Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Israel and India: Brothers In Occupation of Kashmir

by Jonathan Azaziah

Torture. Secret prisons. Rape. Incessant murder of civilians. Military-enforced curfew. Suppression of information. Kidnapings. Property destruction. Ethnic cleansing. Scorched earth policies. Protests. Mass graves. Humiliation. Beatings. Missing persons. Intimidation. Occupation. No, this is not a description of the life of Palestinians under the 62 year occupation of the Zionist entity. No, this is not a description of the life of civilians living under brutal US-UK military occupation in Iraq or Afghanistan. This is a description of the life of civilians in Kashmir, under the despicable, savage and inhumane Indian occupation which has been in place for 63 years. Palestine has been politicized over and over by corrupt Arab and Muslim leaders. It has been used for propaganda by Western politicians vying for support from the Zionist lobby by bowing down to Israel, as well as the Zionist media to disseminate the ‘Israel is the victim’ theme and smear Palestinian Resistance. Kashmir however, isn’t even mentioned at all. It is disregarded by the dictators and monarchies of the Middle East. It is disregarded by the Zionist puppets and demagogues of the West. Kashmir has become a forgotten occupation (1).

Criminal Partition and The Armed Forces Special Powers Act

Kashmir has always been an independent nation with its own language, its own natural resources which provided self-sustainment and autonomy, and its own rich, ancient, and distinct culture, completely separate from India (2). Before the British Raj officially came into being in 1858, the British colonialists already had vast amounts of soldiers occupying several parts of the Southeastern Asia subcontinent including Kashmir, which they wanted to strip of its history and absorb into their growing Indian empire. Despite sincere, dedicated Resistance from the people, the British sold Kashmir into monarchical oppression in 1846, making the Dogra dynasty the undisputed rulers of the Valley. The Dogras committed a century of atrocities against the Kashmiris, culminating on August 26, 1947 when the dynasty, armed with British weaponry, opened fire on an enormous crowd of protesters in Poonch, murdering hundreds in cold blood. The fall of the dynasty opened the doors for Britain’s partition and India’s occupation (3).

Britain left India cracked in half, sectioning off a state predominantly comprised of Muslims in Pakistan, and a state predominantly comprised of Hindus in India. This left Kashmir stuck in the middle of a criminal partition process. The greater majority of Kashmir’s people wanted their autonomy returned to them, and they protested day and night, demanding their self-determination. Due to its relationship with the Dogras however, and its inherent distrust of Muslim leadership in what was to become Pakistan, Britain decided to award Kashmir to India. The dynasty was liquidated only in name, as the heirs to the Dogra throne exchanged kingship for the position of Kashmir Prime Minister. Britain’s Viceroy of India, Lord Mountbatten, manipulated the Radcliffe Commission, which was in charge of allotting territory to India and Pakistan, so the (predominantly Muslim) Gurdaspur district of the Punjab region would be illogically assigned to India. Gurdaspur connected India to Kashmir via an easy-to-reach land route. Without Gurdaspur, India would have no access to Kashmir. Lord Mountbatten favored the Indian leadership which still maintained benevolence towards Britain, whereas Pakistan’s leadership was looking for complete independence. Kashmir became a casualty of Lord Mountbatten’s meddling. It was transformed into the property of the occupier (4). The worthless United Nations Security Council passed Resolution 47, guaranteeing the people of Kashmir the right to self-determination, but it has never been enforced. Kashmir has been occupied by no fewer than 500,000-700,000 Indian military terrorists at all times since 1947, making it the most militarized zone on the planet (5).

On August 18th, 1958, India’s government passed the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) to completely absolve the military of any wrongdoing no matter what kind of crime it may commit. Essentially, it gave India’s military the authority to shoot and kill with impunity. It has led to more than 50 years of repulsive human rights violations, and it is a central contributing factor to the unrest in occupied Kashmir today. Several elite international organizations have demanded that the AFSPA be repealed, including the UN though it doesn’t enforce this request either. Activists across Kashmir and India as well have struggled to end the AFSPA to no avail. India’s government has stonewalled their efforts, arrested them, and in certain instances, illegally imprisoned them (6).

