the courage of every Iraqi, from any background, who has stood up in defiance to a century of colonialism and 20 years of Zionist genocide.

The Sayedat al-Najat massacre, Mossad’s coordinated car bombings across poor Muslim neighborhoods in Baghdad that claimed over 120 innocent lives two days after the massacre (74) and the bombing that didn’t come to fruition in Nineveh should serve as a lesson to the Muslims and Christians of Iraq: The occupation doesn’t discriminate in its bloodlust.

The occupation doesn’t ask the Iraqi that it shoots on the street if he attends mass or if he attends Jummah. The occupation doesn’t ask the Iraqi woman it rapes if she adheres to the biblical explanations of Jesus or the Qur’anic explanations of Jesus. The occupation doesn’t analyze the name of the Iraqi it tortures and stop if the name is Christian or proceed with even more iniquity if the name is Muslim. The occupation bombs mosques full of worshipers and detonates IEDs in churches full of worshipers. The Zionist occupation of Iraq just kills; it kills everything that is in its path and spreading division is its chief weapon.

The flag of unified Iraq under the revolution of General Abdul
Karim Qassem (rip).
Therefore, Iraq must resist division and stand united if it is to rise from its ashes of depleted uranium and  white phosphorus. Victorious Resistance is a tree that grows from seeds of unity.

The enemy of Resistance is the occupying power, and it is nothing more than a mighty fortress on a vast bed of quicksand. The slightest push starts the vanishing at a speed so fast, one can forget that the might of the occupier even graced the pages of history. Iraq is the quicksand. Zionism is the fortress. And unity is the push. May Iraq rise again, stronger and more unified than ever before.

~ The End ~


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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Alexandria Church Bombing: Mossad, Who Else?

Israeli intelligence is the world leader in terrorism.

by Jonathan Azaziah

Minutes into the new year, an explosion rocked al-Qiddissin Coptic Church in Alexandria, Egypt. 25 innocent people dead (1).  At least 97 innocents wounded (2). A 17-year old eyewitness ominously stated, ‘The last thing I heard was a powerful explosion and then my ears went deaf. All I could see were body parts scattered all over (3).’

All initial reports stated that a car bomb was the weapon used to carry out the New Years Day bloodshed (4). The US-backed Zionist dictatorship that runs Egypt typically went against the facts on the ground however, with the Ministry of Interior blaming the assault on a suicide bomber, and without a drop of concrete evidence, stating that the attack was carried out by none other than Al-Qaeda (5), which doesn’t exist (6), and whose leader, CIA agent Timothy Osman a.k.a. Osama Bin Laden, is long dead (7).

From AP, to Yahoo, to the New York Times, the liars that run the Zionist media immediately went into overdrive, vociferously promoting virulent garbage about ‘sectarian tensions’ between Muslims and Christians in Egypt being inflamed after the bombing (8). Of course there is no evidence of such ‘sectarian tension,’ but the mouthpieces of Israel, from the television to print, have no interest in telling the truth and they never have.

Not promoted by the Zionist media is the longstanding unity between Egypt’s Muslims and Coptic Minority (9), nor has it been promoted that Islamic and Christian leaders have stood side by side in the aftermath of the bombing, which wounded innocents from both faiths (10). The enmity between the two religious groups is nothing more than carefully concocted Zionist fiction.

There is only one entity in the entire region that benefits from religious division in any Middle Eastern nation: Israel. One of the key strategic goals of the Zionist entity in Egypt is to trigger a communal war between Muslims and Christians (11). The Lebanese Resistance movement, Hezbollah, condemned the bombing,  declaring it ‘serves the Zionist scheme... aimed at fragmenting our Arab and Islamic countries (12).’ All evidence, physical and circumstantial, points directly to Mossad being the culprit behind the al-Qiddissin church bombing (13).

In recent years, Zionist intelligence activity in Egypt has increased greatly. Tel Aviv was the hand behind the cut of Egypt’s maintain internet cable in January of 2008, severing Egypt from the international online network. Mossad was conducting surveillance on the phone calls of the highest tier of the Egyptian government. The Israeli agency employed a spy to infiltrate Islamic opposition groups in Egypt. All of this was discovered just days before the Alexandria church massacre, when a Mossad spy ring was busted, unveiling a plot of subversion that would target Egyptian telecom companies. This ring was connected to other Israeli espionage groups in Lebanon and Syria (14).

Egypt’s former Foreign Minister, Abdallah al-Ashal, and the Egyptian Bar Association have gone on record to state that the massacre at al-Qiddissin Church was the work of Mossad, reacting murderously to its spy network being unfurled (15).

In November, a warning was issued to the world that Coptic churches in Egypt would be attacked. The warning was issued by ‘Al-Qaeda-linked’ Islamic State of Iraq, who according to the Zionist media, carried out the horrific assault on Sayedat al-Najat Cathedral in the Karada district of Baghdad at the end of October (16).

This atrocious theory has been thoroughly debunked however. What took place at Sayedat al-Najat was a Mossad false flag operation, aimed at provoking tension between occupied Iraq’s Muslim and Christian communities, conducted with all of the usual tools: fake passports produced in Tel Aviv, Israeli-produced IEDs and the quintessential car bomb (17). The appalling murder of at least 58 Iraqi Christians was also used to cover up the condemnation of the Zionist entity’s occupation of Palestine by several prominent Christian leaders (18). The warning wasn’t issued by non-existent Islamic State of Iraq therefore, but Mossad.

The car bomb is the signature of the Israeli agency. It is the weapon that has been used to conduct sabotage, assassinations and false flag terrorism across occupied Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Lebanon and India (19). The Muslim Brotherhood, which was blatantly robbed by Zionist dictator Hosni Mubarak’s regime in the recent Egyptian elections (20), called for Egyptian churches to be protected after the fake Al-Qaeda group made its incendiary comments (21). But this call was not heeded. Only an hour prior to Mossad’s car bombing, Egyptian security forces inexplicably withdrew from their positions, leaving four policemen to guard the massive church with nearly 2,000 people attending midnight mass. The car bomb was detonated at the post that was left by Egyptian security forces (22). 

This collusion between Israeli intelligence and Egyptian security forces is by no means surprising, considering the existing Israeli-Egyptian collaboration in illegally and brutally besieging the people of the Gaza Strip (23). The violent assault against the Coptic community on New Years Day was also executed to deflect the attention off of the stolen Egyptian elections (24); it is widely known that Egypt is a premier recipient of Zionist-occupied United States government aid money, receiving almost $30 billion in three decades (25). The usurping entity of Zion and its American counterpart couldn’t have their staunchest ally in the Middle East embarrassed by stolen elections. Answer? False flag attack.

The tactic being used to split the Muslim and Christian communities of Egypt is the oldest trick in the Zionist entity’s book: divide and conquer. It is widely known by the people of the Arab and Muslim world, especially Iraqis, that the only terrorism that exists in the Middle East (especially occupied Iraq), is the terrorism that is carried out by Israeli, American and British intelligence operatives (26). Divide and conquer has been used prominently in the Zionist-ravaged nation of Iraq, including a wall being built by an Israeli company to separate Sunni and Shia communities (27), and the nation of Lebanon, that was devastated by a savage civil war in the 1970s and 1980s contrived and manipulated by the Zionist entity (28) and the United States, with Zionist war criminal Henry Kissinger leading the way (29).