Indian Crimes Against Humanity and US Support

Since 1989 alone, 100,243 Kashmiri civilians have been murdered by India’s security forces. 107,351 children have been orphaned. 22,728 women have been widowed. 9,920 women have been gang raped or molested by India’s military. 118,060 Kashmiris were illegally arrested and incarcerated. 105,861 houses, places of business, mosques, and other architectural structures were razed, and countless people have gone missing (7). 2,900 mass graves were discovered at the end of 2009, containing the bodies of 2,943 civilians from 55 villages across Northern Kashmir. Indian military, paramilitary, and security forces were the culprits. Not a single complaint was made against them, and no committee or body was set up by the Indian regime to investigate the horrors (8).

Torture cells and interrogation centers are infused with Kashmir’s daily life; they’ve been around since the beginning days of British partition. Sexual abuse, electrocution, merciless beatings, soaking prisoners with freezing cold water, undressing the prisoners in front of each other and locking crowds together in the same cell are only some of the tactics used by India’s military (9). Over 6,000 Indian soldiers stationed in occupied Kashmir suffer from the AIDS virus, but haven’t been pulled from active duty. Their mysterious contraction of the disease has never been investigated. The sexual abuse against Kashmiris, especially women and children, is as rampant as ever. AIDS has now spread throughout Kashmir at an alarming rate, stemming directly from abusive sexual contact between security forces and civilians, in what most certainly appears to be another extension of collective punishment issued by the Indian regime (10).

Videos have recently emerged that expose the Indian occupier’s humiliation of Kashmir’s civilians. In one video, recorded in low-quality definition on a cell phone, four young Kashmiris were stripped naked by paramilitary troopers and forced to walk through the streets as they were taunted and hit with batons. In another video, an old man is beaten by the military with no justification whatsoever. In another video, young girls are harassed with the most putrid vulgarities. As expected, Youtube and Facebook, havens for Zionist censorship and data-mining (11), removed the videos, citing nonsensical nudity violations. Mainstream Indian papers and television media haven’t mentioned these human rights violations at all. Neither has the Zionist-owned Western media. It is disgraceful (12).

The US has directly funded India with hundreds of millions of dollars for decades, up until 2008 in which the foreign aid was reduced to $81 million per year (13). War criminal George W. Bush, in a meeting with war criminal Manmohan Singh in 2005, declared that a strategic, global partnership between the US and India including increased military, economic , scientific and technical ties was necessary to promote peace throughout the world (14). This of course, is Orwellian doublespeak for promoting war and chaos wherever the two powers would roam. The Indo-US Civilian Nuclear Agreement, signed by Bush and Singh in the same year as their historic meeting, was nothing but a nuclear arms deal that included enrichment technology and equipment designed for weaponizing nuclear materials (15). Bush’s neo-con administration contrived this deal to prop up India as a regional superpower and keep Pakistan at bay through subversive destabilization.

Since Singh’s only objection to the deal was finding the necessary funds to keep India’s nuclear program flowing, it was none other than Zionist Paul Wolfowitz, the murderous architect of the illegal occupation of Iraq, that suggested loans to India from the World Bank, where he served as President at the time (16). By possessing US-designed nuclear technology, the Indian occupier has been emboldened even further in Kashmir, intimidating the people with threats of nuclear genocide with Pakistan (17). Though Zionist warmonger Obama has been completely silent on Kashmir since taking office (18), he has taken no issue with undermining Kashmir’s Resistance. Zionist Daniel Benjamin, who wrote a paper with Zionist Steven Simon entitled ‘Obama Is The Friend Israel Needs (19),’ was appointed by one of the Zionist entity’s favorite mouthpieces, Hillary Clinton, as Coordinator for Counter-terrorism at the Department of State. It was Benjamin that negotiated the transfer of $4.5 million to India’s regime for anti-terrorism programs, in addition to the aid already allocated each year (20), and it is Benjamin that has been instrumental in spreading propaganda regarding the Mumbai false flag, linking Kashmiri Resistance to bogus offshoots of ‘Al Qaeda’ with absolutely no evidence (21). 