Muslims and Christians must stand together and reject these abhorrent divisions. People of conscience from all ethnicities, backgrounds and faiths must stand in solidarity with them. The victims of Mossad’s massacre at al-Qiddissin Church in Alexandria will not be forgotten. The fallen will be honored with sincere Resistance to all oppressive powers; be it the puppet Mubarak or the usurping regime of Israel itself. Unified Resistance is what petrifies the occupiers more than anything else on earth. Make them tremble; unity is an armor that cannot be pierced by their bullets or rattled by their bombs.

~ The End ~


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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

26/11: Mossad Terrorizes Mumbai

The Zionist entity and Hindutvadi India carried out 26/11.
by Jonathan Azaziah

It has been called India’s 9/11. A savage attack perpetrated against the freedom and democracy loving people of India’s largest city. Nearly 200 people dead. Well over 300 others injured. Media accounts flowed like rivers from all parts of the globe, ‘revealing’ that a ragtag group of Islamic extremists had struck fear into the hearts of innocents once again. The Indian way of life was put under onslaught.

This narrative however, is merely what has been presented by the Zionist-owned media. When logic and intelligence are applied to careful dissection and meticulous, thorough investigative methods, this narrative crumbles just as fast as the official story of the 9/11 false flag attack. This narrative is filled with propaganda, disinformation and outright Zionist-designed lies.

26/11 wasn’t the work of Pakistani terrorists; it was the work of Israel’s international mass murder organization, the Mossad. Assistance was provided by its ever-present network of sayanim, its incestuous partner in crime, the CIA and India’s intelligence service, RAW. As is the case with any other terror attack that is carried out by Mossad and despicably and falsely attributed to Muslims, the 26/11 false flag served the interests of the illegitimate Israeli entity and the Zionist-occupied United States government; due to the location of the attack, the brutal Hindutva regime of India benefitted substantially.

The casualties weren’t only the innocents murdered by Mossad in the attack on the day, but the people of occupied Kashmir who were subjected to even crueler Hindutva oppression than ever before, and the global Muslim population as a whole, who were placed under an even more wicked Zionist siege than when the global ‘war on terror’ was initiated, after being wrongfully blamed for yet another hit created by the vile Zionist entity.

Zionism and Hindutva: genocidal peas in a pod.
Origins: Hindutva and Zionism

It is truly frightening how similar the ideologies that govern the illegitimate usurping entity of Israel and the criminal government of India are. In fact, Zionism and Hindutva move far beyond mere similarities and enter the realm of undeniable parallels. The Hindutva ideology was founded in a political sense by Vinayak Damodar Savarkar, also known as Veer Savarkar, an Indian nationalist who lived during the time of the colonial British occupation of India.

He was imprisoned by the occupier for crimes against the Crown, and while in prison, he developed the Hindutva ideology. Like Zionism in its absurd insistence that the holy land of Palestine belongs to the ‘Jews’ and the ‘Jews’ alone because ‘God’ gave it to them, Hindutva was based on the mythical and ludicrous idea that the entire South Asian subcontinent belonged to the Hindus for the exact same reason; this ideology was vehemently anti-Christian and even more vehemently (and hatefully) anti-Muslim (1). Savarkar viewed the Hindus as a superior race by blood, and viewed the Hindu nation as the entity which would govern the world (2). Savarkar, who began his campaign as an anti-British revolutionary, quite literally sold his soul to the occupier, and vowed to collaborate with the Crown if it signed off on his release from prison; Britain did just that, and Savarkar used his newly created ethnocentric ideology to recruit Indians for the British army with the mission of ethnically cleansing the ‘Hindu nation’ of Muslims (3).

This ideology was absolute poison to the righteous Indian people, as well as a massive insult to their unity and brotherhood. It served the interests of the colonialist British regime because of its potential to sow everlasting discord between Muslims and Hindus. This was especially important to the Crown due to what it experienced at the height of its ‘Raj’ reign, when Mujahideen and Hindu ascetics fought side by side with the hope of driving the British out of their homeland (4). Hindus were recognized as ‘Ahlul-Kitab,’ or ‘People of the Book,’ by India’s highest-ranking Muslim scholars, granting them honorary and dignified status and protection under Islamic law (5). Like Zionism, which even (and especially) in its deepest Talmudic roots, is completely atheistic, so is Hindutva, as Veer Savarkar himself is a self-admitted atheist (6). Therefore, this is by no means a religious dispute though also like Zionism, Hindutva uses a religious term as part of its name to erroneously portray itself as a religious philosophy and ideology; this is deliberate to strengthen the illusion. Hindutva’s tentacles were disseminated to drive a schism between the once-close Muslim and Hindu communities.

It is extremely vital to note that Veer Savarkar, the founder of the beastly Hindutva school of thought, was a Zionist; he demanded the international community to grant ‘the entire restoration of Palestine as a Jewish holy land and fatherland’ to the Zionists (7). It would be perfectly reasonable to hypothesize that these strong pro-Zionist opinions held by
Savarkar were instrumental in his composition of Hindutva, further explaining the likenesses between the two genocidal ideologies. It was Savarkar’s influence that changed India’s initial anti-Zionist stance, and eventually led to India’s recognition of the illegitimate Zionist entity as a state on September 17th, 1950 (8).

Hindutva’s corrosive nature slowly but surely transformed India’s geopolitics into radicalized extremism that was severely pro-Zionist, pro-US, pro-war and anti-Muslim through the Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) rise to power in the 1980s. The ardently Hindutvadi BJP’s rise was fully supported and funded by the Zionist regime (9), and upon its arrival at the helm of India’s politics, it established even deeper military, economic and intelligence ties with Israel (10), to the harsh detriment of the occupied peoples of Palestine and Kashmir. Hindutvadi lobby organizations in the US have also established close-knit ties with the usurping entity’s parasitic foreign policy weapon, AIPAC, to crush all American political opposition to Indian hegemony in the region as well as to mask India’s barbarous occupation of Kashmir as ‘national security’ policy (11).  

This unholy alliance of hatred between the Zionists and Hindutvadis exploded in 1992, when in an already volatile Indian atmosphere due to the corruption of BJP, the BJP-controlled government executed the destruction of the ancient Babri Masjid with Mossad assistance.       

The Babri Masjid was destroyed by Mossad and the BJP.

The Groundwork I: The Babri Masjid Demolition

The magnificent Babri Masjid was a massive structure built by the first Mughal emperor of India in 1527. It stood in Ayodhya, a city in the district of Faizabad in the northern Indian province of Utter Pradesh, home to 31 million Indian Muslims. It was once an integral part of everyday Muslim life in Ayodhya, but due to the rise of Hindutva and its offshoot Hindutvadi military wings, it was used less and less often until it wasn’t used at all. Muslims were tormented on a daily basis at the height of the Babri riots prior to its demolition; imams of the masjid were kidnaped, the structure was set on fire on numerous occasions and human waste was even dumped inside the mosque (12).

The dispute over Babri started because the Hindutva terrorist regime claimed that the very spot where the masjid stood was the birthplace of the Hindu deity Ram, therefore granting Hindutva dominion over the structure. However, like the Zionist claims of ‘Jewish’ kingdoms once being erected in the holy land of Palestine being exposed as nothing but Talmudic folklore and racist rabbinical fiction (13), there isn’t one iota of historical evidence or physical data proving that such a birthplace or a Hindu temple that was destroyed to make way for the mosque actually existed (14). Actually, all of the archaeological findings prove irrefutably that the Babri Masjid had been an Islamic structure from its inception, built from scratch (15). In reality, the Hindutva regime’s claims had nothing to do with religion and everything to do with carrying out Savarkar’s genocidal vision of eliminating all traces of anything non-Hindu in India.