Israel: India’s Occupation Advisor

The Zionist entity and India have had deep-rooted, lucrative relations since India recognized Israel’s illegitimate statehood on September 17th, 1950. This relationship was always covert due to India taking precautionary measures to prevent its own Muslim population and financial allies in the Arab world from interfering through protest or other political means. The Tel Aviv regime provided India with arms, ammunition and military hardware during its wars with China in 1962, and its two wars with Pakistan in 1965 and 1971. In return, India secretly sent military equipment to Israel during the 1967 war. India’s security forces began receiving training in Israel as early as 1980, and throughout the decade, Israeli and Indian intelligence collaborated in the formulation of a plan to destroy Pakistan’s nuclear facilities. In 1986, architect of the first genocidal campaign against Iraq, Zionist Stephen Solarz, met with Prime Minister Gandhi and a high ranking Israeli lobby official from New York, Morris Abraham, to begin paving the way for overt relations. This lengthy process culminated in 1992 with the opening of an Indian embassy in Tel Aviv, and a Zionist embassy in New Delhi (22).

Since the establishment of open relations, Israel has transferred laser guided missiles, tanks, submarines and other naval craft, an anti-ballistic missile system, electronic warfare systems, and hi-tech surveillance equipment to the Indian regime. In July of 1997, mass murderer Benjamin Netanyahu boldly proclaimed, “Our ties with India don’t have any limits (23).” In 2002, India signed a deal with the Zionist entity to replace its out-of-date artillery, and contracted for more than 3,000 Israeli-designed Tavor rifles which its soldiers would use in occupied Kashmir to quell Resistance and tyrannize demonstrators (24).

War criminal and notorious butcher of the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps, Ariel Sharon, and war criminal of the Kargil conflict, Prime Minister of India at the time Atal Bihari Vajpayee, signed the ‘Delhi Statement on Friendship and Cooperation between India and Israel.’ Vajpayee couldn’t have carried out his policies in Kargil without Israel rushing military support to the Indian army at the height of the war (25). The Sharon-Vajpayee agreement led to Israel continuing its 1980s policy of training thousands upon thousands of Indian forces in counter-insurgency, but outwardly. Subsequently, in 2004, Mossad and Shin Bet officials arrived in India to train its army in gathering intelligence in areas with ‘high militancy activity.’ All of the training and technology that India acquired from Israel greatly assisted its genocidal occupation of Kashmir (26). Similar to the Zionist theft of water in occupied Palestine and the poisoning of aquifers to stricken Palestinians with disease (27), India is building dams in occupied Kashmir to damage its agriculture, and cut its people off from the agriculture imported from Pakistan (28). It is a classic form of slow drip genocide.

The Alliance Between Mossad and RAW

In 2007, Sayyed Ali Shah Geelani, one of the leading Resistance leaders in occupied Kashmir, publicly accused Israel’s Mossad of aiding and abetting India to obliterate the Kashmiri freedom struggle. He remarked that the tactics chosen by India’s military in the Valley were the same tactics used by Mossad against the Palestinians (29). The Sayyed’s accusations are fully supported by evidence. Israeli intelligence and India’s Research Analysis Wing (RAW) have been sharing information since the 1970s. 40,000 Israeli tourists have been visiting Jammu and Kashmir for decades, and it has recently been revealed that Mossad was given approval by RAW to conduct surveillance operations in the Valley by posing as tourists (30). An elite counter-terrorism unit, led by commander Eli Katzir, has been operating in Kashmir since 2000 to ‘reduce the incidence of terrorist incursions from Pakistan (31).’

Israeli companies with longstanding connections to Mossad and Shin Bet have been working in the Indian fields of research and development, nano-technology, biotech, high-end security software development, and non-conventional energy since open relations between the two oppressive entities began. The companies include Amdocs, the infamous company connected to Mossad’s 9/11 false flag founded by Zionist criminal Morris Kahn, Ness Technologies, headed by Sachi Gerlitz, a senior IOF official that formerly worked for Comverse, another firm connected to 9/11, Magic Software Enterprises, founded by David Assia and Yaki Dunietz, a firm that provides software to IOF, Check Point Software Technologies, founded by former IOF programming specialists Gil Shwed, Shlomo Kramer and Marius Nacht, RAD Data Communications, founded by former head of the Electronic Research Department of Israel’s Ministry of Defense Zohar Zisapel and his brother Yehuda, Veraz Networks, a subsidiary of ECI Telecom, headed by former senior official in Israeli Aircraft Industries, Rafi Maor, and NDS Group, a firm accused of hacking into the satellites of other companies and unraveling their encryption schemes, owned by Abe Peled, a former technical officer in IOF (32).