Consistently, up until this very day, the Hindutva entity has claimed the demolition of the Babri Masjid was a result of excessive rioting, a totally random act of enraged violence; it has claimed that the ideas that the demolition was premeditated were ‘conspiratorial’ and ‘detrimental to the nation’s image.’ But these claims are nothing more than just that: claims, unsupported by any kind of evidence.

The demolition of Babri, which led to the deaths of more than 2,000 innocent Muslims (16), was anything but random; it was a preplanned intelligence operation that BJP leaders, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Singh (RSS) operatives and Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP) officials had orchestrated 10 months in advance (17). The Zionist entity engaged in setting the stage for the Babri demolition by briefing BJP leaders on violence-incitement exercises during a high-level meeting shortly before anti-Muslim riots ravaged the peaceful state of Kerala in 1992 (18). The tactics used in Kerala were the exact same tactics used during the Babri riots, which were used as a cover for the demolition. Agents of the Mossad have always been welcomed in Ayodhya, serving as an ‘inspiration’ for the terrorists of Bajrang Dal, VHP’s youth wing (19).

While the despicable leaders of the BJP have always maintained their innocence, 68 members of the party were indicted for ‘indicting communal violence’ by the Liberhan Commission, an independent legal body set up to investigate the incident (20). Other charges included premeditation and criminal negligence, and the most prominent member of the indictment that rocked India was none other than Atal Bihari Vajpayee, former Indian prime minister (21). Vajpayee is a notorious Hindutvadi who openly praises RSS, the ‘Hindu’ terrorist group and routinely attends their functions (22). Vajpayee is the brutal war criminal behind mass massacres in the Kargil conflict with Pakistan, in which the Zionist entity turned the war around for its Hindutva counterpart, supplying Vajpayee’s regime with UAV drones, laser-guided missile systems and other arms (23).

Vajpayee signed a historic agreement, the ‘Delhi Statement On Friendship and Cooperation between Israel and India,’ with the butcher of butchers, Zionist war criminal Ariel Sharon, that made the Tel Aviv regime India’s number one arms supplier (24). Vajpayee is just as much of a Zionist as he is a Hindutvadi, and it is no coincidence that shortly before the BJP-Mossad collaborative effort which demolished Babri, Israeli intelligence-infested companies Zim and El-Al opened up offices in Mumbai, with Zim operating out of 15 different locations and El-Al flying three flights per week out of the besieged city (25).

Kar Sevaks are Hindutva's sayanim.
Similar to international Zionism’s network of sayanim, helpers ready to aid Mossad at the drop of a hat (26),  Hindutva has a vast network of kar sevaks, helpers ready to aid the adherers of Savarkar’s murderous ideology (27). These kar sevaks, who were housed in colleges, schools and other government buildings during the build-up to demolition by the Hindutva regime, carried out the destructive operation with full knowledge and complicity of India’s intelligence agency, Research and Analysis Wing, also known as RAW (28).

The Babri Masjid, the abyssal Israeli ties that sprung from its destruction, RAW and the terror group RSS are all integral to the attacks that occurred in Mumbai on November 26th, 2008.

The 1993 Bombay blasts are a well-kept Mossad secret.
The Groundwork II: Mossad’s 1993 ‘Bombay’ Bombings

On March 12th, 1993, a series of 13 bombings rocked the city of Mumbai (known then as Bombay). These dastardly, murderous attacks took the lives of more than 250 innocents and injured over 700 others. The Hindutva regime blamed billionaire gangster Dawood Ibrahim for the attack, an Al-Qaeda linked terrorist according to the Zionist-occupied United States government (29). Why did Ibrahim and his associates terrorize Bombay on that fateful day? Retaliation for the demolition of the Babri Masjid of course. This is a classic example of the Hegelian Dialectic: Problem, Reaction, Solution. The Hegelian Dialectic is a common tactic used by the Zionist entity to spread division and deception (30). The very fact that the Babri Masjid demolition was used as a pretext by a ‘terrorist’ organization to wage ‘holy war’ against the Hindutva entity should be enough to raise red flags and expose the fraudulent mainstream account.

Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, Ibrahim cannot be linked to Al-Qaeda because Al-Qaeda does not exist (31). Secondly, the Zionist media spread propaganda regarding Ibrahim’s connections to a non-existent organization to mask who he is really connected to: America’s international mass murder organization, the CIA (32). Ibrahim has been affiliated with the agency since Operation Cyclone ravaged (what is now) occupied Afghanistan, collaborating with it in gambling schemes, arms dealing and narcotics peddling (33). The CIA actively engaged in blocking Indian authorities from arresting Ibrahim for his plethora of other criminal activities (34). Thirdly, the weapons used in the Bombay bombings, along with the sophistication and coordination of the attacks, could only be the work of a well-trained squad of international intelligence operatives. Mossad’s name is written all over the mayhem.

The 13 Bombay bombings were carried out with two very specific types of ordnance: car bombs and suitcase bombs. The suitcase bomb has long been described as a weapon of ‘Islamic extremists’ by the Zionist media since time immemorial; some, but most certainly not all of the propagandists include Zionist David Frum, war criminal George Bush’s former speech writer (35), Jerusalem Post, the mouthpiece newspaper of the Zionist entity itself (36), infamous anti-Muslim bigot, hatemonger, warmonger and Zionist extremist Daniel Pipes (37), chief Zionist propaganda asset and 9/11 criminal Charles Krauthammer (38), Zionist multimedia giant Time Magazine (39), operated by Zionist Jeffrey Bewkes who has been honored by the American Jewish Committee (40), as well as the vile Simon Wiesenthal Center (41), and the disgraceful Zionist organization, Christian Action for Israel (42).

The only extremists that use  suitcase bombs however, contrary to Zionist propaganda, are those who are employed by the Mossad. The Israeli agency used the suitcase bomb as a ‘dirty trick’ to implicate the enemies of the Zionist entity in the Lockerbie false flag, which wrongfully imprisoned and ruined the life of Libyan citizen, Abdelbaset Mohmed Ali al-Megrahi (43). CIA regional officials in Houston uncovered a Mossad plot to detonate suitcase bombs in an oil refinery as another false flag to be blamed on Muslims; the head of the regional investigation team was later assassinated by Mossad (44). Mossad has used the suitcase bomb in high-level paramilitary operations and assassinations throughout the Middle East (45). The device was crucial to the success of Mossad’s murderous operation on the Kikambala hotel in Kenya in 2002 (46). Mossad also used suitcases to coordinate its now infamous assassination of Hamas official Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai (47). It was a frequent weapon used by Palestinian traitor Abu Nidal in several of his operations; Nidal has been exposed as a Mossad agent (48). The Hindawi affair, a plot designed to blow up a London airliner with a suitcase bomb, has also been exposed as an Israeli intelligence operation (49).

It is merely academic at this point, after decades of usage, to state that the car bomb is the signature of Mossad. If a car has exploded, Mossad is the detonator; the car bomb has been used by the Zionist entity for sanguinary operations and assassinations across the globe, most prominently in Iraq, Syria, Palestine, Lebanon (50) and now Yemen (51).       

An Israeli consulate has been fully functional in Mumbai since 1953 (52). Indian spymaster and defacto founder of RAW Rameshwar Nath Kao had been the liaison between Indian and Israeli intelligence through this consulate since RAW was created in 1968; the consulate provided cover for all cooperative, covert Mossad-RAW operations (53). The Israeli consulate is just mere blocks away from the Bombay Stock Exchange in Nariman Point, Mumbai’s business district, the target of the first car bomb on March 12th. The Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport was also struck by explosives, only months after El Al opened up shop in Mumbai flying three flights per week out of Chhatrapati (as mentioned in the previous section). El Al is a common avenue used by Mossad as a cloak for their murderous operations of sabotage (54).

The Zionist entity’s markets and India’s markets, including the regimes’ stock exchanges have been linked closely due to several MOUs (Memorandum of Understanding) signed after diplomatic relations became official in 1992 (55), and these economic linkages have deepened substantially since the Bombay bombings (56). The bombings only strengthened the economic relations between Hindutva and Zionism. It is intriguing to point out, that the hotels which were bombed (among others), are frequented by IOF soldiers after completing their ‘military’ service (57); over 20,000 IOF cowards travel to India yearly to escape the reality of dealing with the horrendous, inhumane crimes they’ve committed against innocent Palestinians (58).          

Ibrahim isn’t the only CIA asset linked to the Bombay bombings; CIA agent David Headley has also been revealed to have a role in the attacks (59). This fact by itself obliterates the official Hindutva narrative, which oddly enough, has been obliterated already by former Indian Home Minister S.B. Chavan, who told two Pakistani diplomats in private meetings that he cleared Pakistan of any involvement in the bombings (60), going against the rulings of India’s kangaroo courts which wrongfully convicted over 100 individuals with no evidence (61), corrupted evidence (62), and malicious accusations against those mentally incapable of functioning as normal human beings, let alone ‘terrorists’ (63). What Chavan actually believed, was that an ‘international conspiracy’ orchestrated the deadly attacks on that fateful March 12th day (64).

Chavan’s assessment couldn’t be more accurate. The Bombay bombings were an international conspiracy indeed, with Mossad at the head, CIA as support and RAW providing schematics for the assault. A more sensible theory would be Mossad smuggling the explosives into Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport through El Al, Israeli soldiers and CIA agents, who are regular visitors to Bombay (to this day), unleashing the carnage in the streets with well placed car bombs and ordnance in the hotels and leaving false flags to blame Muslims, and all operatives involved slipping into the shadows without a trace as it was done with the Zionist Operation Wrath of God, which claimed the lives of several innocent Palestinians (65). The false flag attack also gave Mossad and CIA the platform that was needed to collect all of the necessary data through reconnaissance, to carry out the bloodbath on November 26th, 2008.

The attack was meant to firmly cement a foundation of cooperation between Zionism and Hindutva, as evidenced by the deepening of the ties directly before and after the assault. It was also used to provide a cover for the false flag attack against Babri, and increase the Indian people’s support of the fascist Hindutva government, which implemented several civil-liberty-violating policies in the aftermath of the Bombay blasts under the guise of ‘protecting the people from Islamic terrorism,’ most prominently the renewal and revamping of the Terrorist and Disruptive Activities Prevention Act {TADA} (66). The BJP used this Orwellian law to set up a special court (67), that subsequently prosecuted fake terror suspects in kangaroo-style proceedings after the Bombay attacks.

7 years ago, Efraim Halevy, the former head of Mossad and the Israeli National Security Council, stated in an interview that ‘not one big success of the Mossad has ever been made public (68).’ The 1993 Bombay bombings fit the profile of one of these secret successes to a tee.

Tel Aviv's destruction of the Mumbai trains, July 11th, 2006.
 The Groundwork III: July 11th Bombings and The Malegaon Blasts

In 2006, 13 years after the infamous Mossad-CIA operation in Bombay, two events involving ‘terrorism’ rocked the Indian public: the July 11th train bombings in Mumbai, and the September 8th blasts at a Muslim cemetery in Malegaon.

The train bombings took place a day before the Zionist entity’s 34-day bombing campaign of Lebanon, which was foolishly aimed at eliminating the Lebanese Resistance movement of Hezbollah. Israel was thoroughly defeated militarily by the Resistance, but Tel Aviv still managed to murder more than 1,400 Lebanese civilians, 1/3 of which were children, with uranium bombs and cluster munitions (69). To cover up the sheer brutality against the dignified innocents of Lebanon, the Zionist media instead focused on the ‘Islamic terror’ in Mumbai, reporting on the developments throughout the 34 days of Israel’s genocidal madness (70). The train bombings killed 209 people, in addition to injuring over 700 others (71), and of course, were blamed on Pakistani ‘Jihadist terrorists’ connected to Al-Qaeda (72). 

A group of Mumbai intellectuals and activists outright rejected the Al-Qaeda theory, stating it is simply a name used to provide cover for operations carried out by Mossad and the CIA. They stated that every attack carried out in India is used to spread international hatred for Muslims, Islam itself and to weaken the Indian Muslim community (73). Several of India’s top Muslim leaders, including Imam Syed Ahmed Bukhari, the leading cleric of India’s famous Jama Masjid, blasted the Hindutvadi authorities for conducting a ‘witch-hunt,’ raiding Muslim communities and establishing surveillance outposts which violated the civil rights of India’s Muslim citizens. They also made it severely important to note that there wasn’t a drop of evidence indicating who exactly conducted the attacks (74).

However, the intellectuals, activists, clerics and community leaders would be vindicated soon enough. It was revealed nearly 3 months to the day after the attack, that the police had no ‘firm’ evidence of Muslims being behind the train bombings, and the 7 suspects in custody retracted their confessions which were forced by the Mumbai police (who were under immense political pressure) to begin with (75).

Who was behind the baneful Mumbai train bombings then? None other than the usurping Zionist entity’s Mossad, who carried out the attacks and left false flags which framed Islam, to secure a massive security contract with local and state Hindutva administrations to protect ‘religious’ shrines (76).

Malegaon is a city of more than 700,000 with a 75% Muslim population, which has been a target of the radical Hindutva organization Bajrang Dal, the youth wing of VHP, one of the criminal groups that planned the destruction of the Babri Masjid (as mentioned in the previous section). Bajrang Dal has bombed mosques on several occasions, incited violent riots, destroyed copies of the Holy Qur’an and erected bomb-making facilities throughout the city (77). While the blasts were typically blamed on ‘Islamic militants’ and Muslim suspects were later detained (78), India’s Central Bureau of Investigation has now admitted that the suspects were wrongfully imprisoned and that the investigators had absolutely no evidence linking the accused to the Malegaon blasts (79). Apart from the utter lack of evidence, it is beyond nonsensical to think that Muslims would bomb a Muslim cemetery next to a mosque, murdering 37 innocents and injuring over 100 others (80), on a Friday directly after prayers, on the Islamic holy night of Laylat al-Bara’ah; especially when police have admitted that the attack followed the pattern of the aforementioned Hindutva terror outfit, Bajrang Dal (81).

The truth cannot be attained about the Malegaon blasts without the most damning piece of evidence being addressed: Indian police have admitted that the same explosives that were used in the 7/11 Train Bombings in Mumbai, were used in the September 8th Malegaon blasts (82), bringing Mossad right to the forefront as the perpetrators. Due to the location of the attack matching the practices of Bajrang Dal, the explosives used in the mass murder being the identical ordnance used by Mossad in the July attacks, and the frightening, malevolent admiration that Bajrang Dal, which has hinted at cooperating with the Mossad, has for the Zionist agency (83), it is ominously clear that the 2006 Malegaon blasts were another successful Zionism-Hindutva operation.

This terror isn’t the last that Malegaon would see. In 2008, just two months before the game-changing events in Mumbai, Malegaon would be struck again, in an assault that is integral to the perpetration of the 26/11 false flag.