During the course of Sayyed Geelani’s aforementioned public comments, he also accused the Indian occupier of ‘trying to hoodwink Kashmir’s youth by forcing them to the path of drug addiction.’ Once again, the Resistance leader’s accusations proved to be entirely accurate. A recently declassified document from RAW has leaked critical information regarding the Indian intelligence agency, in partnership with Mossad, hiring Indian drug lords and mafia barons to transport opium across Indian and Pakistani borders into occupied Kashmir. The money raised from these illicit narcotics transactions would fund the establishment of 57 counter-terrorism training camps in and around Kashmir (33).

In 2001, RAW and Mossad created four new agencies to target high-ranking officials in the religious, political and intelligence sectors in Pakistan. The goal of these agencies was to destabilize Pakistan, divide it and conquer it by inciting sectarianism through bombings in highly-populated areas. Per the suggestion of Mossad officials in India, Tel Aviv also erected an electric barrier fence with thermal imaging devices on the border of the Punjab region and Jammu and Kashmir. RAW obsessively engaged in disinformation and propaganda campaigns against Pakistan, as well as sabotage, and espionage (34). The Zionist media and its expert propagandists along with RAW trained ‘investigative reporters’ disseminated a series of false reports regarding Pakistan’s army committing human rights violations in the Swat Valley in 2009. This operation was designed to cover up the disturbing ruthlessness that the Indian military had inflicted against Kashmiri adolescents in the summer of that year (35).

The latest act of RAW and Mossad collaboration came in January of 2008 when war criminal Singh’s regime launched an Israeli satellite into orbit. The operation wasn’t mentioned by India’s controlled media due to ‘sensitivities,’ but Israel’s media services boasted about the satellite substantially assisting the Zionist entity in monitoring Iran. The Tecsar satellite, a product of Mossad-dominated Israeli Aerospace Industries (36), is one of the most advanced of its kind, capable of transmitting high resolution images even in severe weather conditions. The technology was specifically designed to violate Iran’s sovereignty by penetrating its security networks to spy on its nuclear program. India would use the satellite to monitor Resistance activity in occupied Kashmir (37).

Conclusion: The Current Climate and The Future

After 63 years of arguably the most barbarous occupation in modern history and 21 years of armed struggle against its oppressors, Kashmir is nowhere closer to peace now than it was before Britain’s abject partitioning.  The newest stage of unrest began in June, when a teenager was murdered by the military with a tear gas grenade. Since that crime was committed, the occupier has taken the lives of 109 innocent people, including women and children (38). The worst day of violence came on September 13th, when India’s trigger-happy military opened fire on a crowd of tens of thousands of demonstrators, massacring 18 innocents and injuring more than 100 others (39).

India’s controlled press blamed the protests on Press TV, an Iranian news agency, broadcasting coverage of the despicable burning of the Qur’an in the US. These reports however, were shoddy at best, the work of RAW propagandists at worst, and they were released to cover up what Kashmiris were really protesting about: Nonstop Indian military brutality (40). Press TV was kicked off of the air on the day of the massacre when India’s government placed a ban on the station through local cable operators (41). Due to India’s intelligence relationship with the Zionist entity, and the launching of the satellite to spy on the Islamic Republic, it is reasonable to infer that Press TV was eliminated from the airwaves due to its updated, detailed, unbiased reporting of the humanitarian crisis in occupied Kashmir.

Kashmir’s Resistance leaders, including the aforesaid Sayyed Ali Shah Geelani, have all been detained and placed on house arrest on numerous occasions. Newspapers have been removed from circulation for days at a time. Journalists are subjected to abductions, beatings, death threats, attempted murder and are hindered by severe movement restrictions (42). The most recent journalist assaulted was Farooq Ahmed Shah, a photographer who was beaten by India’s paramilitary forces with bamboo sticks (43). Chief Minister Omar Abdallah, a collaborationist puppet of Singh’s murderous regime, along with his cabinet stooges, have issued weak public statements regarding the right to freedom of the press in the Valley needing to be respected, but have done absolutely nothing to stop the suppression of information (44). Kashmiris are disgusted with Abdallah, the latest in a line of puppet politicians chosen through rigged elections by the Indian oppressor since the occupation’s inception (45). The Indian media reported on the police officers suspended after a shoe was thrown at Abdallah (46), but it didn’t expose the details as to why such an act would occur. Abdallah isn’t defending the rights of Kashmir’s people, he is watching them bleed for a little slice of power.