RAW played a pivotal role in the 26/11 false flag.
Nonsense Of The Official Story

No different than the ZOG and Zionist media-promoted official 9/11 narrative, the 26/11 official story was chock full of utter Zionist nonsense. In accordance to propaganda protocol, the attacks were initially blamed on an ‘Al-Qaeda-linked’ group known as the Deccan Mujahideen, which a host of global intelligence experts said didn’t even exist, then blamed on India’s frequent scapegoat, Lashkar-e-Taiba, which the intel specialists rejected as well, stating that ‘there are no fingerprints of Lashkar (84).’ Professional Zionist propagandists Stephen Cohen, Daniel Benjamin and Bruce Reidel held a conference at the pro-Israel Brookings Institution directly after the Mumbai assault, stating that Al-Qaeda was slated to make a video declaring responsibility for the attack (85). The Al-Qaeda videos have long been exposed as a Zionist intelligence operation, with players connected directly to Mossad and the criminal ADL (86).

In identical accord with the propaganda regarding Mohamed Atta, the ‘lead 9/11 hijacker,’ who displayed his ‘Islamic fundamentalism’ by getting drunk, enjoying the company of strippers, snorting cocaine (87) and spending time with ultra-Zionist, mega-lobbyist Jack Abramoff on his yacht engaging in the aforesaid activities (88), the Zionist media propagated that the ‘Islamic extremist’ Mumbai attackers took cocaine and LSD to stay awake during their assault and that they abused steroids as well (89). The premise was obscenely ridiculous for the 2001 false flag in New York City and it’s equally as obscenely ridiculous to surmise that such a scenario occurred during the assault on Mumbai. Despite wide-ranging media misreporting about ‘Pakistani militants,’ the language spoken by the Mumbai attackers wasn’t Urdu or any other language spoken in Pakistan and the attackers wore saffron Hindutvadi-Zionist bands (90). Police officers on the scene described the attackers as ‘white (91),’ while eyewitnesses described the attackers by stating that, ‘they did not look Indian, they look foreign,’ also adding that one attacker had blonde hair and another had a ‘punkish hairstyle (92).’

The Zionist media in occupied Palestine printed stories of the most obnoxious lunacy, stating that the attackers claimed that they were sent to ‘kill Israelis (93),’ and Abraham Foxman, national director of the Zionist intelligence wing, the Anti-Defamation League, issued a statement in which he declared that the Mumbai attack was orchestrated to ‘single out Jews,’ and later slammed anyone insinuating that Mossad was behind the assault (94). This is Zionist media damage control 101. If the ADL is attacking a theory, a group or a person, it is truth that they are attacking, and if the ADL is defending a theory, a group or a person, it is falsehood that they are defending.

The CCTV technology used at Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, the first target of the Mumbai attackers, is the same technology used at  Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, where the security is run by Safeguards Technology LLC (95), founded and headed by Israeli security expert, Moshe Levy, who has been a consultant for high-security operations across the globe (96). The pattern of the false flags here is sickening; Mossad, Shin Bet-linked, Zionist-owned ICTS ran the security at the airport which was the setting for the ‘shoe-bomber’ incident in December of 2001, the airport which was the focal point of the ‘crotch-bomber’ incident in December of 2009, the bus systems during the false flag attack against London on July 7th, 2005 (97) and most notoriously, at every airport on 9/11, during the Mossad’s most infamous, most brazen assault (98). With ex-Shin Bet officers running security on 26/11, it’s no wonder that the attackers arrived at their targets with such punctuality and carried out their mass murder with such deadly efficiency.

It is a well known fact that the Zionist entity sent several Mossad agents to the Hindutva regime to serve as ‘guides’ for BJP in fighting counter-terrorism (99), and it has been confirmed by Tel Aviv’s mouthpiece newspaper, The Jerusalem Post, that there was an Israeli intelligence presence in Mumbai on that fateful day (100). It has also been confirmed that David Headley, the CIA’s asset who helped carry out the 1993 Bombay blasts, had a prominent role in the execution of the attacks (101). All of the evidence perfectly points to 26/11 being a well-organized, military intelligence operation, and this point is further confirmed by Mossad, the FBI, MI6 and India’s RAW all unprecedentedly collaborating to censor the police investigation directly after the false flag (102).

ATS Chief Hemant Karkare was assassinated on 26/11.

Malegaon Revisited: Hemant Karkare, 26/11's John O’Neil

On September 29, 2008, barely less than two months before the 26/11 operation, Malegaon was rocked by bloodshed again, when a motorcycle bomb exploded and murdered 5 Muslim civilians and injured 50 others (103). While the reaction of the Hindutva government, which it projected upon the police, was to blame Muslims as it is commonplace to do (104), the Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS) of Mumbai’s police, led by Hemant Karkare, went against the Hindutvadi controllers and uncovered a Hindutva terror cell connected to BJP that plotted and carried out the mayhem (105). In utter defiance of the BJP regime, Karkare explicitly and thunderously rejected its pressure and blasted the media’s speculative theories (106), and showed no fear by arresting an Indian army official with ties to the power brokers in New Delhi (107). Karkare also arrested leaders of RSS, one of India’s most influential Hindutvadi organizations (as discussed earlier) in connection to the Malegaon murders (108).

In another connection to the Malegaon crime, shortly before 26/11, Karkare’s ATS arrested several operatives of the murderous Hindutvadi group, Sangh Parivar, which despite numerous denials from the leaders of its sister groups BJP, RSS and VHP, is heavily funded by the Mossad; the funding and training began in February of 2007 after Israeli, Spanish and Belgian rabbinical officials met with the highest tiers of Hindutva in New Delhi (109).

Lieutenant Colonel Prasad Purohit, the army official arrested by ATS, confessed to contacting the Zionist entity for assistance in creating a Hindutvadi nation, and the Zionist entity responded ‘very positively’ with training and equipment; ATS unearthed recorded evidence of this collaboration on the laptop of another Hindutvadi conspirator, Dayanand Pandey (110). It was the February 2007 meeting where the Malegaon conspiracy was hatched. It was the arrests of Purohit, Pandey and the Sangh Parivar operatives that tied Mossad and other Israeli elements directly to the murders on September 29th. And it was this heroic, truthful and sincere police work, which exposed Zionism and Hindutva completely, that would be the beginning of the end for Hemant Karkare.

BJP unleashed a vicious smear campaign against Karkare, targeting his investigation and accusing the ATS of abusing and torturing the Hindutvadis that were captured and questioned (111). He remained steadfast, honorably telling his team to continue their work in a righteous manner, adamantly telling his men not to falsify evidence (112). Karkare began receiving death threats days before 26/11 and continued receiving them up until 2 hours before the carnage began on that fateful day (113). The politicization of the Malegaon case by Hindutva and the siege against the ATS took its toll on Karkare, who remarked in his last days that, ‘the pressure is tremendous,’ and that the allegations leveled against his men, ‘hurt (114).’ Despite being betrayed by nearly every element of the Indian regime, Karkare still marched with his squad into South Mumbai when the butchery began, where he became one of the first casualties of 26/11 .

Zionism and Hindutva needed Karkare eliminated.
Karkare donned a bulletproof vest and a helmet prior to engaging the besiegers, but the official story states  that he died of bullet wounds to the chest. Some reports say that he died of wounds from handgun shots, other reports say that he died of wounds from machine gun fire. The Hindutva entity has completely covered up the true nature of the ATS chief’s demise, withholding vital information, including the bulletproof itself which disappeared during the attacks. The first reason for this is, the ATS officers were supplied with substandard equipment to move into combat, a major violation of Indian law (115). In actuality, Karkare died of shots to the neck and the shoulders, exactly where the inferior vests didn’t protect him (116). The second reason, and more important reason for this is, Karkare wasn’t simply murdered in a ‘terror attack;’ he was brutally assassinated in an operation conducted by RAW and IB {The Intelligence Bureau of India} (117), with Mossad providing exceptional cover with its false flag attack. Kavita Karkare, Hemant’s grieving wife, has rejected every claim of the Hindutva regime and has repeatedly said that there are countless questions and not a single answer being provided (118); the people have joined the widow in their calls for a new investigation into Karkare’s death and justice for the national hero.