Kashmiris are suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Major Depressive Disorder, especially children (47). Due to the efforts of RAW and Mossad, one third of Kashmiris in the age group of 15-40 suffer from substance abuse. Kashmiri students are denied accommodation in New Dehli universities (48). The violence against women in Kashmir by the occupier, hasn’t decreased; quite to the contrary. India’s military frequently uses rape as a weapon (49).

This oppression only worsens as India, and to a lesser extent, Pakistan, continue to occupy Kashmir. Indian lawmakers have launched a mission to end the unrest in the Valley (50). This is just as ridiculous as the peace talks farce taking place between Zionist war criminals Netanyahu, Obama, Mubarak, 'King' Abdullah and the Palestinian traitor, Mahmoud Abbas. The lawmakers have no intention of removing India’s military presence from Kashmir, and therefore, this is nothing more than another political publicity stunt. In a recent poll conducted by the Hindustan Times, 66% of Kashmiris said that they want complete freedom from all foreign powers, so Jammu and Kashmir can once again be restored as an independent nation state (51). Sayyed Geelani recently remarked that, “Kashmiris would prefer to die one by one than surrender before India (52).”

Kashmir is not a territorial dispute between India and Pakistan. Kashmir is not a religious dispute between Muslims and Hindus. The conflict in occupied Kashmir is a matter of self-determination, which is the universal right of all indigenous peoples and their respective lands. The brutal Indian occupier kills with impunity. It enforces its reign of terror with Israeli weaponry and a military trained in the methods of Mossad torture. It has destroyed and taken the lives of hundreds of thousands of people since 1947.

But Kashmiris have not weakened. They have not been broken. They still march defiantly through the streets despite curfew. They protest daily. They still sing, dance, pray, and meditate though the occupier awaits them outside of their homes and their mosques. Such a sincere, beautiful Resistance can never be defeated. Soon, the Indian occupier will admit it has been trounced and it will remove its troops from the Valley. Pakistan will honor the will of Kashmir’s people, and remove its forces as well. The people will determine who their government will be without the hidden hands of the occupier pulling the strings. And the chants will be heard from Srinagar to Poonch. Baramullah to Kishtwar. Uri to Kargil. Kupwara to Samba. Doda to Gaoran. AZADI! AZADI! AZADI!

~ The End ~


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  1. thank you for this. great news article, my favorite one in long time. we kashmiris need more people like you who talk of india and israel evils. what you write is true. we will fight until we have azaadi, occupier can't stop our freedom struggle.

    - Syed Husain Khan

  2. Another tremendous article Jonathan. Kashmir will have Azadi soon inshallah!

  3. Jonathan thank you for this article, please write more on Kashmir (Indian occupied) your are one of the best writers out there,thank you.

  4. so jonathan there was a question in my mind i have also heard that there were kashmiri pandits(hindus) i think were killed by muslims there and were displaced from the valley and they are now living in camps in india. and how it is possible for an unarmed people of kashmir to fight with a nuclear power state like india having 700000 soldiers in kashmir

  5. Peace and blessings brother Utkarsh,

    Whatever you have heard about the Kashmiri Pandits is more than likely Hindutvadi propaganda. For a clearer picture on the horrible circumstances that befell them, along with what India and its allies have planned for the Vale, give this a read here:

    In regards to your question about the magnificent people of Kashmir and what is available to them in terms of responding to Indian aggression, I think that the fact they have remained undaunted for 66 years is resistance in and of itself; it is the reason why the Hindutvadi regime must cope with the reality that it cannot sustain the occupation forever. If the Kashmiris would like to hasten their inevitable steps towards Azadi however, the only logical response is armed struggle, like the South Lebanese, Vietnamese and Algerians before them, with some kind of international covert assistance from the likes of Pakistan or Iran or both.

    ~ Ziah


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