Not only is Mohammad Ajmal Mohammad Amir Kasab, the man accused of killing Karkare and two of his colleagues, both of them being top cops as well, completely innocent, he has demanded an international trial because he feels that he has been framed by RAW and Israeli officials (119), after RAW kidnaped him in Nepal along with 200 others to be used for the Indian intelligence agency’s ‘ulterior designs at a later date (120).’  To complete the cover-up, Hindutva installed the notoriously anti-Muslim bigot, Rakesh Maria, who has links to the Zionist entity, as the new chief of the ATS (121). It was none other than Maria who led the investigation into the Mumbai terror attacks (122), giving the intelligence agencies mentioned in the previous section free reign to contaminate and censor all information collected.

It is frightening how closely Karkare’s tragedy resembles the tragedy of former FBI counter-terrorism chief John P. O’Neil who was murdered on 9/11. O’Neil had also faced terrible pressure from the Zionist Power Configuration in Washington and his FBI superiors for delving too deep into the true nature of Al-Qaeda. His investigations were blocked, his team was removed from their posts in Yemen, smear campaigns were launched against him, and like Karkare, who was described as ‘disturbed’ and ‘not himself’ in his last days (123), John O’Neil would lose 20 pounds and become severely depressed prior to being forced out of his position at the FBI. After the fiasco at the FBI, O’Neil would be approached by ultra-Zionist 9/11 criminal Jerome Hauer and offered a job at Kroll, a security company owned by Zionist Jules B. Kroll. While Kroll, Hauer and many other sayanim that were key to Mossad’s operation on 9/11 weren’t present when the thermite explosives collapsed the towers, John O’Neil was. He died that day, the victim of Israel’s criminal network, murdered to cover up the truth behind Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda (124).

Chillingly, like O’Neil, Karkare also had a background in intelligence, working as an officer for RAW prior to heading the ATS (125). May Hemant Karkare and John O’Neil rest in peace, with their Zionist and Hindutvadi murderers brought to justice by the people of conscience.

Chabad is a staunchly Zionist, criminal organization.

Nariman House: Mossad Headquarters

Mossad’s presence inside India and occupied Kashmir is well known. Several Zionist companies owned by former Mossad and Shin Bet agents have been operating in the Hindutva entity for years (126). Eli Katzir and his Counter-Terrorism Combat Unit of the Israeli Prime Minister’s office, which is comprised of Zionist military intelligence officials and police commanders, have been mainstays in occupied Kashmir along with many other parts of India for over a decade, leading to assistance from Israel to the Hindutva entity in the form of information transfers, instruction in operation methods and of course, sale of equipment (127). Mossad and Aman have offices through front companies of both agencies across India, including Amdocs, Ness Technologies, Magic Software Enterprises, Check Point Software Technologies, RAD Data Communications, Veraz Networks and NDS Group. Mossad and RAW also joint offices with four agencies which were created in collaboration in an operation to completely fragment Pakistan (128). There are also 57 training camps in existence all over India and occupied Kashmir, set up by Mossad and RAW, where training of ‘dissident groups’ is conducted to carry out terrorism against Pakistan; it is called the Dragon Policy (129).

Out of all these safehouses, camps, offices and bases where Mossad can conduct a false flag however, in its despicable arrogance, it carried out 26/11 from the Chabad Lubatvich stronghold of the Nariman House, where the firing in Mumbai began, according to several eyewitness accounts (130).  Chabad is notorious for its criminal activity, engaging in bribery, theft, fraud, extortion, counterfeiting, embezzlement, money laundering (131), global pedophilia (132), ecstasy trading, meth dealing and heroin experimentation (133). Chabad is also allied with the most racist and violent organizations in the Zionist entity, it is supported by the Russian-Jewish oligarchical gangster-class which is destabilizing Russia, it has worked with ultra-Zionist racists Alan Dershowitz and Lawrence Summers to spread Zionist propaganda on college campuses and it has set up an essential network for corporate and international espionage (134). The Nariman House of Chabad has housed Mossad and other Israeli intelligence officials since 1996, when Israel received one of many security contracts from the Hindutva regime to crush the ‘militancy,’ (i.e. the Azadi Struggle) in occupied Kashmir and to operate from India’s Air Force bases in the Kashmiri state of Jammu, for the purpose of attacking Pakistan (135).

This crucial fact explains how Rabbi Holtzberg, who was slain in the attacks, mystically predicted the 26/11 false flag and was excessively ‘afraid of pictures, afraid of photographers and afraid of unnecessary public exposure that could harm the Chabad House (136).’ He was afraid because he didn’t want Mossad’s cover blown, especially with Hemant Karkare already pinpointing Israeli fingerprints in Malegaon and fearlessly conducting his investigation in defiance of the pro-Israel Hindutvadi leadership. This fact explains how the Nariman House was the ‘hub’ or the ‘den’ of the attackers and why the attackers arrived the night before and brought ‘many bags’ into the Chabad place of business (137). This fact explains why the ‘terrorists’ were able to purchase food for 3 days undetected (138); it explains how the ‘terrorists’ disappeared without a trace (139). It explains why Indian police (excluding Karkare and his team) had the ‘terrorists’ in their sights but simply didn’t shoot at them (140). And it explains, why the Zionist media issued contradictory accounts about the ‘hostages;’ because the hostages, were actually the attackers themselves, in all of their Zionist glory (141). 

Many have stated that due to Rabbi Holtzberg and his wife being murdered, it invalidates all claims of Mumbai being a Zionist operation. ‘Zionists wouldn’t kill Jews,’ they’ve opined. But this is sheer nonsense; an easy way to weasel their way out of conducting the proper research to identify the truth. It is a matter of the historical record, in repetition, that the Zionists have a history of killing innocent Jewish people (not that Holtzberg was innocent, quite to the contrary) to further their agenda. Mossad sunk a ship, the Egoz, full of Moroccan Jewish children, murdering all aboard then subsequently blaming it on Arabs and Mossad placed bombs in temples, schools, apartments and coffeehouses in the Jewish communities of Iraq, murdering many. Both false flag campaigns were to drive a spiteful wedge between Arab Muslims and Arab Jews, to facilitate the forced trek of the Mizrahim to occupied Palestine to be slave labor for the Ashkenazi elite (142).

Zionist military intelligence also kidnaped Yemenite Jewish children and delivered them to be servants for the Khazarian elite, sold them as commodities to Zionist adoption agencies in the United States and on several occasions, murdered them and buried them in unmarked graves (143). To drive the point home a little bit further, the Zionists collaborated for some time with Adolf Hitler's National Socialist Germany (144), which was fighting a bitter war against the aggression of International Jewry and which saw Zionism as a way to remove Jews from Europe (145), and the Zionist leadership famously ignored the calls of Rabbi Michael Ber Weissmandl in Europe, who sought their help to rescue Slovakian Jews, leading to Jewish deaths by starvation in the Nazi work camps (146).

The Zionists do not discriminate when it comes to mass murder; Muslims, Christians, Jews, atheists, Hindus, Buddhists, Arabs, Africans, Caucasians, Hebrews, Latinos, Asians and many other peoples have been all struck by Tel Aviv’s criminal network.

When the Zionist regime spills blood, it profits from it.

Show Me The Terror, I’ll Show You The Money

What would an Israeli-designed false flag attack be without Zion profiteering immensely from the spilling of innocent blood? The event just wouldn’t be complete.

ICTS, the infamous security company connected to a plethora of Zionist false flags was looking for a way to enter the Indian market, since so many other Mossad-Shin Bet-Aman affiliated companies had already done so, and it acquired its chance with the Mumbai assault (147). Just one month after the attacks, the Zionist entity and the Hindutva entity signed a memorandum called the Indo-Israel Legal Colloquium to facilitate discussions and profitable exchange programs between judges and jurists of the two brutal occupiers (148). Also in response to 26/11, India bought the RISAT 2 from the Tel Aviv regime, an advanced spy satellite that can peer through clouds (149).

As recently as January 2010, Israeli firms continue their Hindutvadi-welcomed infiltration of India, with at least 5 companies already profiting from the illegal occupation of Palestine signing massive deals for homeland security all in the name of 26/11 (150). Zionist Daniel Benjamin, discussed in a previous section, was appointed by Zionist Hillary Clinton as Coordinator for Counter-Terrorism at the State Department, and it was Benjamin that allocated $4.5 million to India ‘anti-terrorism’ in the wake of 26/11 (151). As a side note, Benjamin has also been important to the Zionist-Hindutvadi 26/11 false narrative, spreading excessive propaganda about Al-Qaeda and occupied Kashmir (152). The largest deal however, has been the $600 million weapons deal that Zionism and Hindutva signed in January of 2009, for coastal weapons defense systems transferred from a subsidiary of Israeli Aerospace Industries to the Indian navy (153).

And of course, despite the Chabad Lubatvich headquarters of the Nariman House being in Mumbai, in India, it wouldn’t make sense for an Indian firm to rebuild it, or Mumbai to oversee its reconstruction, would it? No, of course not. The Chabad Mumbai Relief Fund was set up by Chabad Luvatvich itself, with Chabad Lubatvich officials joining the board from across the globe, including from the ultra-Zionist organizations the World Jewish Congress and the Jewish Association of Thailand (154). The vital arm of the Zionist criminal network accumulated $2 million in funds as of November 2009, with hopes of acquiring $2.5 million more (155). Disgustingly typical.

To close, Zionism and Hindutva made it abundantly clear that the ties of the occupying entities were not only unaffected by 26/11, but in fact, ‘emerged even stronger (156).’

Israel wanted the proposed Peace Pipeline obliterated.

The Peace Pipeline

One of the two motives (other than money and spilling innocent blood) behind the Mumbai assault, and the chief one, was to obliterate the prospect of peace between India and Pakistan, as well as to crush ties between the Islamic Republic of Iran and India, premises that have been aggressively and firmly suggested by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (157). Relations between Iran and India have always been strained at best due to the Hindutvadi regime’s collaboration with Israel and Iran’s support of the Azadi Struggle in Kashmir, both spiritually (158) and financially (159). There was a plan in place however, that would end, or at least substantially reduce the hostilities (great and small) between the three heavyweight nations, facilitate peace in the Southeastern Asia region and assist Pakistan and India in achieving energy independence from the West: The Peace Pipeline (160).

The proposed $7 billion deal would bring natural gas from the Islamic Revolution in Iran across the Islamic Republic of Pakistan into India, and the Indian leadership made great progress with Pakistan on the cost of transporting the gas through its rival back in April of 2008. Ahmadinejad visited India at the end of April to cement the deal and had the intention of closing it in 45 days. The deal was venomously opposed by the Zionist-run Bush administration (161). Though the Peace Pipeline should have been operational by 2010 (162), the efforts of understanding and serenity between the three nations came to a screeching halt.

India withdrew from the project in 2009, only a few months after the attack in Mumbai, citing prices and high costs of transfer fees as the reason. This was a ruse however, as India and Pakistan had already made great progress in these fields; the real reason for the pullout was Hindutva being under major pressure from the ZOG in America (163). As a result, India decided to pursue its energy needs with the United States, whom the Hindutvadi regime signed a landmark nuclear deal with in 2005 and finalized in 2008, a month before 26/11 (164), sealed with World Bank funds in ‘05 from President of the internationalist institution at the time, genocidal Zionist criminal, Paul Wolfowitz (165).

The ZOG in America threatened Pakistan with sanctions if it decided to go through with the proposed deal with Iran (166), but Pakistan resisted and marched forward with the project, signing a deal with the Islamic Revolution for $7.6 billion in early 2010 (167). The repercussions of Pakistan’s defiance have been grave; they have been deadly; they are drenched with the blood of Pakistan’s citizens. The Iran-Pakistan deal was signed in principle in January 2010, and starting from January, it is 2010 that has been the worst year of CIA-operated drone strikes since they began in 2004, with at least 1,184 innocent Pakistanis being murdered and hundreds of others being injured (168).

India has decided to move forward with a rival pipeline (169), known as the TAPI pipeline (170), which is dominated by the Merhav Group, a billionaire Israeli company headed by Mossad agent Yosef A. Maiman. Merhav has complete and total control of Turkmenistan’s natural resources and the Mossad-owned corporation will be the chief profiteer of TAPI (171). The interests of the Zionist entity via TAPI were the real reason why Afghanistan was invaded and illegally occupied by the fascist American and British armies. It is the real reason why the nation has been utterly decimated and more than 1.2 million innocent Afghans have been murdered. Rivers of blood, in the name of Zionism.

Prospect of peace destroyed? Check. Iran snubbed and humiliated by Zion again? Check. Payback for Pakistan’s defiance? Check. Hindutva’s full allegiance secured? Check. Mossad’s billions still intact and flowing regularly? Check and mate. Israel’s mission accomplished.

The flag of Azad (free) Kashmir; end the occupation!

Kashmir: The Elephant In The Room

A land known as ‘Heaven on Earth,’ Kashmir has been illegally occupied by India since 1947 and has endured an overplus of barbarous crimes against humanity at the hands of Hindutva on a massive scale (172). Since 1989 alone, when the first armed struggle was launched against the Indian occupier, 93,537 Kashmiri civilians have been ruthlessly murdered, 6,981 were murdered while illegally detained in Hindutvadi custody, 9,984 Kashmiri women have been raped by the occupying military, 22,747 women were left widowed, 107,397 Kashmiri children were orphaned and 105,900 Kashmiri structures were desecrated (173).

In 2008, the Azadi Struggle reached a point that it had not seen since the ‘Kashmiri Intifada’ of 1989. It started in May with a decision from the collaborationist government to appease India that mirrors the everyday life of Palestinians under the toxic Zionist occupation. 98 acres of Kashmiri land were ‘donated’ to ‘Hindu’ pilgrims, infuriating the Kashmiri people who charged the treasonists governing the occupied land with attempting to change the demographics of their nation, or worse, paving the way for Zionist-style Hindutvadi settlements in Kashmir (174).

Thousands took to the street in protest on August 11th, resulting in typical brutality from the Indian military, injuring over 100 unarmed civilians, and murdering 3, including the loved Kashmiri Resistance leader, Sheikh Abdul Aziz. For the first time in ten years, the Hindutvadi occupier declared curfew and then imposed that military curfew on the Valley (175). At the height of the new Intifada, between May and October, 345 innocent Kashmiris were slaughtered by Hindutva, and 3,832 were critically injured or tortured, including 1,527 in August alone (176). As if the military’s actions weren’t condemnable enough, BJP then imposed an economic blockade on the people of Kashmir, depriving them of petrol, diesel and food (177).

Hindutva’s monstrous barbarity invoked a global reaction, bringing Kashmir to the forefront of the geopolitical spectrum for the first time in recent memory, triggering demonstrations in one Kashmiri community after another across the earth including London (178), Toronto (179), Lahore (180) and Brussels (181).

Like the Zionist entity used 9/11 to cover up its appalling crimes against humanity inflicted upon the Palestinians during the Second Intifada, India used 26/11 to cover up its crimes against humanity inflicted upon the people of Kashmir during the 2008 uprising, as well as the global reaction to it. When 26/11 struck the airwaves via heavy promotion from the Zionist media, Kashmir and its Azadi Struggle were drowned out, once again becoming a forgotten occupation; as it has always been, all the way up until 2010 (182).

Zionist-operated Wikileaks defends Israel in its 26/11 cables.

Conclusion: Wikileaks Seals The Cover-Up

One can no longer read the news anymore without seeing the name of Julian Assange and/or his ‘whistleblower’ organization, Wikileaks. While Assange has attempted to portray himself as a transparency activist and Wikileaks has been touted as the next generation of dissidence, it is nothing more than an elaborate farce. Assange himself is nothing more than a Zionist shill and the only thing that Wikileaks is the next generation of, is Zionist Cass Sunstein’s cyber COINTELPRO. Assange is affiliated with Australian intelligence, the lapdog of Mossad, and Wikileaks is deeply connected to the CIA, Mossad and international Zionist war criminal, the infamous George Soros, and it has taken blood money from all three (183). The Israeli mouthpiece newspaper, Haaretz, is calling anyone who speaks the truth about Wikileaks a ‘conspiracy theorist (184),’ and the Zionist intelligence wing in America, the ADL, headed by Zionist thug Abraham Foxman, has launched a full scale assault on anyone linking Wikileaks to Israel, most prominently Senior Editor of Veterans Today, Gordon Duff. The ADL has smeared, slandered and character-assassinated those with the courage to speak contrary to the Zionist-owned media’s narrative about Wikileaks as ‘anti-Semitic (185),’ a typical tactic.

In the section, ‘Nonsense of The Official Story,’ this author wrote, ‘If the ADL is attacking a theory, a group or a person, it is truth that they are attacking, and if the ADL is defending a theory, a group or a person, it is falsehood that they are defending.’ With the ADL’s nauseating, vehement defense of Wikileaks, the point is reaffirmed.

Considering that Julian Assange believes that 9/11, arguably the greatest cover-up in American history (excluding Mossad’s assassination of President John F. Kennedy), is a ‘false conspiracy,’ and those who seek truth about 9/11 ‘annoy him (186),’ it should come as no surprise that Israel’s Wikileaks operation has spread vicious lies about what actually took place in Mumbai on November 26, 2008 in an attempt to reinforce the official pro-Hindutva, pro-Zionism narrative of Zion’s mainstream media. One cable suggests that ‘the evidence has mounted that the terrorists belonged to Pakistan-based Jihadi groups (187).’ Another cable says that there is ‘evidence the attacks in Mumbai were carried out by Lashkar-e-Taiba (188).’ Another cable despicably suggests that there is ‘evidence that serving Pakistani officials were involved in the 26/11 attacks (189).’ And another states that, ‘it increasingly appears that a Pakistani-based terrorist group was the culprit behind the attacks (190).’ Falsehood. Distortion. Lies. Propaganda. Everything that Wikileaks is exceptionally good at distributing. The evidence spoken of is non-existent.

The excuse from the Wikileaks worshipers and the Assange fan club has been the same time and time again: the ‘cables’ are from the state department, of course they’re going to reflect official US policy. This is an abysmal, lazy defense to deflect the fact that they simply enjoy being sheep, following what the Zionist media tells them, and have no interest in attaining any information that isn’t spoon-fed to them by the establishment. Apart from the fact that the documents have been manipulated with the CIA’s PROMIS software (191), proving unequivocally that anything Wikileaks releases is collusive and contaminated, where the documents came from is ultimately irrelevant.

The documents, which are overloaded with the most vile hasbara, are being relentlessly promoted by the Zionist media day in and day out, to serve the Zionist agenda, weaken the solidarity network, the activism community and the truth movement and keep the public distracted from the colossally important issues; it is a blatant Limited Hangout operation. Anything touted by Zionism is not to be trusted. Period. Zionists don’t profit from leaks, they’re exposed by them. Zionists don’t promote leaks, they bury them. And Zionists don’t reward whisteblowers with multi-million dollar book deals, they imprison them, torture them and if need be, eliminate them.

Turn off the Zionist media and ignore the fraudulent document dumps of Wikileaks. 26/11 wasn’t carried out by Pakistani ‘Jihadi’ terrorists. And it certainly wasn’t assisted by the government of Pakistan. It was a Mossad false flag attack. It was assisted by the CIA, RAW and IB. The groundwork was laid in 1992 with the collaborative effort between Zionism and Hindutva to demolish the ancient Babri Masjid. The schematics were collected in 1993 when Mossad and the CIA terrorized Mumbai the first time, still known as Bombay then. Live training exercises between Mossad and Hindutvadi terror groups were conducted with the Mumbai train bombings and the Malegaon blasts in 2006, then Malegaon again in September 2008. 26/11 was carried out to demolish the peace efforts between India, Pakistan and Iran, eliminate ATS chief Hemant Karkare from investigating the links between Hindutva-backed terror groups, Israel and the Hindutva-dominated government, cover up their gross human rights violations in occupied Kashmir and lead India into committing to the TAPI pipeline, headed by a Mossad-owned energy company.

Hindutva, like Zionism, must vanish for peace to reign.
 It was a successful operation, and the murderers who plotted the bloodshed, led by the Zionist criminal  network, are still at large. This pro-Israel group of elitists which thrives on gangsterism and terrorism is planning and carrying out more false flags at this very moment, most recently in Varanasi, India in December, an attack that has already been linked to Mossad (192). Like the 9/11 truth movement, which increases in size and steadfastness every day, a movement to promote the truth about what actually occurred on 26/11 is essential to the struggle for truth, justice, freedom and peace. This essay can be the starting point; it is an analysis that can be referred to for the remainder of time to squash any Zionist or Hindutvadi line of propaganda regarding the tragic events on November 26, 2008.

The Hindutvadi lobby is growing in power and influence with the help of AIPAC, it is silencing those who speak out regarding the criminality of Hindutva and the brutality experienced daily in occupied Kashmir, especially on college campuses (193). Spinning the facts on 26/11 is at the top of its twisted agenda. This must not be tolerated as a deterrent. For the innocents of Pakistan who have paid with their lives and the lives of their families at the hands of the CIA’s drones, it must be fought. For the people of Kashmir, who live in the most militarized zone on earth, who deal with a worsening human rights crisis due to Hindutva’s occupation, it must be resisted. And for the world’s oppressed people, the truth of the Zionist criminal network’s operation on 26/11 must be exposed so Hindutva’s lies collapse like a house of cards, and its connivance with Israeli-Anglo hegemony collapses with it. General Hamid Gul, former director of the ISI, has been one of the few prominent personalities to call 26/11 exactly what it is: an ‘inside job (194).’

End Zionism. End Hindutva. End the illegal occupations. With Resistance, empower those who have been  convinced by the elite that they are weak. The ignorant exist in the most dangerous prison known to man... the mind, totally brainwashed by the ‘globe holders.’ The only force, the only key, that can unlock this prison is the truth. Present your brothers and sisters with the key. Those who know, have a duty to inform those who don’t. It is their duty to confront those who are imprisoned... and set them free.

~ The End ~


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